Total Assault On The Culture — March 2022

“The war in Ukraine is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and a terrible threat to us all, increasing the danger of nuclear war. We demand the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops. We demand an end to NATO expansion. We oppose sanctions that will harm ordinary Russians. We say no to nuclear war and call on all countries to welcome refugees fleeing the war.” — Stop the War

I have friends and extended family in Ukraine. The last 8 years and recent weeks may have been difficult, but the last week has been traumatic. I have found it very hard to do any music related work which is why things have been quiet at this end. I have been on skype, zoom and involved in phone calls and text message exchanges with friends and family trying to get away from danger driving to Poland, Hungary or Romania. So far some of those I have been talking to have managed to get to safety but my male friends and family have had to remain. My friend Serge and his girlfriend, who is 8 months pregnant, are in a house in a village just outside of Kiev. Another friend of the family Anya is sheltering in a Kiev subway station with her 3 month old baby. I can’t start to imagine what that must be like. Other male friends are in Lviv with family. All males between 18 and 60 have to stay and fight. I don’t wish to express any detailed views here but please understand I have found it very hard to do any music related work in recent weeks, but I’m trying to stay positive and do all I can to help friends and family while trying to continue my work in music to stop myself losing my mind with all this. I am posting what I can on social media and will continue to do so.

If you have an interest in following the news in Ukraine direct I can recommend a few reliable news sources in English:

Ukrayinska Pravda —
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine —
Zelenskiy / Official —
Ukraine Weapons tracker —

Ukraine - Tractor Tank

Debut album by this Warsaw band with members (both current and past) of such bands as: Dezerter, Kinsky, TZN Xenna, Morus, El Banda, Antidotum (and more).

IMB6057 Kara — Kara — Digital Release (23rd February 2022)
IMB6052 Kara — Kara — Vinyl Release (23rd May 2022)

This record is a storm of short, sharp, raging hardcore punk. No punishment (kara = ”punishment” in Polish), no crime, pure cleansing ritual.

Don’t be misguided by the rip-off logo, that’s not what they sound like…
They seem not to care much about “fame”, no fb profile and an ideal time to record the debut album during lock-down. However, they menaged to play live-stream show at Ada squat, which was a benefit for ecological group Dzikie Karpaty (Wild Carpathians).

The album is a collaboration between Kara, TRUJACA FALA, Nikt Nic Nie Wie (NNNW) and IRON MAN RECORDS.

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In other news I am rehearsing with Cain and a new line-up of Police Bastard at the moment. It looks likely I will be taking a band called Mipso on a European Tour in June and Transglobal Underground around the UK in July.