Police Bastard – European Tour 2011

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POLICE BASTARD is the original Police Bastard members Chris Crass, Stu-Pid, and John Doom with Mark, Seano and Simon from Last Under The Sun.

Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate 1600x1600

I’m putting Police Bastard Tour Dates together now for a couple of short trips to Europe and the line up will include both Pid (Sensa Yuma) and John (Doom) on vocals

The band would probably be looking at a gig plus a share of the door, plus food and a place to stay. There will be 7 in the travelling party and we will have a full backline with us too.

Police Bastard – “Attrition” Tour 2011

Thursday 6th Oct Plan Z, Leuven, Belgium Chaos Bar, Plan Z, Weldadigheidsstraat 76, Leuven, Belgium (that’s the name of the place, there’s a bar called the chaosbar in the basement. Just so you won’t be confused)
Friday 7th Oct Kopi, Berlin, Germany
Saturday 8th Oct AJZ Bahndam, Wolfhagener str 11, 42929, Wermelskirchen, Germany. www.ajzbahndamm.de
Sunday 9th October AK44, Giessen, Germany http://ak44.de.vu

Thursday 10th Nov Friese, Bremen, Germany http://www.diefriese.de//Friesencrew.html
Friday 11th Nov AU, Frankfurt,Germany
Saturday 12th Nov Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
Sunday 13th Nov Gig EXIL, Am Bahnhof Eisenspalterei, 16225 Eberswalde, Germany http://www.exil-eberswalde.de

then back to Birmingham, England

Police Bastard / War//Plague - Attrition (Vinyl LP) 546x546 Cover art

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Press kit: http://www.sonicbids.com/policebastard (all press info)

Website:  http://www.myspace.com/policebastard1994to2003

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Police-Bastard/44809514403

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