Area 51 – Tour solutions for independent bands

September 15, 2007

Area 51 provides Vehicles and drivers, tour management, backline, production, merchandise, crew, and just about anything else an independent touring band may need on the road. Area 51 is based in England and has worked all over Europe and North America. Visit and get in touch for more information.


September 14, 2007


SKANIVAL 29-30th September 2007

September 14, 2007

Our good friends at Skanking Dub Beats are doing one of the stages at SKANIVAL ! 29 – 30th September at a secret location in Powys (Wales), line-up includes:

Military Surplus / R.D.F. , Pronghorn, Headjam, Tarantism, Urban Dub, Inner Terrestrials, Red Stripe, Cracked Actors, Redeye Militia, 24/7, 3 Minute Warning, Fight the Bear, Detached, The Lockup, Circadia, Tootinskamoon, FOE, Honkey Dub Inc., APB, The Peoples Choice, Pressure Drop, The Coloursound Experiment, DJ’s from Shuddervision, One Foot Skank and Skanking Dub Beats. more tbc..

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P.A.I.N Tour info updated

September 14, 2007

P.A.I.N are putting together another European tour. ESTABLISHED 1995, PURVEYORS OF QUALITY DUB REGGAE, GROOVY SKA AND POLITICAL PUNK ROCK FROM ENGLAND. If you are interested in booking the band to play call OZZY on (uk+44)07796 602880 or try Steo on (uk+44)07825 038169
Download free P.A.I.N MP3 from
P.A.I.N and Howard Marks “GROW MORE WEED” video on Youtube:

DUFUS Tour Dates 2007 update

September 14, 2007

DUFUS U.S.A. Tour dates 2007
Sep 14  ABC Cafe – Ithaca, New York
Sep 23  Cakeshop – New York, New York
Sep 27  DUFUS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – SUNY Purchase, New York
Sep 28  House of Love – Greenwich, Connecticut
Sep 29  The Barn – Fulton, New York
Oct 11  Phoning It In (radio performance) – Boston, Massachusetts

DUFUS European Tour dates
Oct 16  MoFFoM festival @ Radio Lucerna – Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 17  Chelsea  – Wien, Austria
Oct 18  Projekt Bogen 23 – Innsbruck, Austra
Oct 19  Kino – Ebensee, Austria
Oct 20  Haus der Kulturen – Berlin, Germany
Oct 21  Kulturpalast Linden – Hannover, Germany
Oct 24  Unwound – Padova, Italy
Oct 25  Clandestino – Faenza, Italy
Oct 26  Ortosonico – Giussago (Pavo), Caserta, Italy
Oct 27  Soy Festival – Nantes, France
Oct 28  Seth solo @ Café Grimault – Nantes, France
Oct 29  Fleche d’or – Paris,  France
Oct 31  The Adelphi – Hull, UK
Nov 1  Bardens Boudoir – London, UK
Nov 2  TBA – HELP US!!!
Nov 3  The Mulberry Suite – Norwich, UK
Nov 4  Venue TBA – Brighton, UK
Nov 5  TBA – HELP US!!!
Nov 6  TBA – HELP US!!!
Nov 7  TBA – HELP US!!!
Nov 8  2 Pigs – Cheltenham, UK
Nov 9  Actress and Bishop – Birmingham, UK
Nov 10  TBA – HELP US!!!
Nov 11  The Tunnels – Aberdeen, Scotland
Nov 12  Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
Nov 13  Fishtank – Durham, UK
Nov 15  Franzis – Wetzlar, Germany
Nov 16  Freiburg, Germany
Nov 17  Alte Feuerwache – Mannheim, Germany

[if you would like us to visit your city, please drop a line, perhaps we can arrange a show with you!!  Also we are in need of a DRIVER/VAN for our mainland European dates October 15-31 and November 15-19, get in touch if you can offer either of those to us, thanks.]

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Podcasting – an opinion

September 14, 2007

Seb Patrick talks to Iron Man Records about PODCASTING…..

Licences, royalties, labels, rights… to the bedroom DJ who just wants to entertain, the legal side of things can be a right royal pain in the podcast. Seb Patrick investigates the current state of play.

…..easy-to-use digital recording technology and ever-increasing download speeds have given every wannabe DJ the chance to share their voice with the world in the shape of downloadable radio shows – better known as podcasts.

When a new method of music distribution comes along, it doesn’t take long for record labels, publishers and their lawyers to start looking for ways of making money from it. Consequently, March 2006 saw a press release from the MCPS-PRS Alliance, the UK’s main copyright and repertoire bodies, concerning a license with a minimum fee of £200 for music-based podcasts, to be introduced with immediate effect.

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The Music Network in Birmingham

September 14, 2007

The Music Network leads a monthly networking event at the T.I.C for all music related businesses from the West Midlands region.

Our event has been running successfully for over 6 years now and has proved inspirational in the support, development and promotion of thousands of music related activities. Do not be fooled by poor imitations, or other inferior products. Ours is the original and genuine.

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DUFUS on Trikont compilation – OUT NOW

September 14, 2007


Sidewalk Songs & City Stories New Urban Folk

CD in Digipak with detailed Booklet in german and english
An original Trikont Compilation. Compiled by Martin Büsser

Martin Büsser is the author of the “Testcard – Articles on Pop History” series, music journalist, and author of numerous books. His latest publication is the book: “Anti-folk – From Beck to Adam Green”, Ventil Press, Germany, 2005

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Dufus European Tour 2007, help required with last few gig dates?

September 8, 2007

New York based Dufus are putting another European Tour together for OCT / NOV 2007. Most of the dates are in place now but there are a few gaps that the band would like to fill. If you would like to have the band perform, please reply to Dufus at this address: quankmeyer at or you can call Mark at Iron man records on (UK +44) 07974 746810 cheers mark

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Get a gig in Birmingham: Actress and Bishop, Birmingham

September 6, 2007

Get a Gig at The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham

So you wondered where the people from The Old Railway went did you? You’ve been to the GO! Club at the Old Wharf, Digbeth, Birmingham have you? Well, if you are after a top night out, you need to find your way to The Actress and Bishop. The Catapult Club who used to put on gigs at The Jug of Ale in Moseley are also doing gigs at The Actress and Bishop. Birmingham’s best live music venue, booking good live bands now!

The Actress and Bishop, 35 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 1EH  0121 236 7426

If you want to play at The Actress and Bishop:

MONDAY / TUESDAY / SUNDAY … available for free hire (incl. free sound engineer) Call 0121 236 7426

THURSDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY – bands booked by Catapult Club (Facebook here)

Online Music Promotion Starter Kit for bands

September 4, 2007

What the ***** going on with your Music Online?

I’ve had to say this so many times to people who phone and ask for help so here it is in a very basic format. I’m sure you can look after your own band, you can write, rehearse, perform and record. No problems there but here are a few things you may find useful once you try and get out there on the internet:

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Ratface plays Birmingham Wed 5th September 2007

September 4, 2007


is one man and a 4 track, forging a raw an high energy sound that fits somewhere between british punk and alternative hip hop.

Ratface plays WED 5th Sept 2007 at

The GO! Club at The Old Wharf, Oxford street, Digbeth, B5 5NR.

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POG, Jeff Lewis, Herman Dune, Regina Spektor, Jim White tour dates 2007

September 4, 2007

tour dates 2007
genre: rock

Monday 3rd September
@ The Cross Kings, London
126 York Way, London, N1 0AX
With The Intolerable Kidd and more
Entry £3 – FULL BAND

Saturday 8th September (afternoon show)
@ Alex’s House, Brighton
email me if you fancy it and you’re not murderous vandal
With James Black, Tim Holehouse and more
Donations – SOLO

Saturday 8th September (evening show)
@ The Horse and Groom, Brighton
Islingword Road, BN2 9SH
With Wob, James Black, Naomi Hates Humans and Tim Holehouse
Free Entry – FULL BAND
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