Rest in Peace Gary D.S.

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Gary was a managing director at Scrap Records and of the band called “2000 DS”. A.K.A 2000 Dirty Squatters, the band were known for an uncompromisingly gritty urban hardcore punk sound. The last time I saw Gary was when 2000 DS played in Milton Keynes at the European Collective gig “Across the Decades” in 2000.

Here are some words from :

“It is with great sadness we inform you of the untimely deaths of Gary, his daughter Caisie, friends Kath and Talei in a motor accident in Trelawney, Jamaica. Gary’s daughter Josie is in a serious condition in Falmouth hospital…. Caisie’s boyfriend Luke was injured in the crash. Words are not enough.”

There’s more info on the Scrap Records homepage.

In an update I read a few moments ago, John of A.O.S.3 said “2000 DS – they are LEGENDS. One of those bands whose truth is far stranger than fiction.”

Please ask anyone in a band who has access to a mic over coming days, at Rebellion or wherever, to make sure the news goes out.

Richie from Reknaw just phoned me, he said “Gary DS was one of the good ones.”

Underground music will miss him and the members of his family who died with him.

If anyone has any updated information or any other details to add with reference to this post please let me know as this is all I have to work with at the moment.

Love goes out to his family and friends…..


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