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May 31, 2009

  • War System:
    Pat Terrorain Vocals
    Scary Dave Guitar/Vocals
    Sean Drums
    Jon Bass/Vocals

    01. Beneath the Machine
    02. They Lied
    03. The Gods of Famine
    04. Overlord
    05. Cast Your Net
    06. Nailed to the Cross

    Descent to Hell
    Jim – Vocals
    Stiff – Bass
    Maynard – Drums
    Michel – Guitar

    7. Judas Disciple
    8. Nothing Will Change
    9. Hate Fuel
    10. The Other Side
    11. Fu k It
    12. Dig Your Own Grave

  • The BNP’s message of hate is being spread across the country by a small but dedicated band of racist activists.

    But now, a commercial media organisation is seeking to financially profit from the BNP’s campaign. Clear Channel – one of the UK’s largest poster and billboard companies, that has a close relationship with Music and it’s promotion – have sold the BNP adverts across the country.

    They have provided the BNP with high profile sites – putting the BNP’s racist message on a pedestal and giving them the oxygen of publicity. In a matter of days these billboards and posters will be spreading across the country. But we can stop them if enough of us complain to Clear Channel and we get them to cancel their contract.

    We have set an easy-to-use page so you can send a letter of complaint – will you send them a message of complaint?

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  • Police surveillance of a peaceful protester was ruled unlawful today in a decison that lawyers say will change the way demonstrations and protests are policed.

    Judges ruled that specialist ­surveillance units from the Metropolitan police had breached the human rights of Andrew Wood, an arms trade campaigner, when they photographed him and stored the pictures on a police database.

    One judge said there were ­unresolved civil liberties questions about the way images were taken and retained in "the modern surveillance society". Lord ­Justice Dyson said there were "very serious human rights issues which arise when the state obtains and retains the images of persons who have committed no offence and are not suspected of having ­committed any offence".

    The judgment is a blow to the Met, which has been criticised over the way it polices protests since last month's G20 ­demonstrations and the death of Ian Tomlinson.

Stop CLEAR CHANNEL promoting BNP

May 30, 2009

The BNP’s message of hate is being spread across the country by a small but dedicated band of racist activists.

But now, a commercial media organisation is seeking to financially profit from the BNP’s campaign. Clear Channel – one of the UK’s largest poster and billboard companies, that has a close relationship with Music and it’s promotion – have sold the BNP adverts across the country. 

They have provided the BNP with high profile sites – putting the BNP’s racist message on a pedestal and giving them the oxygen of publicity. In a matter of days these billboards and posters will be spreading across the country. But we can stop them if enough of us complain to Clear Channel and we get them to cancel their contract.

We have set an easy-to-use page so you can send a letter of complaint – will you send them a message of complaint?

Although unpalatable, it is right that every party gets access to the news and the media during elections – including the BNP. That’s one thing. It is totally different for a company to profit from the BNP’s message of hate. We’ve already successfully managed to get one of their billboards taken down in Essex – now we need your help to stop these spreading across the country.

We’ve set up a page on the campaign site where you can let Clear Channel know what you think of their policy to advertise and spread the BNP’s racist lies. The tool lets you really easily register a complaint. Once you’ve done that we then need you to send this email to all of your friends and get them to do the same – this will only work if you take ownership of this campaign and spread our message to your friends.
We’ve made it easy to send a note of complaint. We need to send them as many messages as we can – will you take action and send them a message?

We’ve had some amazing results in this campaign when we’ve taken collective action. Please take 23 seconds and help get these advertisements withdrawn.

HOPE not hate was set up to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond. Over the past few years the British National Party has seriously contested council elections all over the country and achieved 55 councillors at district/borough level after the May 2008 local elections, though this has since fallen to 54. The BNP is now concentrating all its resources on the European elections, in the hope of getting Nick Griffin elected to the European Parliament. Once there, he would link up with other European fascist parties, to gain international influence and, above all, funding beyond the BNP’s dreams. At Searchlight we want to make sure that people know the full story about who the BNP are and what they really stand for. The HOPE not hate website aims to do just that, serving the anti-fascist movement and providing up to date news, good practice and analysis.

HOPE not hate/Searchlight PO Box 1576, Ilford IG5 0NG | Telephone 020 7681 8660

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May 30, 2009

  • AJP Presents & Tom Mayne AFUK
    The Nightingales, Ted Chippington, Violet Violet, DCW

    a few pics and a review (only of ted) by simon of kid's tv's trevor & simon

  • The background to the 'Gales' homecoming gig was disaster – deportation and unseemly inebriation rendered their prestigious gig at London's 100 Club a disaster – although the venue manager thought it was fantastic and invited them to play any time, despite some punters demanding their money back! Then on Monday they played a live session for Marc Riley on 6 Music and a decent gig in Mankychester.

    But Wolverhampton's what it's all about. On the bill were Violet Violet and Ted Chippington. The Violets of themselves disprove the existence of any kind of deity. It's simple really. They're hugely talented and aesthetically pleasing. A just deity would make talented people ugly, or ugly people talented out of a sense of fairness. A cruel deity would make talented people ugly, or ugly people talented, to punish them for hubris. Ergo, there's no god. They're all-round ace, and I'm neither. Next philosophical problem?

  • The success of our events relies heavily on the sponsorships from local businesses. If you would like to raise the profile of your business in the local community, no matter how large or small you are, we have advertising packages to suit your needs

    Friends of Parks are local voluntary groups who work in partnership with other organizations to maintain their park as an accessible, pleasant and valuable amenity for the local community. Stourbridge & Black Country Events aim to assist these groups and other community groups to raise money towards their causes.

    Traditionally the park fun day attracts in excess of 12,000 visitors through the day and the entertainment also includes: Tug-of-War, WWFC Community Football penalty shoot out with Wolfie, a wide variety of live bands, community stalls, funfairs, side shows and other entertainment.

    Mick Willetts
    Stourbridge & Black Country Events.

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  • Based on author Eve Ensler’s ‘Vagina Interviews’ conducted with women from all around the world, this hilariously witty and moving collection of tales give voice to a chorus of lusty, outrageous, poignant, brave and thoroughly human stories.

    A staggering number of the world’s most famous & talented women, from Kate Winslet and Whoopi Goldberg to Sophie Dahl and Jerry Hall have chosen to take part in the show in New York, Los Angeles and London.

    Eve opened her new play, The Good Body, on Broadway after hit runs in San Francisco and Seattle. She toured America with it beginning in the autumn of 2005. Eve is the OBIE Award-winning author of The Vagina Monologues and the founder and artistic director of V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.

The Nightingales – Insult to Injury (Klangbad) – Big Takeover Magazine

May 29, 2009

Birmingham, UK’s Nightingales have quite the history. Singer Robert Lloyd – a bone fide artist and raconteur in his own right – got his start in 1976 singing for Brum’s first proper punk band, The Prefects – who opened for the Clash on the White Riot tour and posthumously released one 7” 45 record on Rough Trade. Throughout the mid-Eighties, Lloyd’s oft-rotating Nightingales laid a beautiful trail of post punk skronk over the course of several LPs and 45s, all the while being championed by DJ John Peel and drawing awkward comparisons to fellow Northerners, The Fall in the press. The band split in 1986 only to reform some 25 years later with a revamped line up and Lloyd intent on besting his past. Which he’s done, on this CD and seemingly without effort. This is visionary 21st Century modern post punk rock of the highest order and the fact that Jochen Imler – from legendary Krautrockers, Faust­ – produced it should really tell you something as to where their coming from. And where they’re going! (

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May 28, 2009

  • In The City 2009 will take place on 18th, 19th and 20th October 2009 at The Midland hotel and throughout the venues and bars of Manchester, England.

    Registration is now open, and for a limited time you can buy an ITC delegate pass for £200 plus VAT or a hotel + delegate package for £500 inclusive of all tax and fees (3 nights' stay in ITC HQ The Midland).

    The ITC team are already putting together the keynotes, showcases and panels that will make up this year’s conference to build on the massive success of ITC 2008. If you are a record label, management company or industry body and would like to showcase at In The City please contact to discuss any potential plans.

  • The Music Network 28 May 4pm – 6pm

    Marketing for Creatives: Tales from the gaming industry 28 May 6pm – 9pm

    Best of FLIP (Animation) CGI 28 May

    Screening in the lounge area of our café 6pm

    Lord David Puttnam CBE 10 June

    Screen WM in collaboration with Creative Networks

    Creative Communities Industry Event 16 June

    New Generation Arts Graduate Showcase 12 -27 June

    THE MUSIC NETWORK – with Andy Derrick
    THURSDAY 28TH MAY 2009, 4.00PM UNTIL 6.00PM

News from Eastfield May 2009

May 27, 2009

The new CD ‘Songs from the Scrapyard’ is now available. This is the much threatened ‘solo’ album which people have been pestering me to do for a while now. Under the guise of ‘Eastfield Derailed’ it occupies the ground between a more acoustic album and an Eastfield full band album. The rationale behind it follows that every Eastfield song starts off as a ‘sketch’ which is deliberately kept as basic as possible. This time around these sketches have been embellished by collaboration and recorded over time. We are happy enough to unleash the results upon the unsuspecting public, so please feel free to order a copy for the obligatory £5 from: EASTFIELD, c/o THE BASEMENT, 78A PENNY STREET, LANCASTER LA1 1XN. uk. (cheques payable to ‘A. Adams’). (europe E7, usa $10). Cheers.

For track-listing, other releases, t-shirts etc please see the bottom of this email or check out

+ + + over the next few weeks Eastfield will be doing several dates with our Bavarian friends the Garden Gang (full details below):

Friday 29 May 2009 – BRISTOL The Junction.
Saturday 30 May 2009 – SOUTHEND (Westcliffe on Sea) BarLambs.
Sunday 31 May 2009 – PETERBOROUGH The Park.
Tuesday 2 June 2009 – KETTERING Sawyers (acoustic show).
Wednesday 3 June 2009 – BIRMINGHAM Wagon and Horses.
Thursday 4 June 2009 – BRIGHTON The Albert.
Friday 5 June 2009 – LONDON (ISLINGTON) Hope and Anchor *.
Wednesday 10 June 2009 – LONDON 12 Bar.
Thursday 11 June 2009 – DERBY Victoria Inn.
Friday 12 June 2009 – KETTERING Sawyers.

(* Hope and Anchor is Eastfield only. Garden Gang are at Glastonwick Festival that weekend)

Friday 29 May 2009 – BRISTOL The Junction.
51 Stokes Croft.
Eastfield, Garden Gang and Hacksaw.
8pm. £4.

Saturday 30 May 2009 – SOUTHEND (Westcliffe on Sea) BarLambs.
(basement of Lamb and Lion pub – 2 mins walk from Westcliffe on Sea railway station).
TV Smith, Garden Gang, Eastfield, Optic Nerves and DJs.
8pm. £5.

Sunday 31 May 2009 – PETERBOROUGH The Park.
30-32 Park Road, PE1 2TD.
UK Subs, Black Marias, Punky Rebel Media, Eastfield and the Garden Gang.
7pm. £8.
Eastfield and Garden Gang sets at 7.15pm and 7.55pm.

Tuesday 2 June 2009 – KETTERING Sawyers (acoustic show).
Montagu Street.
J Terrestrial, Garden Gang (acoustic) and Eastfield (acoustic).
£5 advance tickets only. doors open 8pm, last entry 8.30pm.

Wednesday 3 June 2009 – BIRMINGHAM Wagon and Horses.
Adderley Street, Digbeth.
Garden Gang, Eastfield and Alcohol-Licks.
8 – 11.30pm. £4.

Thursday 4 June 2009 – BRIGHTON The Albert.
Trafalgar Steet.
Anal Beard, Eastfield and the Garden Gang.

Friday 5 June 2009 – LONDON (ISLINGTON) Hope and Anchor.
Upper Street.
The Go Set, Anal Beard, Eastfield, Monkish and Chester.
7pm. £5. (Eastfield on at 9.30pm).

Wednesday 10 June 2009 – LONDON 12 Bar.
12 Denmark Street, WC2 (off Charing Cross Road).
Garden Gang, Eastfield, Armed Response Unit and Retcher.

Thursday 11 June 2009 – DERBY Victoria Inn.
Midland Place.
Garden Gang, Eastfield and others.
(please note: Garden Gang and Eastfield sets will finish before 10.15pm to enable people to catch trains).
7.30pm. £4.

Friday 12 June 2009 – KETTERING Sawyers.
Montagu Street.
UK Subs, Eastfield and Garden Gang.
8pm. £8 advance.

double CD…………URBAN RAIL PUNK………. Due to the
first 4 Eastfield albums selling out we wanted to make the
songs continually available. This is a definitive collection of more or less
every eastfield song recorded and released between 1997 and 2005 on one double cd.
Contains all tracks on ‘Keep it Spikey’, ‘Fanaticos para Trenes’,
‘Roverbrain’, ‘One Wrong can move a People and a Wronged People can move the
World’ and ‘Express Train to Doomsville’ plus alternative versions of songs
that appeared on various compilations at the time. Running time is 143
minutes, which isn’t bad for the same 3 chords. £10 $20, E15.

And for those who want something slightly different……..LOADHAUL TO LHASA…….
38 minutes of the same 3 chords but in a different way – contains normal
Eastfield, acoustic and altered state transit mixes of of ‘Rugeley
Crimestoppers’, ‘Train to the Top of the World’ and ‘Class 20’s of the
Apocalypse’. £4, $10, E7.

Please send orders to:
cheques payable to ‘A. Adams’.
For other releases, t-shirts etc please check out
eastfield derailed – songs from the scrapyard
pedigree scum
It hadn’t been the best of weekends. To confound matters the British Transport Police were out in force to intercept imaginary gangs at Clapham Junction. Frustrated and empty-handed they decided on the age-old trick of deliberately walking their sniffer dog into the ‘crusty’.
hucknall! get out of my car!
Stuck on the outskirts of Lyon, soaked to the skin with no food or sleep was the low point of hitching from Munich to Barcelona. The sun eventually came out and we gladly accepted a lift to Montpelier. Everything was truly marvellous until the driver drew comparisons between his dreadlocked passenger and a well-known pop singer.
sky burial at warton crag
A desolate place where wild birds constantly circle the rock face scouring for prey. When twitchers die they offer their bodies upon the summit keeping things cyclical to perpetuate their hobby. The ultimate in ornithological recycling.
jumping under someone else’s train
It’s been commented that sadness on hearing announcements of a body under a tube train has been superseded by the deeper sadness of desensitisation that these announcements are becoming so common place that they are accepted as part of everyday occurrence. That’s a lot of messed up lives and a lot of messed up drivers.
get a grip
Modern train tickets conveniently have a nice shiny surface whereupon stamps can be rubbed out until for all purposes they look like a fresh ticket that can be reused. On one such occasion a conductor was totally oblivious to this trickery but tried to state the ticket wasn’t valid at that particular time of day. It bloody well was. He got so incensed by a superior knowledge of ticket pricing that he ripped the ticket up. Don’t you just hate it when officious arseholes don’t know their jobs properly? Luckily these pockets contained an equally bent ticket to get forward to the chosen destination. Ha.
jeremy’s dream
A friend used to work with a curious band called ‘Wizards of Wonderland’. I used to tell people that the bass player played naked eating chips. He didn’t, but it made them seem a bit more interesting. I often wonder what that bass player is doing now.
cigarettes and tourettes
We’ve all had those infuriating conversations when we ask a friend how they’re doing and instead they just harp on about what ‘great’ things their band is doing or is going to do. Before I beat you around the head with a blunt instrument I would like you to know that I think all bands are crap. I never liked them and I never will.
god’s plastic railway
Things don’t get better. god’s Wonderful Railway has persistently devolved into a soulless, cheaper, plastic imitation. If god was omnipotent, he’d have done something about it
keep on tracking the train
The world has gone information crazy where even a simple thing like buying a train ticket can leave people open to data abuse and a subsequent sinister use of keeping tabs on the movements of the population. You have a right to be paranoid.
money money money money
For all those deluded souls that put money before the more important things in life.

News from ROIR Records May 2009

May 27, 2009

Please note new phone numbers & address:
PO Box 150-460
Van Brunt Station
Brooklyn, NY 11215
tel: 718-852-ROIR (7647)
fax: 718-852-7657

New from ROIR:

V/A “So Indie It Hurts: Vol 1” on vinyl,
Dufus “In Monstrous Attitude”,
Legendary Pink Dots “Plutonium Blonde”,
Skatalites “Stretching Out: Volume One” LP,
V/A “Essential Dub”, Fleshtones “Blast Off!” + more!

Soon come: Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains),
10 Ft. Ganja Plant “Bush Rock”
+ The Stimulators “Loud Fast Rules”!

News from Malicious Damage May 2009

May 27, 2009

secrets of fascination, the bill laswell remix of neutron dub, from the forthcoming album BEATUNDERCONTROL IN DUB, is now available in all the download shops and you can see the video at:
the album will be released in october and features remixes from youth, mick harris, analogue mindfield & bill laswell and it’s a real seriously deeply dubby masterpiece
if you missed out on the limited edition “boys” prints at duck art then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a new limited edition set of 4 mike coles prints available for the next few weeks… they’re all based on the statue of liberty and you can see them at:
bear in mind that these are strictly limited editions and once they’re deleted they won’t be repeated
the release date for the new orb album, baghdad batteries, is now september 7th and there’ll be a launch party with alex & thomas performing the whole of the album live at the-situation in clapham on friday september 11th – a limited number of tickets will be for sale so stay alert… and to whet your appetites there’s a track from the album on the malicious myspace
HFB will be playing live at camden’s inspiral lounge on saturday june 6th – this should be a fantastic night and that malicious bloke will be on projector duty
inspiral lounge, 250 camden high street, london NW1 8QS
bob’s on the bill at the snake mountain revue on tuesday 9th june at the betsey trotwood, 56 farringdon road, clerkenwell, london EC1R 3BL
you can see all the malicious videos at
the malicious shop needs as much busines as possible over the coming months so please get yourselves over to and treat yourselves to some malicious goodies – every lttle helps a lot

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May 27, 2009

The Green Phoenix – Gift cards, carbon offsets, tree dedication gifts, sustainable living resource sheets

May 26, 2009

The Green Phoenix website has now been re-launched and has lots of new things on offer, including gift cards, new carbon offsets, more tree dedication gifts, free sustainable living resource sheets and lots more…

If you are not on the physical mailing list you may not have received a 25% off leaflet, but you can still take advantage of the offer, just select the “d/voucher” option when ordering any item from the online shop.

For those of you interested in volunteering at the nature reserve this summer, please give Green Phonenix a call and they will let you know what’s happening.

Green Phoenix: 07826 086 549
Green Phoenix, PO BOX 9691, Birmingham, B27 7ED

If you do want to be added to the physical mailing list just send in your name and address.


May 26, 2009

WHO SHOT WHO? is the side project of Peter Byrchmore (G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S, GOLDBLADE, ex-NIGHTINGALES) and Alex Lusty from hoolie rappers Acarine.

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May 26, 2009

  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) has five categories:

    * Creative and sporting – for people coming to the United Kingdom to work or perform as sportspeople, entertainers or creative artists for up to 12 months.
    * Charity worker – for people coming to the United Kingdom to do voluntary, unpaid work for a charity.
    * Religious worker – for people coming to the United Kingdom to work as religious workers. Duties may include preaching, pastoral and non-pastoral work.
    * Government authorised exchange – for people coming to the United Kingdom through approved schemes that aim to share knowledge, experience and best practice.
    * International agreement – for people coming to the United Kingdom under contract to provide a service that is covered under international law.

  • Immigration Rules Paragraphs 46S-46X
    The new entertainer visa has been designed for those coming to the UK for a short time to take part in certain major arts festivals, music competitions and charity events.
    You may apply as an entertainer visitor if you are:
    * A professional entertainer coming to take part in a music competition;
    * An internationally famous person coming to the UK to take part in broadcasts or public appearances, provided you are not being paid;
    * Coming to the UK for an audition provided this is not performed in front of an audience (either paying or non-paying);
    * An amateur entertainer seeking entry as an individual performer for a specific engagement;
    * amateur entertainers seeking entry as part of a group, such as a choir or youth orchestra coming for a specific engagement;
    * A professional entertainer taking part in a charity concert or show where the organisers are not making a profit and you are receiving no fee;
  • Visa fees

    All the fees below are quoted in pounds sterling, but are usually payable in local currency. Please contact your nearest visa application centre to find out what the local fees are and how you can pay for your visa.

    Guidance notes and fees for visa extensions, nationality and right of abode applications, for applicants who are already in the UK, are available on the UK Border Agency website.

    Dependants are charged the same fee as the main applicant. All dependants who are travelling must pay the fee whether or not they are included in the main applicant's passport.

    Fees are subject to periodic review.

    Visa fees are non-refundable but if a payment has been made and the application is not submitted or if the applicant refuses to provide biometrics details with their application, then we will refund the fee.

    These fees are effective for all visa applications made from 9 April 2009.

  • Session Horns Direct, your first port of call for finding extra musicians for your recording.

    Whether you need a pop horn section, strings or a conga player, Session Horns Direct is able to source whatever you need.

    Check out the site to find out more and use the contact page to get in touch.

    Session Horns Direct – Find the right musicians for your recording or performance

  • Pictures of Police Bastard playing at AU Frankfurt 17th May 2009.

Police Bastard – Frankfurt AU 17th April 2009 Photos

May 25, 2009

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May 20, 2009

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May 18, 2009

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