Police Bastard has been influenced by many different bands ranging from the likes of Discharge/Chaos UK to Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, The Cardiacs, Killing Joke. This makes up a dark, agressive hardcore sound without losing power or focus. Risen from the ashes of Britian’s largest hardcore thrash bands: Doom, Sore Throat, Filthkick, Sensa Yuma and Contempt, Police Bastard was born in May of 1994. In a year and a half they stacked up a staggering number of gigs and a large following.

“Police Bastard – Traumatized – Like a demonic Black Bloc storming the stock exchange with baseball bats, this album belts out of the speakers and storms around the room taking no prisoners.” – Peppermint Iguana

Current Line Up:-
Stu-pid – Vocals (1994-1999) (2006-Present) (Contempt/English Dogs/Sensa Yuma)

John Doom – Guitar/Vocals (1994-2003) (2010-Present) (Doom/Sore Throat/Cain/Spineless/

Seano Porno – Guitar (2007-Present) (Jilted Generation/Last Under The Sun/Rubella Ballet/Depth Charge/Sensa Yuma/Dogshit Sandwich/Freebase/Set Against/Hardcore(That Became Mangled)/The Dangerfields)

Mark Badger – Guitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun + Iron Man Records)

Chris Crass – Bass (1994-1997) (2007-Present)

Simon James – Drums (2008-Present) (Rivers Edge)

Past Members:-
Clive – Drums (1994-2003) (Grovelhog/Filthkick/Cain/Spineless/Sensa Yuma)

Trogg – Bass (R.I.P. 1964-2008)
(1994) (2006-2007) (Contempt/The Tenants)

Dee – Bass (1997-2003) (LD50/Endless Torment/Haxan)

Dan – Guitar (1997-2003) (Spineless)

Gizz Butt – Guitar (2006) (English Dogs/Janus Stark/The Prodigy/The More I See/Doom Day)

Mad Max Evilsen – Drums (2006) (Sensa Yuma)

Si Reeves – Bass (European Tours 2008) (Last Under The Sun/Damn Dirty Apes + Framework Studios/Musoplex)

Pixie – Drums (2007-2008) (POA/H8 Target/Kaya/Sensa Yuma/Last Under The Sun)