Military Surplus / RDF gigs coming up

March 16, 2007


Hi Folks,
here’s something I’m passing on for your information:

Military Surplus / RDF have got a new page up on myspace:

You can buy a few last copies of the RDF album “Borderline Cases” here:

You can catch the Military Surplus / RDF playing live here:

31 Mar 2007
The Bear Tavern, Bearwood, Birmingham, Birmingham, South – £5.00

8 Apr 2007
The Cheese and Grain – Indoor Endorset in Dorset, Yeovil, £.5.00

2 Jun 2007
Strawberry Fair Free Festival, Cambridge, FREE

22 Jul 2007
Eastern Haze Festival, Somerleyton Hall Suffolk, Suffolk, South – £65 Adult £45 14-17 under 14 ‘s are free

The band have reformed and are now known as Military Surplus/RDF.

Radical Dance Faction (RDF) were founded by Chris Bowsher in Hungerford, 1986, and were originally known as ‘Military Surplus’. The band experienced many line up changes, and Chris remained the only original member up to the time RDF split up (sometime in the late 1990’s).

RDF’s music combined punk, dub, and ska, while Chris’ lyrics, spoken rather than sung, dealt mainly with political issues, such as the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in the song Chinese Poem. Chris also witnessed first hand the Hungerford massacre, describing his experience in Hot on the Wire.

RDF were a regular act on the UK free festival scene prior to the 1994 Criminal Justice Act, and were part of the crusty and anarcho punk movement.

In August 2006 Military Surplus/RDF reformed and played at the Endorse it in Dorset festival. more gigs are planned.

* Steve Swann, one of RDFs original line-up, co-founded the Revolutionary Dub Warriors & is member of the reformed, dub, ska band Dub The Earth.

* Phil left RDF in 1995, and together with other ex-RDF members and John from AOS3 , formed P.A.I.N

* Linda went on to become a member of the band DF118 .

* Mark McCarthey joined The Wonder Stuff in 2004.

* Murph joined The Rhytmites

Discography: Albums
* Taking Refuge cassette only
* Hot on the Wire cassette only
* Borderline Cases 1990
* Wasteland 1991
* Raggamuffin Statement 1995 Singles
* Landing Party
* Beast in the Doorway

The Current Line up of Military Surplus / RDF is:

* Chris Bowsher – Vocals
* Steve Swann – Vocals/bass – Surplus people & Rogue Trooper
* Karen Rickitts – Backing Vocals
* Murph – Guitar
* Matty Mann – Bass
* Steve Cruickshank – Drums
* Martin – Keyboards

more info on P.A.I.N, A.O.S.3, RDF and related bands:

March 2007 Newsletter Iron Man Records

March 5, 2007

Hi Folks,
heres the latest from the Iron Man distro:

Dufus T-shirts
black shirt with a white printed DUFUS picture drawn by Jeffrey Lewis on the front and a Toby Goodshank DUFUS logo design on the back. The T-shirt is Gildan Ultra Cotton so that means its a heavy weight shirt, machine washable and won’t fall to bits. You can buy DUFUS cds and other stuff in the shop.
You can find DUFUS t-shirts (mens) in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large
and also DUFUS t-shirts (girls shirts) small or medium.

Citizen Fish / Leftover Crack Split CD
Released: March 06, 2007
(I should have stock in the shop in next few days)
Fifteen song split cd from NYC‘s ska/punk/crust band, Leftover Crack, and the UK’s punk/ska veterans (with a new drummer), Citizen Fish. Each band contributes a few originals along with Leftover Crack covering a Subhumans and Citizen Fish song and Citizen Fish covering a Choking Victim and Leftover Crack song. Features cameos from Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s) and M.D.C.’s Dave Dictor. The follow up release to 2006’s Baby Punchers / Meltdown split 7″ P.A.I.N Pictures:
I’ve juts loaded up the latest pics of P.A.I.N playing in Lithuania here on Iron Man Records flickr Photos page:
(If Anyone else has pictures of any Iron Man Records bands out playing and want them included let me know.)

The Victoria Lucas / The Nightingales
As some of you know, we did a set of gigs in the fall of ’06 in the U.K. with Birmigham post-punk legends The Nightingales. They were fantastic lads to us, so now we’re doing the proper thing and returning the good times here. Below are the tour dates for the Nightingales (and the shows we’ll be playing with them). Spread the good word to any and all in any and all of the towns below to go out and see one of the most underrated bands in the history of rock-&-roll.

“The Nightingales are the best rock ‘n’ roll group in England and basically you need know nothing more.” – ALAN McGEE, CREATION RECORDS

MARCH 1 2007 10:00 PM  –  Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus, Ohio  –  $5 – WITH Grafton + Night Of Pleasure. 21+ show.

MARCH 2 2007 8:00 PM  –  The Winchester Tavern, Cleveland, Ohio  – with Home & Garden + Half Cleveland.

MARCH 3 2007 8:00 PM  –  Gooski’s, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  –  – with The Victoria Lucas & the Dirty Faces.

MARCH 4 2007 9:30 PM  –  Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  –  $8 – with The Victoria Lucas + The Notekillers.

MARCH 5 2007 8:00 PM  –  AS220, Providence, Rhode Island  – with The Victoria Lucas

MARCH 6 2007 8:00 PM  –  Cake Shop, New York  –  with the Affair, Arbor Day, and others. Cake Shop

MARCH 8 2007 8:00 PM  –  Union Hall, Brooklyn, New York  – with The Victoria Lucas & Christy & Emily Union Hall

MARCH 9 2007 8:00 PM  –  Abbey Lounge, 3 Beacon Street, Sommerville, Boston, Massachusetts  –  with The Victoria Lucas + The In Out (+ Silver Lining play after the ‘Gales). 21+ show.

MARCH 10 2007 8:00 PM  –  Rudy’s, New Haven, Connecticut  — with The Victoria Lucas

From Dick Lucas Subhumans [UK]
Canada Tourette April 007
17 OTTAWA Babylon

18 MONTREAL Cafe Chaos

19 QUEBEC L’Anti

20 MONTREAL Foufounes Electriques


22 TORONTO The Reverb

please post/spread/forward to anyone!
From Stricley STOP THE WAR Campaign:
keith at
Tuesday 20th of March from 2.00PM to 8.00 PM at Central Hall Westminster, London. People’s Assembly to have the debate about Iraq that Parliament refuses to have.

Outcome of the 2nd of February Stirchley Delegation to Lynne Jones MP

Iraq: Although still reluctant to sign EDM335 that calls for immediate troop withdrawal, Lynne said that she would write an EDM that summed up her position

Afghanistan: While still supporting troop prescence and the need for more troops to go, Lynne asked for some recent reports that were critical of UK prescence.

Muslims: She agreed that public pronouncements on Muslims had been appalling and reminiscent of 30’s treatment of Jewish people. She said that she would speak to Ministers about it. She also expressed concern about the arrests in Birmingham this week particularly in the light of the police record on these issues.

From Matt at diylivemusic based in Stoke, England.
Ok heres the stuff I got goin on with me good chum alex- Circus of the Macabre and Ignore tghis recs presents-

March 6th@The Glebe
Mumakil-Awesome brutal grind from Switzerland feat. knut and nostromo
members… album available on overcome recs

veprotestGrind album available on Circus of the
Macabre, Ignore this and Fuck CopyRight records

Here Lies Humanity-Grindingcrustmetal upstarts from Stoke!!!

Starts 8pm and costs £4 …. You know the drill!

April 5th@The Rigger, Newcastle-under-lyme
RECORD RELEASE PARTY/SHOW…. Bring ur streamers and baloons!!!!!!
FROM THE ASHES- Awesome grind/hc/crust noise from Sweden! album out
on Acoustic Trauma read below for newest release info!

After the Last Sky-Blackcore, split with Inert still available on
cotm and it recs read below for latest release!

Krupskaya-You know what they do.

Purgatory- Extreme doom, like Khanate havin a fight with Burning Witch
(that would be a pretty self injurous fight….)
Starts 8pm costs £4….. back at the rigger after all these years eh?

May 25th@ The Glebe
Step on it! the return of these mighty crossover hungarians! Like DRI
on speed!

Supports are unconfirmed at the mo… we might go down quite a
different route as recently the bands that we’ve been helpoin have
been all grindy crusty stuff so we might surprise….

Quick release announcement-
Circus of the Macabre, Dont entry,sawme and tim krupskaya’s new label
are putting out an awesome 4-way split 12″ feat.- From the ashes
(swe), Lycanthropy (Cze, After the Last Sky(duh) and Joe pesci (UK),
this will be available as of the FTA gig@the rigger…..

Ok thats it for now PLEASE help to support these shows as we can’t
afford to lose money, luckily we’ve broken even everytime so far
(except the Andy Glenn and Rich show…which was ur loss as they were
awesome!)so yeah see you soon!

here are latest links:

Iron Man UK Based Distribution:

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