Dufus – The Last Classed Blast CD

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Released Monday 16th October 2006 by Iron Man records
distributed by Code 7 via Plastic Head Distribution. Buy it HERE

Dufus - The Last Classed Blast


Dufus are from Ithaca, New York, and are widely respected as possibly one of the most prolific, original and influential bands to emerge from the chaotic mash of the Anti-Folk and Experimental Acoustic/Rock genre in the last ten years. Dufus released their 10th album “The Last Classed Blast” on Monday 16th October on Iron Man Records, distributed by Code 7 via Plastic Head Distribution. Dufus will be touring extensively across Europe from October to December 2007 with the full band line-up to promote the new album.


The record features 15 tracks written and arranged by lyricist/singer, acoustic guitar player and front man Seth Faergoalzia. The record was Engineered and Mixed by Mark Ospovatat at Emandee Recording House, Brooklyn, New York.




Within the music of Dufus resides a severe tension in constant jeopardy of hurtling out of control; aggressive and nurturing, chaotic yet structured, solitary and social, apolitical and revolutionary. It is complex genius.

Dufus wears experimental song structures and their own handmade clothing, improvising often during live performance with a blend of different forms in often unexpected and pleasantly surprising ways while all the time maintaining an uplifting experience for the listener’s benefit. The uses of all forms of art are included, musically and visually stimulating with a degree of performance art unknown to most audiences.


The live performance set up can vary from acoustic guitar with choir, to full band and auxiliary instruments… up to 20 members but as few as 2. Seth Faergoalzia, front man for the band, also does touring as a solo artist using multiple instruments. He is truly an intense performer with a truly connected mind. Seth is known for his trademark of reversing lines, swapping lyrics, changing tempos and style whilst cutting up words or replacing with his own made up language and extensive vocal sounds…….. and all whilst performing live. It has to be seen to be believed. John Peel loved it;


Dufus and Seth have toured in Europe, Japan and the US. The band came to Europe in May and also November 2006 and again in June 2007 to demonstrate some of the new material, the venues were all small, the shows were sold out, and the nights were hot.




Seth Faergoalzia continually adds new members to the band, seeking variety and collaboration. Each album he arranges is a journey in sound with musicians’ skills ranging from virtuosic to amateur; somehow it all works. Quite often the band will bring up members of other bands and/or fans who find their way onto the stage during tours. Hi-Fi meets Lo-Fi in an experiment historical.


Dufus has graced the stage with such acts as Ween, Animal Collective, Moldy Peaches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kool Kieth, Regina Spektor, Herman Dune, Dub Trio, Cerberus Shoal, Adam Green, Usaisamonster, Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, Moe, John Brown’s Body, and the Black Dice.




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