Iron Man Records Patron invites Rachel Mayfield to play The Regal Theatre in Bathgate

“He who controls the present, controls the past” – George Orwell.

Whoever controls the internet servers, controls the intellectual record of humankind. And by controlling the intellectual record of humankind, you control our perceptions of who we are. When all music is digital, all independence will cease. Making music available on Vinyl is more than just making a physical thing, it’s about demonstrating and maintaining some form of independence from the mechanisms of the digital platform, and everything else. Whatever that is this week. Performing live is not just about going out and playing to people face to face, entertaining, it’s about choosing a suitable venue, perhaps a space that maintains an independence from the corporate clone business of franchise and chain owned entities. It’s about celebrating, sharing and inspiring the desire for independence. Think about that for a moment.

Iron Man Records would like to release all new records on Vinyl and has started a page on Patreon to help see it happen. 60 Patrons have signed up so far. To be honest, the label is still well short of what it needs to maintain a sustainable future but regardless of that, the work continues. The label is financed almost entirely through my work outside the record label, as a Tour Manager.

60 Patrons have so far helped to ensure the release of Police Bastard – Confined on Vinyl, Morus – Cialo Obce on Vinyl, John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth on double CD, and Beatnik Youth Ambient on Vinyl. In addition, Iron Man Records has also been able to release a number of albums in a Digital format, These include Dr Marshmallow Cubicle – Occupy, Robert Anton Wilson meets Steve Fly, Police Bastard – Dead To The World, Brassick – Appreciate Your Concern, Rachel Mayfield – Winter of Desire and Transports of Delight, and Wub Wainwright – Lights of The Lost.

It is my hope that every digital release will also get the chance to be released on Vinyl at some point, and that pretty much depends on how many Patrons are willing to sign up and support the cause. Of course I will continue to support the label through my own work, but any help through Patreon and those who sign up is welcome. Patrons aren’t just helping, they are developing and extending the label’s ability to engage new artists, projects and ideas.

What sort of person becomes an Iron Man Records Patron? Well, I’ll tell you what sort, the good sort, those who choose to travel the road less travelled, the poets, the freethinkers, the story tellers, the hosts, the entertainers, the dreamers, the singers, the writers, the tinkers, the positive thinkers, the artists, the creatives, the mad, the brilliant, and the even the dangerous lunatics. The list goes on and on. We all love music, art, poetry and all the rest. All Patrons have a piece of the puzzle, and between us we are making our own world, a world we want to live in. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. All we have to do now is find the others.

The Regal Theatre in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland is preparing to welcome bands back to the venue for the first time since it officially reopened earlier this month. The re-branded Reconnect Regal Theatre will host local band Snakeskin Shoe Review and Birmingham based singer-songwriter and artist Rachel Mayfield on September 28th 2018. If you want to find the others, some of them will be in attendence for this show. Tickets are £5 and once inside the venue, all you have to do is start a conversation with a complete stranger, and you will find yourself talking to someone just like you, someone with a piece of the puzzle.

Rachel Mayfield has been invited to play at this show by James Kerr, an Iron Man Records Patron. He has signed up to donate $4 a month, and he’s made incredible effort to organise and promote a show for one of the artists that Iron Man Records supports. It’s not just the work of Iron Man Records that has helped put Rachel Mayfield’s work into the light, Patrons like James Kerr are actually making things happen as a direct result. And James hasn’t just chosen a venue, he’s chosen an amazing venue, with an interesting independent aspiration, complete with a long history and an important role in Music Culture in West Lothian.

The New theatre manager Pete Sneddon has declared plans to bring local and touring bands to Bathgate as part of the redevelopment of the building. If you play in a good band and want a show in Bathgate, get in touch with Pete.

James Kerr of Snakeskin Shoe Review said: “We are delighted to be back playing at the Regal. The sound is great, and the historic art deco space is a fantastic setting for a rock show. Tickets are only £5 and we will be putting on a big show which should be a good night out.”

Tickets are available from the Reconnect Regal Theatre website or on the door on the night.

Pete Sneddon said: “The charity was set up to help save historic buildings and landmarks, to provide sustainable futures for them and teach the reconnective arts.”

Iron Man Records and the new team at The Regal Theatre share common ideas and are looking to provide a sustainable future for everyone involved.

“The Regal is our first venue and we could not be happier to have saved this beautiful piece of Scottish history.”

Pete said: “Day time, mid-week shows for schools and groups are only £5.

“We will also be releasing a fundraising song on iTunes and other digital platforms called ‘Dream A New World’ so that anyone can help support the venue for just 99p”

As the saying goes, if you want a different world you have to make it through your actions.

If you would like to become a Patron and support the work of Iron Man Records and those it seeks to work with, please visit the Patreon page:

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