June 2006 Newsletter

Iron Man Records

PO BOX 9121, Birmingham, B13 8AU, England

June 2006 Newsletter

Iron Man Events:
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

P.A.I.N (check out P.A.I.N and Howard Marks video posted on Iron Man site)
8:30pm – LATE
Venue: Upstairs @ The Bear TavernAddress: Bearwood Road Bearwood, Birmingham
Url: www.skankingdubbeats.co.uk
E-mail: skankingdubbeats@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 012 428 1184

News from G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S
G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S is fronted by GOLDBLADE guitarist (and sometimes guitaristin THE NIGHTINGALES and UK SUBS), Peter Byrchmore together with KATLAMA frontwoman Karen Swift. Eamonn Duffy from legendary Brum Punk pioneers THE PREFECTS plays the bass so you can correctly surmise it’s a bit of a’supergroup’. The band has been going since 1998 and has made two albums’Cursed with Being Gorgeous’ in 2002 and ‘The Salvation Army’ which is outsometime 2006 after more problems and delays than the Guns n Roses album.Yeh, I know it’s a gap, when you deal with GOLDBLADE’s relentless schedulewhaddya expect? We’ve also been on ‘Blunt Trauma’ a compilation onRevolver Records in the company of UK Subs, Vibrators, Jayne County,Misfits etc and on Punkshit Records ’25 Years Of Brum Punk Vol1′ aongsideGBH, Drongos, Dead Wretched, Intention, Dogshit Sandwich and many morerogues. Most people see the fuck-off horn section and think they’re in forska-punk action. Wrong. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S come over like The Saints playingthe Dexy’s as politicised by The Clash. It’s a big, brutal, ranting noise.Hear for yourself…….

News from DUFUS
DUFUS have just finished a 30 date tour of England, Portugal, Germany and France. The band will be back again in October 2006 so if anyone can fix up a gig or offer the band a place to stay get in touch. The new Dufus Album (their 10th album) called “The Last Classed Blast” will be out officially in August 2006 but if you keep an eye on the Iron Man records website I will post details of where you can get it before then. Check out Dufus video I have posted on the Iron Man siteIf you are interested in booking Dufus to play in October anywhere in Europe please call SETH(dufus) on (USA +001) 607-272-1705 or email:Quankmeyer@hotmail.com

Download Dufus MP3 from http://www.ironmanrecords.co.uk

DISCOGRAPHY1997 Dufus: our first born (J-Bird Records)1998 Dufus: eee*lai*font (Pro-Anti)1999 Dufus: revolution (Opulence!/Priapus)2000 Quankmeyer Faergoalzia: pip (Anti-Pro)2000 Fun Wearing Underwear (Pro-Anti)2001 Dufus: Neuborns (Pro-Anti and later released through Iron Man)2002 Dufus: 1:3:1 (ROIR)2004 Dufus: Ball of Design (ROIR)2004 Seth Faergolzia (Faer Awae)2006 Dufus: the Last Classed Blast (Iron Man)

News from Nightingales
The Nightingales on Tour 2006 : Subverting any concept of descriptive finality…..If you don’t know who The Nightingales are?
www.thenightingales.org www.myspace.com/nightingalesmusic

If you are interested in booking the band to play or can add any dates to the existing tour…..please call Robert Lloyd on (uk +44) 01952-270031 or email: bigprint@hotmail.com

Saturday 17 June
Sheffield, The Grapes
80 – 82 Trippet Lane
Grapefest with many other bands, BBQ, etc
Admission £4, Doors 3pm, ‘Gales stage time 10.30pm
More details from mark@realpromo.co.uk

Saturday 8 July
London, Buffalo Bar
Upper Street, London, N1
Guided Missile presents ‘Ladies Night… Oh What A Night’ with Theoretical Girl + Manic Cough + Poppy & The Jezebels + Guided Missile DJs
Admission £5, Doors 8.30pm, Open ’til 3.30am
ONLY A FIVER – No Jestering – ‘King ridiculous value for money. Get there early – Really, you will not want to be one of the people that missed The Jezebels first London show!
More details at www.guidedmissile.co.uk

Wednesday 12 July
London, What’s Cookin’ at The Sheepwalk
692 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 (020-8556 1131)
With Cusack + DJs – Ramblin’ Steve, Rockin’ Al & guests playing country, bluegrass, rockabilly, western swing, rock n roll, etc
Admission is free with voluntary whip round for the ‘Gales, Doors 8.30pm
More details from www.whatscookin.co.uk or ramblinsteve@whatscookin.co.uk

Friday 11 August
Oberageri (CH), Limon Music Bistro
Rock n Roll party with The Vincenzos
Admission 12chf, Doors 7pm
More details from giuseppe@clauderotti.ch

Sunday 13 August
Scheer (D), Klangbad Festival
Klangbad Festival is organised by the legendary Faust. This year it runs August 11 – 13
The Nightingales will play on the Sunday
Details of other acts, ticket costs, etc, at www.klangbadfestival-scheer.de

More details from fakeproductinfo@f2s.com

More details soon, meanwhile www.thevictorialucas.com

News from Last Under The Sun
Last Under The Sun are still looking for a new Drummer.
Anyone interested try

Iron Man Website / Updates
New videos posted on the site for P.A.I.N and Howard Marks, Dufus, Sensa Yuma and Last Under the Sun

Iron Man Records on Ebay:http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Iron-Man-shop

News from Iron Man Records Friends and Family:

News from Rich Lard at Punkshit Records
Hi folks (PLEASE SPREAD TO ALL IT CONCERNS)I Want to inform you all that the criminally underated Norwegian Folk/punkband Greenland Whalefishers are coming to Birmingham for one weekend only todo 2 shows, the first being a support for legendry UK anarcho punx TheVarukers and the 2nd will be the release gig of their new and fourth album’Down and Out’ support for this show will see Brummie streetpunx DogshitSandwich who split up in 2004 playing a ONE OFF set in support of theirNorwegian friends.

To check out Greenland Whalefishers if you are unfortunate enough not toknow them go to http://www.g-w-f.com they been together since 1994 and have a sound very similar to The Pogues when they first started, Irish/trad-folk with a hugepunk influence, like the bastard offspring of The Ramones and The ClancyBrothers, a definete for fans of Dropkick Murphys or Floggin Molly plus theyare one of the most exiting live bands around. You can also hear a track onhttp://www.myspace.com/punkshitrecords NOTE (these are the only 2 UK showsthe band will do on this trip)

To check out Dogshit Sandwichhttp://www.myspace.com/dogshitsandwichDetails for the shows are below
Friday 16th June@The Market Tavern, Birchall Street, Digbeth, Birmingham
£5 entry
The Varukers
Greenland Whalefishers
The Aids
The Nihilists
Saturday 17th June 2006
(UK Release Party for new Greenland Whalefishersalbum)
GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS (Norway’s answer to the Pogues – hide the whiskey)
DOGSHIT SANDWICH (yes!!!!!! you wanted it, + your whining has paid off!Reunited – with new songs!)
THE CUNTS (the voice of Evesham youth)
D’CORNER BOIS (unstoppable Brum streetpunks)
live @ Epic Skatepark (in the Old Bus Depot), Alcester Road (near DanceCentre), Moseley, Birmingham, B12 9AA.
*Album launch party: £5 on the door + all punters get a FREE copy of the newCD!!! (released on Punk Shit Records) www.myspace.com/punkshitrecords* From central B’ham get on the 50 bus route, which runs every few minutesfrom outside the Pavilions shopping centre/Moor Street station. Journey time15 mins. check the websites

If anyone is interested in booking P.A.I.N, Dufus, Sensa Yuma, Nightingales, Harpies or any other Iron Man related Bands then get in touch.

Any press, radio, fanzines or compilations who want cds for review please get in touch.

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