Fuk Reddin – 28th-31st August 2009 at The Grosvenor and Crown and Anchor, Stockwell, London, SW9

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Reknaw presents: Fuk Reddin 2009 at The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9

Friday 28th August: The Restarts, The Grits, Armed Response Unit, Give Up All Hope, Cut The Reigns, Demonic Upchucks, The KADT, Social Schism

Saturday 29th August: The Usual Suspects, Sunpower, Nesseria, X-State Ride, 3 CR,
Waiting For Better Days, A War Against Sound, Leading The Charge,

Sunday 31st August: Left For Dead, Dread Messiah, Short Bus Window Lickers, Defcon Zero, Last Under The Sun, Last Legion Alive, Assert, Eastfield,

Fuk Reddin 2009 Grosvenor Flyer

Reknaw presents: Fuk Reddin 2009 at Crown & Anchor, 246 Brixton Road, Stockwell, London, SW9

Friday 29th August: A.O.S.3, The Bus Station Loonies, Dogshite, Spectra Hawk, Moral Dilemma, Silent Front, Meinhof

Saturday 29th August: Rabies Babies, Chard Hearts, Deathskulls, Retcher, Nuke On Route, Local Madman

Sunday 30th August
: War Coma, Headjam, Jakal, Monkeyrush, Autonomads, the Adjusters

Fuk Reddin 2009 crown and anchor flyer

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