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June 3, 2010

  • Iron Man Records, Musoplex Studios and Badger Promotions present a Money Burning Live Music Event of Metal, Punk and Crust Music:

    Korrozao (Sepultura meets Slayer)
    + Selfless (members of Police Bastard, Last Under The Sun, I Am Colossus, Rivers Edge) 4 piece insane politically/socially charged hardcore punk crust grind band.Lying somewhere between Black Flag/Heresy/Discharge…
    support to be confirmed

    The show is free and wishes to raise awareness for the No One Is Illegal Network:

    The network No one is illegal acknowledges no national borders, except as a political idea, in which we have no moral obligation or interest in accepting or upholding. A person born in one place has no greater rights to it than anyone else. This must not end as a vision, but must be practised. PASS IT ON

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June 2, 2010

  • on Monday 31st May 8pm GMT.
    Here's this show’s playlist :-
    1. Battle For Prague – Modern Sprint (3:44)
    2. Skeletons! – Come Die With Me (2:23)
    3. (Silver) Souvenirs – Diamonds (3:39)
    4. B.A.D & Twizer – Hold Your Head (3:26)
    5. Soni-Quella – Fauxproli's (5:38)
    6. Tantrums – A Little Guidance (3:08)
    7. Shady Bard – Trials (Part III) (3:08)
    8. The Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think-Tank (revival) – We Are North Korea (2:32)
    9. Police Bastard – Erosion (3:55)
    10. Alcohol Licks – Hey Mister (5:45)
    11. Bronze Medals – Tales of Ordinary Madness (5:03)
    12. Wise Blood – 42 (4:06)
    13. A Poetic Yesterday – Tony jaa will kick your ass (4:15)
    Little Chris
    Brumcast is broadcast on Rhubarb Radio Mondays 8-9pm GMT. Brumcast on Twitter
  • Robin Valk was the keynote speaker at Creative Networks on Thursday 27th May. He gave a seemingly bleak overview of the state of UK radio and the shrinking opportunities for creative work, as cuts continue to bite at the BBC, and the commercial sector continues to strip jobs out, and ramps up automation and networking. All is not lost, however – in fact, all is never lost, if you approach things the right way.

    Here's a summary of what he had to say…..

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June 1, 2010

  • Punk Britannia with Paul H Podcast: Midlands Special with tracks by Bands from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Stoke, Derby and more…..This is Show number 7 of Punk Britannia on Californian Internet Radio Station streamed on Thursday 11pm to Midnight (California time), Friday 7am-8am (UK time) 27/28 May
    1 Police Bastard Erosion
    2 R.A.M-M.A.N Is this the queue for Insurrection
    3 Alcohol Licks Pjamma
    4 War/System Overlord (remix)
    5 Girlfixer Casualty Condemn Me
    6 Officer Down You Decay
    7 Drongos For Europe No Way
    8 Drongos For Europe this town
    9 Drongos For Europe Contaminated
    10 The Heels Skalloween
    11 First Time Riot Agenda 21
    12 Mispelt 2.0 Friends Like You
    13 Fight-Back Dole Q Rocker
    14 Rising Strike Force of Habit, Habit of Force
    15 Fun House Robots Famine in the UK 2027 – 4_98
    16 Last Under The Sun Bring Me Their Heads
    17 D'Corner Bois Everything's A Mess
    18 The Septic Psychos Still Haunting Me
    19 The Specials Gangsters

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