2001 Iron Man Records Blog posts

August 23, 2001

23rd August 2001

P.A.I.N+ Dubrokkaz + secret guests ……£5:00 starts 7:30pm Sun 26 August 2001
The Birmingham Branch of the International Cannabis Coalition are looking for volunteers to help organise a Cannabis March and Festival in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, UK for May 4th 2002 any interested people, promoters, bands, magazines, fanzines, soundsystems, stalls etc please come to the gig for further details or call Oz Douglas on 0121 242 3615

Renegade Ganja activists P.A.I.N are in Birmingham this weekend, Sunday  26th Aug 2001 at The Old Railway…. 45 Curzon Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B4 7XE, UK 0121 256 1303

Radio One Live In Birmingham Oct 26 – Nov 1st 2001
Badger Promotions and Iron Man Records Showcase week
crisis line: 07929 217699 / 0121 333 6434

all gigs free in…..early start get there for 7pm and 5pm on Sunday!

Fri 26 Oct Acoustic Chaos Night Presented by the Acoustic Chaos Co-op
Iron Man Records, Badger Promotions and Solar creations

Steve Francis : Founder member of highly acclaimed songsmiths Mocca,
singer and songwriter Steve Francis songs are characterised by strong
melodies and insightful lyrics.

Scott Boohai: singer songwriter Scott boohai has begun work on his debut
album entitled “Kaleidoscopes & Lemonade” with demo’s of the album
already attracting attention within the music industry.

Mike Bethel: Accomplished local guitarist/singer with intricate,
passionate songs – currently promoting his amazing second album,

Chandlers-Ford: Chandlers-Ford, Electrifying Classic acoustic pop-rock.,
gigs you’ll remember for years to come, Songs you’ll be singing for a
life time.

Tahiti: an explosive presence on and off the stage she leaves sparks
behind her as she skips along to the sound of an imaginary choir of
angels singing a blend of jazz, funk, blues and soul.

sat 27 oct

Sargent: The band has matured musically; they’re electrifying and
dynamic Live performances, are tempered by the skilled workmanship of
their songs.

Seven Cycles: performing their own brand of epic dark-wave pop.
Solarflares: Fronted by charismatic Italian Roberto Dell’Era with the
seismic rhythmic support of David and Del, Solarflares happily reinvent
mind-expanding pop music for contemporary flower children.

Sat 27 Oct Acoustic show in the Old Railway front bar:

Sun 28 Oct All Day independent Insanity: 5pm start

Dubrokkaz: Not even the Government Of Deity knows what the songs are
about but they get the crowd moving to their groove-laden rhythms.

Manatee: incendiary genius forcing a unique brand of twisted disaster
space rock on the masses

Swamp Donkey: Furiously beating himself about the head with his
tambourine like a demented loon, frontman Ferris hurls a voice that
sounds like its been gargling battery acid and chewing on sandpaper
backed by a band creating a simply huge sound of perpetual motion on
stage, dragging you in and pulling you screaming along with it.

The Courtesy Group: Fronted by Al Hutchins one of the most intersting
lyricists to emerge from the west midlands, the Coutesy group bring an
insane stage show and musical performance that can only be described as
a political rally held by out of work circus clowns.

Dogfood: The most wrong band ever to exist, favourite of John Peel,
misunderstood by the entire planet.

Dallas: the unhygienic return of the only Nolan Sisters crossed with
Bryan Adams tribute band playing in your face full on independent blast
rock with killer hooks and melodies.

mon 29 Independent Rock and Blues Night for the promotion of Peace in
co-operation with Birmingham Stop the War Campaign:

The Trevor Burton Band: playing telepathic rock and blues for
Peace….The Trevor Burton Band is independent, underground and

World Service: Fronted by Andy Wickett who holds the reputation for
being one of the finest performers and songwriters ever produced by the
Midlands, he has sung and played with TVEye, Duran Duran, and The Xpertz
and supporting The Clash, U2 and Gregory Isaacs.

Tue 30 Punk and Hardcore Night for Peace:

Buggers: fast upbeat and saturated with energy, the Buggers perform an
addictive live show attracting praise from all over the U.K. recently
voted single of the week and seventh best unsigned band in the uk in
Kerrang-You just cant go wrong.

Eggraid: sacrifice your land genetic engineering really is your
friend12ft salmon escape to fertile streams life science breeds hate
chickens chilled and happy sustainable future there’s still time.

Sist: blending together a wide range of influences from punk/hardcore to
metal to pop operating from the UK underground creating their own
original music.

Flyboy: full on melodic punk-core with heavy guityars slow and fast
tempos and fresh sound.

Tue 30 Acoustic show in the Old Railway front bar:

Sargent Acoustic set with special guests
Fnord: possibly one of the strangest bands to emerge from the
experimental acoustic scene

wed 31 Independent and alternative night in the Old Railway venue

G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s: Hardcore Nu-Pop Mavericks and rampant Iconoclasts
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S make a gleefully opinionated, hook-laden noise and are
content to couch their controversial views in dry, black wit rather than
perpetuate the peddling of recieved ‘wisdom.’

Pigfish: Pigfish are the original 1-2-3-4, heads down, guitars up loud,
punk rock n’ roll killer songsmiths that so many of the current punk pop
wannabes from both sides of the Atlantic get so very wrong.

EastField:local trainspotting punk lunatics bring you a set of spikey
protest songs to kick off their UK tour.

wed 31 Acoustic show in the Old Railway front bar:

Eddy Morton and the Bushburys: With their familiar rootsy sound,
contemporary songs and excellent musicianship they explore all areas of
acoustic rock, folk and blues.


Thur 1

Sweeney Todd: emotionally damaged but uplifting, traditionally eclectic
but always contemporary

Zekas Cruise: A fresh and talented new young band from the Birmingham
area. Great voice great songs. An important discovery for British popular music.

Jason Ensa: The barking peacock returns with his own brand of acoustic