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February 28, 2007

Today I have spent two and half hours driving on a motorway, I drank too much coffee, I listened to the news on the radio, then SNFU: Last of the Big Time Suspenders. I sat in an office that I don’t pay rent for yet, where I’m still waiting for a phone bill after nearly ten years, which is filled with noise about things not being done properly, apologies, confusion, pointless strategy meetings, endless discussions about things that should have been done ages ago. Too much work, not enough income, too few people, too little time. I sat and packed and wrapped 20 cds and a couple of vinyl LPs. I added in some leaflets from Kings Heath Stop the War. I couldn’t find anywhere to read the letter I had in peace. I drove to the post office. I barely had enough cash to cover the postage. No Nutters today, nobody tried to run me over as I crossed the road either. The car is out of fuel again. I haven’t paid for it yet. I’ve paid off £50, about another £950 to go. I ate some food that Anna gave me for lunch. There’s no point going home, theres no food in the fridge and I’m out of cash, I spent it on stamps. Not good but typical. I finally got a parcel through from Southern about 4 weeks after I ordered the stuff and managed to work out what was going where and how much etc. There’s a pile of bills like you wouldn’t believe on the desk that I’m not even going to open yet. You have to do what you do. You have to do it better than ever. You can’t stop. Adapt and overcome. No time to waste on talk. Just get on with it. I answered emails, I drank more coffee, I tried to throw the rubbish in the bin and keep from falling over the empty cardboard boxes. Empty boxes are good, their contents have long gone. By the time I’d had enough it was 8pm. I went home, I listened to the first Black Flag album, I went out running. I missed the news and sat down and ate spagetti hoops and some chocolate biscuits I took from a meeting last week. The idiots are everywhere, they never give up do they? Brian Haw has been in my mind all day. I loaded some more videos of his stuff up on my page on mog. I noticed I’ve had a few mails from people on youtube on the subject. I sit in an office and play on the internet, he sits outside parliament with a megaphone. And now its 1.44am, Brian’s out there in the cold, I’m sat here with electricity at the flick of a switch. Time for sleep before it all starts again.

Sat here all day

February 26, 2007

I’ve been sat here all day losing my mind again. Booking tours for bands does my head in. Check my Mog page for all the info if you’re interested in that one, P.A.I.N, Dufus, The Nightingales and Wooden Ghost are all putting tours together.

OK so the Nightingales cds have gone in the post, got to send pictures to the press lot next, first Gales gig on Wednesday so I hope it all arrives in time.

Just got pictures back from Domas of P.A.I.N in Lithuania so click on the link to flickr if you want to see those. MOre Dufus stickers and posters are on the way, I’m trying to get some P.A.I.N t-shirts and stickers printed,  got Minutes from The Music Network to type up and send out,  Rob Lloyd owes me a Nightingales cd, and I still haven’t got an ID for UCE (thats University of Central England).

Here’s to another day of chaos, “onwards!” as John from AOS3 would say…..

Where I've been

February 25, 2007

I sometimes wonder what day I’m in, where am I and how on earth did I get here? Sometimes it’s how did this happen? I’ve just had a text from Nick White Artist (N.W.A) who did the sleeve artwork for the Dufus album The Last Classed blast. He’s in BriXton at the Windmill hnaging around a Woog Riots gig. He just asked me why I’m not there. Its very simple. Today I’m in Cardiff, I’ve got Nightingales cds to pack and wrap and send to the USA first thing monday morning a they’re going on tour next week. The band have no intention of getting work visas sorted so they have got to send all the merch ahead by post. They will be hiring equipment when they get there to do the tour, apparently they will be “On Holiday” for the duration.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon looking up Brian Haw on the net. You can see what he’s all about here. Why? I went on the Stop the War demonstration in London yesterday and was inspired by Brians speech which was the last of the day. There were tens of thousands of people out on the march, perhaps 100,000? according to the media only 4,000? Which one do you believe? I don’t care, the only way to find out is to see it for yourself and take part. I set out at 8:30am and got to London Hyde Park around 1pm. Just in time as the March was just setting off. I joined the march and followed the route from Hyde Park down past Picadilly Circus and then to finish up in Trafalgar Square. The speeches were really good and notable speeches of the day for me were Mark Thomas and of course Brian Haw.

After the Demonstration I went with Anna to the National Gallery to take in some artwork seeing as the Demonstration had finished up only a few yards away. Went to see some Van gogh and Monet and a few others.

Got the tube back to the Car which I had left in Turnham Green and then had to drive across town to Leytonstone to go and pick up some DAT tapes from Sid and Zillah who are from the band Rubella Ballet. Got home at 2am exhausted and woke up today to emails and all the other madness as usual.

The Mad Hatter or Alice? I thought I was the White Rabbit!

February 11, 2007

You scored as The Mad Hatter. In the simplest terms, you’re crazy. You usually go off on tangents when you’re talking, and forget what you were talking about to begin with. You love riddles, and of course, tea.

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White Rabbit
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