The Anchor Gallery at Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham

The Anchor Gallery at Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham

The Anchor Gallery aspires to be a cultural outpost in Birmingham to present events, workshops and seminars in the arts; provide a meeting, working and relaxing place for residents and travellers in the arts; develop an Artists In Residence programme; and create and display art and cultural exhibits in a warm, friendly, comfortable environment.

The Anchor Gallery, Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Call 07920 328100

Opening Times

Tuesday – Friday open 9am – 6pm
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Bread and Cakes

Saturday open 9am -4pm
Serving Brunch, Lunch, Bread and a bigger weekend selection of Cakes

FREE WIFI available

January 19th at 6-9pm: A new Season of contemporary art exhibitions presented by the Anchor Gallery.

John Tedstone

John is an artist working from the midlands. His work depicts flora and fauna reimagined in his self titled ‘Unrealism’ painting style. The work is based around the artists anxieties and common dreads that occur in modern life.

Kirk Andrews

Kirk Is a a fine artist with a passion for music. He usually works in charcoal, pastel or pencil and thoroughly enjoys the process of making art while immersed in his  favourite sounds.

Irene Zafra

Irene specialises in creating hand-made collages even though she hates destroying books. Irene plays with surreal, sci-fi and psychedelic imagery and also likes to combine her work with embroidery and digital elements whilst exploring areas in science, gender, time and relationships.

19/1/18 Private View 6-7pm with nibbles and wine
19/1/18 Public View  7-9pm

The Anchor Gallery is an arts platform representing independent artists and writers with a connection to Birmingham and the West Midlands. The Anchor Gallery is an independent exhibitor, collective organisation and event that can move from Space to Space.

The Anchor Gallery aspires to create a grassroots arts and cultural center in Birmingham conceived as a home for artists and their creative activity and organized as a conscious environment where local and visiting artists and intellectuals, their friends and followers can meet, relax and interact in a warm and sympathetic setting.

The Anchor Gallery is designed as a place for art lovers, book lovers, and music lovers of diverse tastes and backgrounds to gather, study, and share their cultural insights and experiences.

The Anchor Gallery hopes to provide a space for performances, lectures, workshops, classes, discussions, poetry readings, film screenings and other community-based cultural arts activities.

The Anchor Gallery will dedicate space for displaying art works, posters and photographs. The venue may also display archival materials from previous/other collections.

The Anchor Gallery project will be directed by Rachel Mayfield and a number of other friends and volunteers, who will act as on-site managers and curators of programming.

To keep in contact with all activities or to find out more about exhibiting, volunteering or joining in, please contact us direct at