Police Bastard – European Tour 2011

May 19, 2011

POLICE BASTARD is the original Police Bastard members Chris Crass, Stu-Pid, and John Doom with Mark, Seano and Simon from Last Under The Sun.

Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate 1600x1600

I’m putting Police Bastard Tour Dates together now for a couple of short trips to Europe and the line up will include both Pid (Sensa Yuma) and John (Doom) on vocals

The band would probably be looking at a gig plus a share of the door, plus food and a place to stay. There will be 7 in the travelling party and we will have a full backline with us too.

Police Bastard – “Attrition” Tour 2011

Thursday 6th Oct Plan Z, Leuven, Belgium Chaos Bar, Plan Z, Weldadigheidsstraat 76, Leuven, Belgium (that’s the name of the place, there’s a bar called the chaosbar in the basement. Just so you won’t be confused)
Friday 7th Oct Kopi, Berlin, Germany
Saturday 8th Oct AJZ Bahndam, Wolfhagener str 11, 42929, Wermelskirchen, Germany. www.ajzbahndamm.de
Sunday 9th October AK44, Giessen, Germany http://ak44.de.vu

Thursday 10th Nov Friese, Bremen, Germany http://www.diefriese.de//Friesencrew.html
Friday 11th Nov AU, Frankfurt,Germany
Saturday 12th Nov Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
Sunday 13th Nov Gig EXIL, Am Bahnhof Eisenspalterei, 16225 Eberswalde, Germany http://www.exil-eberswalde.de

then back to Birmingham, England

Police Bastard / War//Plague - Attrition (Vinyl LP) 546x546 Cover art

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Press kit: http://www.sonicbids.com/policebastard (all press info)

Website:  http://www.myspace.com/policebastard1994to2003

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Police-Bastard/44809514403

Last Under The Sun – European Tour 2011 (Booking now, get in touch)

May 19, 2011

Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad

I’m trying to put some dates together for a short tour in europe this year. Email Mark at ironmanrecords.co.uk if you can help with a gig.

Last Under The Sun have just finished http://lastunderthesun.bandcamp.com/album/hooligan-jihad

Would you be able to help with any of the dates listed below? The band would probably be looking at gig plus share of the door, plus food and a place to stay but we can be flexible if needed. There will be 7 in the travelling party and we will have a full backline with us.

LAST UNDER THE SUN – Fast Chaotic Hardcore Punk Rock and includes members of Police Bastard, Selfless, Jilted Generation)


Wednesday 23rd November – Leave UK Dover – Calais
Thursday 24th November – gig?
Friday 25th November – Crowbar, Groningen, Holland
Saturday 26th November – Kopi, Berlin, Germany
Sunday 27th November – Raumstation, Frankfurt, Germany
Monday 28th November – return to UK Calais – Dover

Bandcamp Page: http://lastunderthesun.bandcamp.com (all music for free download or streaming or sharing) Hooligan Jihad is latest recording….

Press kit: http://www.sonicbids.com/LastUnderTheSun (all press info)

Website:  http://www.reverbnation.com/lastunderthesun

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lastunderthesun

Ripping Thrash Issue 27 2011
Awesome “new” CD from this Birmingham Band….I Love This! This is their third CD and they’re all good. At times emo sounding, reminding me of bands like Sensefield, but with more angst and more dischordant, at times they’re faster and angrier but still keeping their melody. This was actually recorded in 2005 and came out early 2010! New recordings are planned I believe. Lets hope so. They’ve toured extensively throughout Uk and Europe, but still they don’t seem to be at all well known, maybe because they don’t fit into the trendy style of punk, these are way under-rated, seriously, you won’t hear many better bands than this! – Steve

“..it seems only fitting that their debut CDEP be a focused, uncompromising attack on callous warmongers everywhere…. the importance of the message being delivered utterly eclipses the medium that delivers it.” Ian Glasper – Terrorizer Magazine – Issue 132 June 2005

“..a bass and rhythm section as tight as eberneezer scrooge…..Too short by half, this is nonetheless essential and extreme.” Positive Creed fanzine

“..hardcore punk rock in total English style: fast and chaotic and like a fist to the head…..This will fuel you like Crazy.” No Front Teeth Fanzine