1995 Cleveland Funk Tribe, Self Released
1997 Dufus: Our First Born (J-Bird Records)
1998 Dufus: Eee*Lai*Font (Pro-Anti)
1999 Dufus: Revolution (Opulence!/Priapus)
2000 Quankmeyer Faergoalzia: pip (Anti-Pro)
2000 Fun Wearing Underwear (Pro-Anti)
2001 Dufus: Neuborns (Iron Man, Birmingham, UK) Buy it
2002 Dufus: 1:3:1 (ROIR) Buy it
2003 Dufus/Seth Faergolzia: This Fredum, Luvalot Records
2004 Dufus:  Ball of Design (ROIR) Buy it
2004 Seth Faergolzia (Faer Awae)
2006 Dufus: The Last Classed Blast (Iron Man, Birmingham, UK) Buy it
2007 Dufus: Legend of Walnut
2007 BHMC Experimental Orchestra (Whprwhil Records, Seattle)
2007 Dufus:  King Astronaut
2008 Faergolzia:  Tape 2
2009 Dufus:  In Monstrous Attitude (ROIR)
2010 Channel Faergolzia, Self Released
2010 Dufus Eth, Kickstarter Funded
2012 Friend Producers
2012 Seth Faergolzia and the 23 Psaegz: Tin Wood Soldier

2000 Attack Records, Canada
2000 Koala Records, NY
2001 Organ Magazine, UK
2002 Departure Records, UK
2002 Olive Juice Records, NYC
2002 Rough Trade Records, UK
2007 Trikont, Germany