Video: Police Bastard – Who's Side? – Berlin 29th January 2010

March 31, 2010

Police Bastard playing live on 29th January 2010 at Kopi, Berlin, Germany.

A Film by Iron Man Records
Cameras operated by Pete Rhead
Edited and Directed by Pete Rhead

Video: Police Bastard – Regression – Berlin 29th January 2010

March 30, 2010

Police Bastard playing live on 29th January 2010 at Kopi, Berlin, Germany.

A Film by Iron Man Records
Cameras operated by Pete Rhead
Edited and Directed by Pete Rhead

Video: Police Bastard – No Justice – Berlin 29th January 2010

March 29, 2010

Police Bastard playing live on 29th January 2010 at Kopi, Berlin, Germany.

A Film by Iron Man Records
Cameras operated by Pete Rhead
Edited and Directed by Pete Rhead

Video: Police Bastard – God Off – Berlin 29th January 2010

March 28, 2010

Police Bastard playing live on 29th January 2010 at Kopi, Berlin, Germany.

A Film by Iron Man Records
Cameras operated by Pete Rhead
Edited and Directed by Pete Rhead

Microblog 2010-03-28

March 28, 2010

  • Microblog 2010-03-21 #
  • Can't believe it. Just checked lottery results and millio has got three numbers. That's gotta be £10 or something hasn't it? #
  • The hotel the band are staying at is insane. It's breakfast time, some are playing jenga, the others are playing tennis. Just don't ask #
  • So anyway,today is Bracknell to whitley bay,van has broken down,AA are on the way & the others are playing tennis #
  • The van is working again thanks to AA but now we're waiting for the washing machine. In the background the sirens at broadmoor are going off #
  • Stanley Brinks UK tour 25th-31st March 2010 #
  • At wetherby services on A1. No, I don't want anything else or any of your overpriced cakes. Fairtrade coffee please. Arghhhhhhh #
  • Political Activists Call for Inquiry after Revelations about Undercover Police #
  • Just arrived at playhouse whitley bay. Sierra Maestra are on at 8pm. Soundcheck next…. #
  • Leprecheun Killed In Shootout With Police After St. Patrick’s Day Bank Robbery In Tennessee #
  • Idaho Leads State Revolt Against Naked Body Scanners – #
  • "The Music Network with Andy Derrick, 4pm Thursday 25th March 2010, Birmingham T.E.E, Millennium Point. All Invited" #
  • In whitley bay and thinking about going to find some food…any good Indian takeaways in this place? #
  • Seasick Steve is confirmed for V Festival 2010 He will be at Weston Park, Stafford, on Saturday the 21st of… #
  • Sierra Maestra bought most of tescos electrical department bargains-widescreen TVS,mobile phones,they have friends back home all excited now #
  • band are at hotel trying to cook food in their rooms.I've found an Indian takeaway.Hopefully they haven't blown the hotel up while I'm out #
  • Breakfast is not tennis. Today is a drive south to pontardawe arts centre in south Wales. Sierra Maestra have a lot of bags of shopping. #
  • One nice thing about egotists: they don't talk about other people. #
  • sierra Maestra band members luggage after a no show day what's that?two widescreen HD tvs with DVD? #
  • Andy Derrick will be chairing Birmingham Music Network this Thursday. Info here: #
  • Airport Worker Pervs Over Woman In Body Scanner: "I Love Those Gigantic Tits" – #
  • Seasick Steve confirmed for Electric Picnic 2010 Mainstage on Saturday the 4th of September. #
  • Editors' Folkestone gig stopped and police called after crowd fight #
  • Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life #
  • M5 services about to start down m50. Police Mastermind beckons, special topic: mileage and service stations of England, Wales and Scotland. #
  • World's Lights Go Out For Earth Hour On March 27 #
  • Enjoying Pontardawe.It's raining in dressing room downstairs & flooded in dressing room upstairs. Food is good though.Remember – Don't panic #
  • It's 5 minutes to onstage time. Apparently this time last week someone torched the promoters car.I'm hoping they don't torch the van tonight #
  • Sierra Maestra have finished their first set..but millio wants to know the lottery results.Anyone got the numbers as they're not online yet? #
  • "The Music Network chaired by Andy Derrick 4pm Thursday 25th March 2010, Birmingham T.E.E, Millennium Point." #
  • And now I've managed to smash a load of glasses in the dressing room trying to sort Internet out in search of lottery results for millio #
  • It is raining outside. A lot. Sierra Maestra gig was excellent tonight. More cigars and CDs to happy punters too. #
  • Twitter & blog & argue amongst yourselves. The last thing they want you to do is vote. Shut up. Be happy. Write another blog post. Ok? #
  • It's hard to determine, at the start, what you will be able to bear for a lifetime. #
  • "The Music Network chaired by Andy Derrick at 4pm Thursday 25th March 2010, Birmingham T.E.E, Millennium Point." #
  • The reason people get lost in thought is because it is, to many, rather unfamiliar territory. #
  • "The Music Network chaired by Andy Derrick at 4pm Thursday 25th March 2010, Birmingham T.E.E, Millennium Point." #
  • On the way to derby assembly rooms with sierra maestra #
  • New Video Uploaded: Police Bastard – Enslaved, Kopi 29th Jan 2010 #
  • New Video Uploaded: Police Bastard – God Off, Kopi 29th Jan 2010 and it's not about sugarpuffs either #
  • New Video Uploaded: Police Bastard – No Justice, Kopi 29th Jan 2010 #
  • New Video Uploaded: Police Bastard – Regression, Kopi 29th Jan 2010 #
  • New Video Uploaded: Police Bastard – Who's Side? Kopi 29th Jan 2010 #
  • All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of things will be well. #
  • Managers business card,mars bar & bottle of water at days inn hotel means they're apologising for being idiots. I'd prefer a head on … #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Police Bastard – Who's Side? Kopi 29th Jan 2010 #
  • Anybody like Cuban hand rolled cigars? Very nice to you madam #
  • Anybody like Cuban hand rolled cigars? Very nice to you sir #
  • A look inside? hand rolled, very nice #
  • that's your lot….Sierra Maestra will be in Manchester tomorrow…come and see them play #
  • News: Rock Sound Exclusive: New Sick Of It All Material Streaming Online (via @rocksound) #
  • Management must realise they can't force changes that unions resist on fairness and safety grounds. Support Trades Unions (via @probone) #
  • On the way to manchester with sierra Maestra and they want to go shopping….arndale centre here we come… #
  • Seasick Steve confirmed for Hop Farm Festival, 3rd of July. Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons
  • Manchester. Arndale shopping centre. Sierra Maestra are loose in the grounds….. #
  • 16th April 2010 Subhumans,defcon zero,extinguishers, and k.a.d.t. @ the jamm 261 brixton road london sw9 bands start 7.30pm £8 #punk #
  • "Bob Barry – Birmingham based Guitar repairs and customising : Birmingham Music Network" #
  • Korea Tensions Pale Alongside Agenda To Attack Iran – #
  • Tinariwen to play World Cup Opening Ceremony on June 10th to a global audience of 1 billion!! #
  • Sierra maestra onstage at Manchester band on the wall in five minutes #
  • Video: DUFUS – You’re The King – Cheltenham 2009 #
  • New Video uploaded: DUFUS – You're The King – Cheltenham 2009 #
  • NATO Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller in Afghanistan After Killing Pregnant Women: #
  • Breakfast in Manchester is mental chess, one phonecall bad music and the rest… but it's ok, off to scotland next, it has to be better #
  • Off to fife in Scotland next #
  • Everything is the music #
  • Video: Police Bastard – Enslaved – Berlin 29th January 2010 #
  • what was that? You've worked with Ocean Colour Scene? ok,so that means you're right does it? well, that's that discussion decided then. #
  • The golden acorn? This place should be renamed the golden asshole after the idiot who used to work with ocean colour scene who booked it #
  • Sinead O'Connor: 'There Should Be a Full Criminal Investigation of the Pope' and then be ex-communicated like the rest #
  • The Metal Time show with Nick Townsend and Rev Tool is now live! Listen now! #
  • Notice to all marketing people.Don't talk to me about your stupid hotel brand until you fit lifts that are any use #
  • I've ordered food for 11, pudding for 6, drunk my drink and sat here for over an hour. Will the food be here soon? #
  • band are on at 7.30pm but boris has ordered profiteroles because I couldn't work out how to explain them to a Cuban.AC/DC guitar sound next #
  • I'm ready but the band are still in the worlds worst hotel.Luis is playing me one of the songs he recorded in his home studio on van stereo #
  • Remain calm. The band went on stage just after 7.45pm. Boris says he likes profiteroles. The people are enjoying the show. All good. #
  • I subscribed to Seany2shirts's channel on YouTube #
  • Video: DUFUS – You're The King – Cheltenham 2009 #
  • I've launched the Midlands Jazz Network & @midlandsjazz (via @probone) #
  • Video: Police Bastard – God Off – Berlin 29th January 2010 #
  • Last sierra Maestra show tonight in sterling and the show has already sold out. Working on more gigs for last under the sun in may June #

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Video: Police Bastard – Enslaved – Berlin 29th January 2010

March 27, 2010

Police Bastard playing live on 29th January 2010 at Kopi, Berlin, Germany.

A Film by Iron Man Records
Cameras operated by Pete Rhead
Edited and Directed by Pete Rhead

Video: DUFUS – You're The King – Cheltenham 2009

March 26, 2010

Here is a Video of Dufus playing at The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham, England. November 26th 2009

A Film by Iron Man Records

Directed by Pete Rhead,
Camera – Pete – Sarah – Robin – Andy
Audio – Andy Ward from Musoplex
Edited by Pete Rhead

Stanley Brinks UK tour 25th-31st March 2010

March 22, 2010

Here are dates just in from Stanley Brinks

March 25 LONDON, the Windmill 22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton

March 26 (playing guitar for Freschard at the Camden Eye, 2 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town)

March 27 to be confirmed (probably Glasgow)

March 28 MANCHESTER, the Art of Tea (47 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury Village)

March 29 BRIGHTON, Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar St

March 30 BOURNEMOUTH, the I Bar, 15 Holdenhurst Rd

March 31 SALISBURY (house show)

Stanley Brinks is the new identity of André Herman Düne, original member of the Herman Düne trio. He also recorded and played shows in Europe, the UK and the US under various other names: Ben Dope, Ben Haschish, Klaus Bong, John Trawling, John Andreas, Lord Stanislas… Now based in Berlin, he’s mostly recording and playing as a solo act.

Microblog 2010-03-21

March 21, 2010

  • Microblog 2010-03-14 #
  • Sierra Maestra on page MySpace, tour dates, MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos #
  • Sierra Maestra (band) – Wikipedia [] #
  • Sierra Maestra – official website [] #
  • Sierra Maestra on MySpace [] #
  • In The Belly Podcast returns feat the best in Brum's fresh music talent #
  • Despite repeated requests, venue manager failed to tell chef about food situation.Dinner was spicy vegetable pasta. 8 people couldn't eat it #
  • Good news. Front of house manager has agreed to give band cash to go and find suitable food after gig. Result. #
  • Sad to hear of the death of John Sicolo, founder and owner of TJs in Newport. 1944-2010 #
  • links for 2010-03-14 #
  • Links for 2010-03-14 [] #
  • West Midlands Police use stop and search powers disproportionately against ethnic minorities #
  • Breakfast in Exeter then london next. #
  • It's the start of a busy little week with 2 new rooms openening @ the MuMuseum in the next day or so (via @positivevoid) #
  • Monkey Business – band nights in Halesowen – start April 8th. Rhesus, Fatbwoi, DJ Katy Jay. (via @musoplex) #
  • Learn the fundmntals of music production at Blue Whale. Logic Courses to begin soon…. (via @AndyRobertsBHAM) #
  • New Brum music podcast feat. live sessions a banter about someone's Nan. (via @BlueWhaleBrum) #
  • Blog: John Sicolo 1944 – 2010 #welshmusic (via @bbcwalesmusic) #
  • Does being a victim make you an expert? (via @thestirrer) #
  • Gordon Brown confronted by mother of Tipton soldier killed in Afghanistan (via @birminghampost) #
  • my kind of car park Nazi. One that doesn't care you have overstayed and haven't paid cos book is too good. Result. #
  • Digital Sales Overtake the CD… (via @thedailyswarm) #
  • What if our economy was not built on competition? Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom talks abt cooperation in economics: #
  • The Woman Who Wants To Be World’s Fattest Closes In On 1,000 lb #
  • Where is the venue? Eh? Do you have live music here? Yes. Which part of building has a stage? What? Where do your bands play? Downstairs. #
  • All you need to know. Sierra Maestra, from Havana, first gig 1976, brilliant band. #
  • And more you need to know. Fleas and lice. What a brilliant band #
  • Bloodbath in Mexico: Drug Prohibition Is to Blame for Thousands of Mexican and Now American Deaths: #
  • M1 south in search of food then London #
  • Listening to Saul Williams #
  • On the way to collect sierra maestra from their hotel then off to bristol #
  • Hundreds Of Americans File Complaints Over Naked Body Scanners – #
  • CTBF/UK Film Council – John Brabourne Awards.>PS10k Funding award. Deadline 31st March. More here: #
  • U.S. Attorney General: Bin Laden Will Be Killed #
  • Bad Brains are heading down under this summer… Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney watch out! for details. Follow @badbrains777 #
  • Imagine if this was *your* picture! – Spanish Politician's Photo Used for Osama Bin Laden Wanted Poster: #
  • Sierra maestra are at Bristol st georges tonight. Show starts at 8pm, two sets of 45mins with 20 minute interval. #
  • First Tempest and now we hear Swordfish Records may be closing 🙁 (via @birminghamlive) #
  • Gyrocopter pilot not guilty of manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt supporter (via @birminghampost) #
  • Your Boss Can Secretly Film You in the Bathroom — The Countless Ways You Are Losing Privacy at Work: #
  • Californians Battle To Stop Fluoride In Water #
  • Government Warned 9/11 Commission ‘Not To Cross The Line’ – #
  • Metallica planning 2011 tour 'to rival Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'' #
  • Sierra Maestra onstage at 8pm #
  • PM is a liar. That's news? (via @brendadada) #
  • Ok Sierra Maestra are onstage and playing. The venue has remembered to switch the lights on too. And relax….. #
  • Someone has complained about PA volume.Clearly Bristol punters find it hard to listen to Boris working Sierra Maestra at AC/DC guitar levels #
  • Boris the soundman is annoyed he's had to turn down. Only one person fell over and was sick and he says it was no louder than usual. #
  • Bush Officials Warned 9/11 Commission Against Probing Too Deeply #
  • it's Chinese food at hk diner tonight. Gig was good and record CDs sales after the show too. The AC/DC pa volume worked. Boris is the man. #
  • "I'm surrounded by philistines." – Lemmy #SXSW (via @thedailyswarm) #
  • "Every industry has these things where they get together and pat each other on the back." #Lemmy'sSXSWmetaphor (via @thedailyswarm) #
  • Lemmy on jazz: "Fuck 'em." #SXSW (via @thedailyswarm) #
  • Lemmy on being a Hendrix roadie: "I was just a serf. I used to score acid for him…I'd get him ten he'd take seven an give me three." #SXSW #
  • Motorhead announce 35th anniversary UK tour and ticket details (via @NMEmagazine) #
  • Seth Faergolzia solo Thursday night residency at Boulder Coffee Co. Rochester, NY, this week with Berth Control from NYC! (via @dufusmusic) #
  • Don't forget we're still looking for local bands on The 'Bridge (via @MarcLungley) #
  • How many Birmingham based organisations are at SXSW? How many are to do with music and how many are to do with digital and interactive? #
  • At recommendation of @probone. I'm sat in bristol's Boston tea party. The coffee is excellent. Off to Brecon at midday #
  • Sierra maestra bought a lottery ticket yesterday. Anyone know what the winning numbers were? There's 9 hopefull cubans in this vehicle #
  • Sierra Maestra didn't win the lottery this time. Looks like they have no choice, they will have to continue the tour. Next gig Brecon. #
  • image001 [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra Sonando Ya 450011 Guardian 26 Feb 2010 [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra fRoots news April 2010 [Flickr] #
  • SM Jungle drums April 2010 [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra Evening Standard March 12 2010 [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra – Sonando Ya [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra – Sonando Ya (World Village) Press 2010 #
  • Sierra Maestra 2010 [Flickr] #
  • Sierra Maestra 2010 [Flickr] #
  • DischargeGigcopy [Flickr] #
  • Jimi Hendrix is playing over venue restaurant sound system. The band have eaten a lot, and pudding too. Ice cream. Glad it's not -12 today. #
  • Work Kills More People Than War #
  • Why Punish Iran for What Israel Has Already Done? #
  • Russian Lunar Rover Found: 37-Year-Old Space Mystery Solved #
  • 20 Years Too Late: Universal Dropping CD Prices To $10 Or Less… #
  • Ten Music Crits You Should Follow On Twitter… #
  • Breakfast in Brecon. Off to Bangor next #
  • A49 north past Shrewsbury and market Drayton then on towards Chester then turning west to Bangor. Trying to avoid going through mountains #
  • Just arrived in bangor but stuck in a jam. Less than a mile to venue #
  • Tonights it's Leek & potato soup,onion & goats cheese tart. Michael Jackson thriller on sound system.dessert is ice cream. With … #
  • The band have bought another lottery ticket & keep asking where to buy a new iPhone at nice price. suggestions apart from applestore? #
  • Sierra Maestra Mirror The Ticket March 19 2010 [Flickr] #
  • Game of Death: France's TV Experiment (Video) #
  • LAPD’s Death Squad #
  • Sceptic Challenges Guru to Kill Him Live on TV #
  • RT @boingboing Leaked UK record industry memo sets out plans for breaking UK copyright – Boing Boing (via @FLYAGARIC2019) #
  • Breakfast time in Bangor. Off to Kendal next. Sierra Maestra had a good gig last night, show sold out. #
  • Tonight! La Xula, Inner Terrestrials, ROR samba band, Luise + Roy play a benefit for the RoR Network, at 195 Mare St, Hackney. 8 till 2. #
  • Filesharing is Killing Music like home sleeping is killing hotels ha ha (via @Magick_Temple) #
  • Eid eh shomah mobarak! Happy new year everyone! I thinks this calls for an exceptional beer… (via @cyclonecy) #
  • Dinner in kendal.Show starts at 8.30pm.This place is run by people who follow orders,no one can deal with complex ideas or specific requests #
  • staff at the venue tonight give me idea they really have no interest in being helpful to the band. #
  • Perhaps I'm being unreasonable. I have a torch. Hmm.
    Who's that xxxx over there? #
  • Anyone fancy a nice box of hand rolled Cuban cigars? Look at this….. #
  • Millio is downstairs in hotel lobby terrorising wedding guests, trying to get them to buy a box of Cuban cigars. He only speaks Spanish. #
  • 20 Principles for Successful Community Organizing: #
  • Breakfast in kendal, off to rivermead Bracknell next. I Wonder if millio managed to sell any boxes of cigars to wedding guests last night? #
  • Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators #
  • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. #
  • Do NOT follow your dreams. At some point you will wake up with no directions on how to get back. #
  • Houston Bus Driver Runs Red Light Into Train, Asks Right Afterward: "Was That Light Green?" #
  • TV Presenter Gets Death Sentence for 'Sorcery' #
  • Sierra Maestra have found the led Zeppelin live CDs in the van and it's led zep on volume 11 all the way now #
  • Sierra Maestra are onto prodigy now….on volume 11 #

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March 18, 2010


Sierra Maestra – 
Sonando Ya 
(World Village) Press 2010

March 18, 2010

Sierra Maestra - Sonando Ya

Sierra Maestra :

BBC Radio London DJ Ritu A World In London
Session with Sierra Maestra
Sat 27th March 2010

BBC Radio 3 World Routes
Lucy Duran is joined by Max Reinhardt and Sue Steward to discuss the recent Grammy award winning albums by Bela Fleck and Mamadou Diabate, as well as other world music new releases. Keepers of the flame of Cuban son, prize winning 9-piece Sierra Maestra, perform in the studio especially for World Routes, ahead of their UK tour.
Sat 13 Mar 2010 15:00

Radio coverage also on BBC Scotland, BBC London, BBC Radio 3 World on 3, BBC Scotland and Dublin City FM.

Still waiting for reviews in the Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Record Collector Mag, R2 (Rock n Reel) and lots more!

Great review on the BBC website:

and airplay on Radio Cardiff: Here’s what I’m planning to play on the Jazz Connection tonight – Monday 15 March 2010 – on Radio Cardiff 98.7:

Laurence Cottle Big Band – I Got Ridov ‘Em
The Swiss – Jazz Pills 
Daryl Sherman – I’m Shadowing You
 Secret Quartet ft Martin Speake – Bloor Street
 Sierra Maestra – Pal’ Monte 
Lee Jones – One Little Blue Note
 Acoustic Ladyland – Red Sky
 Sarah Gillespie – Malicious Simone 
Karen Street – Bye Bye Blackbird
 Billy Jenkins – I Am a Man from Lewisham 
Chris Barber Band – C Jam Blues 

Tune in at 8pm on 98.7 FM or watch and listen live online at

Evening Standard: Sierra Maestra – 
Sonando Ya
(World Village)
It was Sierra Maestra who kicked off the revival of Cuban son back in the mid-Seventies — long before the Buena Vista Social Club became international superstars. The nine-piece group still has five original members and they are masters of Cuban son — with piercing trumpet, soft jangly tres guitar and a lively bed of Afro-Cuban percussion. Many of the songs here are new, but they sit alongside the classic repertoire. Most of the songs are about love, of course, but many are about music. Un Toque de Bembé is a celebration of Afro-Cuban Yoruba religion, packed with percussion, and Sangre Negra is about the band itself. They play live at Darbuka in Clerkenwell on Monday. 

Nice 4 star review and preview in The List (Scottish listings mag) “Music doesn’t come more seductive than Havana’s glorious Sierra Maestra, who sparked the revival that lead to Buena Vista Social Club’s music sweeping the globe. About to tour the UK (dates in Dunfermline, Sat 27 Mar; Stirling, Sun 28 Mar) with five original musicians in place, they dazzle with a stunning set of new songs of their own, plus some classics. Sung by their irresistible cocktail of voices, mixing the rough hewn with serenading tones over layers of percussion and burnished trumpet, the wistful desire they power into lines like, ‘No me imagino la vida sin ti’ (I can’t imagine life without you) is unbeatable.”

URL link to the Independent review so here it is:

Mike Gavin
Jazz & World press
harmonia mundi uk
45 Vyner Street, E2 9DQ London

links for 2010-03-14

March 15, 2010

  • When the nine friends, all students in various engineering faculties at Havana University first decided to form a music group, they were thinking of maybe funk or something Brazilian, both so popular at the time. It was the father of the two brothers in the group, Juan de Marcos and Carlos González, who suggested they play son instead. Calling themselves Sierra Maestra after the birthplace of the music in Eastern Cuba, the group quickly found they were on to a big hit. From 1976 onwards they were popular all over the island and their first album in 1980 an island-wide success. Son was back, after a lull of some 40 years. Having revived it the group became prize winners in Cuba, and started touring internationally. Down the years Sierra Maestra have always mixed the classics of the Golden Age with newly written songs.
  • Sierra Maestra were the first group (and remain the best) of the modern era to play in the old-style son line-up: tres, guitar, trumpet, bongo, guïro, maracas and four-part harmony vocals. They have been the pioneers in reviving this style for a new generation and reintroducing it into the Cuban mainstream. Take a look around the site to find out more about the legendary soneros, keep up to date with tour information and check out the picture gallery.

    Sierra Maestra’s critically acclaimed new album, Son: Soul Of A Nation, is promising to be a future classic. Based on the history and development of son – from the early days to big band son – and the band’s personal experiences, the album is a glorious tribute to the genre.

  • Sierra Maestra are a Cuban band started in 1976. They sought to revive 1920's classic son, which came from the mountain range on the east of Cuba, after which the band was named.

    Their members included Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, before he left to join the Afro-Cuban All Stars and Jesus Alemany, who formed Cubanisimo. The band is still together.

    They performed at the Glastonbury Festival (UK) in 2008.

Microblog 2010-03-14

March 14, 2010

  • Microblog 2010-03-07 #
  • my email is working again now so if you have sent me emails and they bounced, remain calm, it's all working again now #
  • New Video uploaded: DUFUS – Givin Inn – Cheltenham 2009 #
  • Last Under The Sun EPK here: #
  • English Heretic: GIMPO'S M25 25 Hour Spin 20th – 21st March 2010 | Iron Man Records #
  • Last Under The Sun – Discover music, videos, concerts, #
  • #
  • #
  • working on Last Under The Sun page on #
  • Posted a new video: "Bring Me Their Heads" #
  • Check out Last Under The Sun – #
  • I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Flyers" #
  • I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Gig Posters" #
  • I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album "Artwork" #
  • Listening to blood for blood – outlaw anthems #
  • #
  • I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album "Band Photos" #
  • I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Last Under the Sun – friends and family" #
  • bla #
  • working on updating Last Under The Sun page on myspace and adding videos etc #
  • Listening to Paris – acid reflex #
  • More 4 tv on now A 21st century road movie London orbital…. #
  • All Agents: M25 Spin 2010. Meet ThurrocK Service Station, off M25 at 11am, Sat 20th March. Spin til 1pm Sun 21st March. Pass it on #
  • Fight The Pipe – PRI goes to appeal, Facebook group, Pipeline Twitter, Linda Ware. #
  • Listening to blood for blood – livin in exile. packing and wrapping more cds and dreading the trip to the post office #
  • In Birmingham and off to musoplex next #
  • Working on gigs for last under the sun and preparing sierra maestra dates #
  • On the way to London to collect a Cuban band called Sierra Maestra. Listening to Paris – acid reflex. #
  • I have sierra maestra and Southampton turner sims next #
  • At turner sims in Southampton with sierra maestra. They are on at 8pm #
  • Government Internet Censorship Begins In Stealth In New Zealand – #
  • Ok then, you try and explain "you can tell them your CDs are onsale in the foyer" to 9 cubans. Just try the word "foyer" …without pointing #
  • try explaining Chinese takeaway menu printed in English to 10 cubans then order by phone & talk to someone who can't understand you either #
  • Sierra maestra have had a good one tonight, queues at the merch stall for CDs and signing #
  • So, Chinese takeaway people really had no idea what I had been trying to order. Total chaos on collection. 20minutes of explanation required #
  • Breakfast is espresso from a machine. Aberystwyth is next. Venue is providing food later so no take away chaos later. #
  • Birmingham Arts Survey 2005-2008 | Created in Birmingham [] #
  • Sierra Maestra will be on radio 3 at 3pm uk time if you are interested in what the band are all about #
  • Soundcheck in progress. Food next. Show starts at 8pm #
  • Seasick Steve is on his way to Germany to play on the TV show '3 nach 9' and also do some other press stuff… #
  • Sierra Maestra go onstage in 5 minutes. Two sets of 45mins with a 20minute interval. #
  • If anyone would like words of advice on Cuban cigars and the like,come and see Sierra Maestra,they have a lot to say on the … #
  • Interesting point about Aberystwyth. The local council banned the screening of "life of brian" when it first came out…. #
  • Really interesting point about Aberystwyth. The mayor of Aberystwyth is someone called sue…who played Judith in "life of brian" #
  • You couldn't make it up….so mayor decided on election to arrange first screening of "life of brian" in Aberystwyth. And now … #
  • Seasick Steve Hopes to be announcing summer festivals in the UK, Germany etc #
  • links for 2010-03-13 #
  • Links for 2010-03-13 [] #
  • Today is Aberystwyth to Exeter. Think I'll go down coast and then head to m4. Don't think the band enjoyed the mountain roads yesterday. #
  • Looks like food in this country is as bad and as full of chemicals as I thought. The band are all feeling Ill and it's only day 3 of the … #
  • band are struggling with the food in this part of the world. All of them have been feeling unwell since tour started.At Cardiff services now #
  • Two hours to Exeter from Cardiff west services but may have to stop again on the way. Show tonight will be at Exeter Phoenix #
  • Bridgwater services heading south. Of course they have no public phones so no calling to Cuba just yet. Weather is sunny though. #

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links for 2010-03-13

March 14, 2010

  • Chris Unitt reports on "Birmingham Arts Survey 2005-2008"
    It makes an interesting read. Chris says "I just stumbled on this on the council’s arts page, having been interviewed for it when I looked after CiB the first time. The Birmingham Arts Survey – The State of the Arts 2005-08 (PDF, right click-save as) is a short document that gives an overview of where Birmingham’s arts are at (or were at the time).

    It has lots of quotes from lots of people in it.

    Funnily enough, many of the images used have cropped up again in the City of Culture 2013 bid stuff that I’ve seen."

Fight The Pipe – PRI goes to appeal, Facebook group, Pipeline Twitter, Linda Ware.

March 10, 2010

These updates are few and far between but we are still campaigning. The 200 mile pipeline is laid but the PRI (pressure reduction installation) at the end of the pipeline in Tirley, Gloucestershire is still not built. National Grid have twice been refused planning permission and now to appeal against the last decision. See the local news article HERE

The pipeline is laid and the terminals in Milford Haven are now operational, nothing is going to stop National Grid using more of the earths resources after spending billions on this project. One of the main concerns all along has been safety. This is where we can really make a difference by opposing the PRI ever being built. If there is no PRI then the gas will have to be pumped through the pipeline at a lower pressure which will make it safer for the thousands of people living nearby. It is vital people raise their concerns about the safety of the pipe.

Only a few weeks ago a natural gas pipeline exploded in the USA leaving 5 dead and dozens injured. See the news report HERE and an incomplete list of pipeline accidents, including LNG HERE.

We will keep you informed of how you can object to the PRI in Tirley but please keep an eye on the local press, join our facebook group, visit our myspace or the pipeline twitter website to keep up to date with news.

Our facebook group is HERE
Our myspace is HERE

A new documentary and discussion website has been set up called Pipeline Twitter HERE

Anyone emailing this address gets a mail back with a telephone number, please use this to tell us of anything important as this email account is not always checked reguarly. Alternatively post on the facebook group, myspace or pipeline twitter. It is really important that we all keep communicating.

Many of you are aware of Linda Ware’s fight with Neath Port Talbot council, below is a press release from Sept for those that were not aware of the outcome.

Many thanks for your continued support 🙂

Fight the Pipe crew xxx

On Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at a Hearing under the Aarhus Convention at the Supreme Court Costs Office.
BEFORE Master O’Hare









THE SETTLEMENT WAS £7,000 in full and final settlement of costs.


This is the maximum legally permitted to be taken from the pension of Linda Ware. Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council have stated in the agreed offer that Linda Ware should not be bankrupted unless she defaults on this payment. It was also stated in the offer made to Linda ware by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council that the debt would die with her should she not live for the requisite 14 years.

It was stated by the Barrister for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council that the reason NPT CBC is pursuing these costs is that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council cannot be seen to be a ‘soft touch’ especially regarding  environmental issues. It was also stated that the money was not why Linda Ware was being pursued; when NPT CBC knew she did not have the money to pay these costs. It was stated Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council pursued Linda Ware on a matter of principle.

At a time when cutbacks in all public services are biting hard and affecting education and jobs badly it seems there is plenty of PUBLIC money to pursue vindictive court cases in order to squash any individual that fights for the environmental rights of the people of their area.

For further information
Linda Ware – 01639 632286

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