Rachel Mayfield

Rachel Mayfield is a singer, writer and mixed media artist from Birmingham, UK.

In the 1990’s she formed and fronted Indie Rock band ‘Delicious Monster’ being hailed by the NME as a “Goddess of Indie Rock’ and as ‘exciting, unpredictable and dangerous as a ten legged Tyrannosaurus. The band received critical acclaim for three top ten singles and one album placing them at the forefront of the cultured Indie Rock scene. Since then she has diversified into Solo albums, Film and Art installations while continuing to develop creative collectives.

In 2015 her short film ‘All Lovers Could Be Love’ from ‘Venture of Belief’ featured in the BFI love season with Poetryfilm.org.

October 12th 2017 saw the release of Rachel Mayfield – “Winter of Desire” in a Digital format through Iron Man Records, Birmingham.

In 2018 Rachel Mayfield began a monthly Radio Show for Brum Radio called “Truth To Material,” a free flowing monthly diary of ideas, events, artists, music and conversation.

On 4th March 2018 Rachel Mayfield – Transports Of Delight was given a Digital Release on Iron Man Records, Birmingham.

As a solitary character, dressed in black, barefoot, with an acoustic guitar, her vast vocal range can hover between precarious whisper and a spine-chilling, rousing wail. Her sensitive vocal delivery and unobtrusive guitar playing creates solace, fearlessly exposing her vulnerability while maintaining a promising optimism.

“The way we enjoy and share music changes all the time. I value the time you have taken to support Independent Music. So that I can offer you the most unique experience and continue to make high quality music and arts, my record company Iron Man Records has set up a Patreon Page where all my devoted followers can become a Patron of my work in exchange for a monthly subscription. As a Patron you will receive a number of benefits including your name printed on the sleeve of work produced with your support, access to my work in all formats, you will be able to request downloads and get limited edition items, and notification of news and events before anyone else.

Iron Man Records is working with me to help raise sufficient funds to release my recorded work in a physical format, starting with “Winter of Desire” on Vinyl. I’m hoping that in addition to a Vinyl release, there will be Patron only performance tickets, more Vinyl, CD’s, Books, Film, Live streams and an invite to unique arts activities. I will also write to you with a monthly news letter and include up to date stories and ideas. Thank you x” – Rachel

If you would be interested in helping to raise funds to release Rachel Mayfield’s albums on Vinyl and support Rachel Mayfield’s creative work visit https://www.patreon.com/ironmanrecords

IMB6041 Rachel Mayfield – Transports Of Delight – Digital Release, 4th March 2018

Rachel Mayfield – Transports Of Delight, Cover Art, Digital Release, 4th March, 2018

1. Autonomy 02:34
2. Transports of Delight 03:53
3. Let Go 05:19
4. Daughter 03:57
5. More And More 04:37
6. To Have 04:07
7. Bravura 05:09
8. Rolling 03:11
9. Freedom Is Sexy (bonus) 03:57
10. Mad Heart (bonus) 03:35
11. Hard Love (bonus) 04:25
12. The Weather (acoustic version) (bonus) 03:51
13. More and More (acoustic version) (bonus) 03:37

Recorded at Park Studios Amsterdam and at Woodbine Studios Leamington Spa.

Bonus Tracks recorded by Gavin at Magic Garden Studios, Wolverhampton, and at home in North London with a portable studio by Justin.

Art Work – Dave Twist

Dedication – ‘For MJ’

IMB6037 Rachel Mayfield – “Winter of Desire” – Digital Release, 12th October 2017

Rachel Mayfield - Winter Of DesireIMB6037 Rachel Mayfield – “Winter of Desire” released on Iron Man Records, 12th October 2017

  1. Conscience 04:53
  2. Do Don’t 04:20
  3. I’m Allowed 03:09
  4. Abandon 02:47
  5. Rescue 04:54
  6. Captured 02:06
  7. Don’t Say Never 03:49
  8. Take Me To God 02:36
  9. Little Mystery 03:29

All songs written by Rachel Mayfield

Rachel Mayfield – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Toni Woodward- Cello/Vocal Harmonies
Kirsty Ford – Vocal Harmonies
Produced by – Paul Robert Gray
Recorded at – Saint Dunstans Church Hall, June 2017
Art Work – Dave Twist
Photography – Ian Whitney
Dedication – ‘For Huck’

For all Bookings and Press enquiries email: mark@ironmanrecords.co.uk

What people are saying:

Rachel Mayfield is a master of dynamics and an artist in the truest sense of the word. She expresses her worldview and reading of her experiences in a variety of formats. Her live performances are fluid; as an ever changing line-up of solid musicians enhances and alters her sound. As a solitary character, dressed in black, barefoot, with an acoustic guitar, she enthralled me at the Midlands Arts Centre in 2015 with her live Mixed media exhibition ‘Winter of Desire.’ Yet, her most recent performance of this at Pcafe included: bass, cello and backing vocals, along with film and photography on theme, that added further dimension. Irrespective of the line-up, Rachel instinctively knows when extra layers of instruments are required, whilst allowing the musicians creative freedom to enhance her songs.

Rachel Mayfield is unshackled by mere form. Her lyrics convey ambiguous imagery (reminiscent of artists such as Suzanne Vega) wide open to audience interpretation. Multiple listens to the impassioned, stripped down, ‘Take Me to God’ will reward you with resonating hidden depths from a gut-wrenching and primeval cry on the eponymous refrain. Check out the version on YouTube. Her band cranks up the feeling till the epic crescendo; although her solo version has (at least) the same devastating impact.

Other notable tracks are: ‘Do, Don’t’ – a song that exposes the tumultuous and emotional conflict of Intimacy, illustrated by the simple, yet effective, use of the call and response titular chorus. Rachel fearlessly exposes her vulnerability through her lyrics and her delicate and powerful vocals; her vast vocal range can hover between precarious whisper and spine-chilling, rousing wail –any time she chooses. ’Don’t Say Never’ epitomizes the pain of heartbreak. With her sensitive vocal delivery and unobtrusive guitar playing, Rachel creates solace, whilst simultaneously promising optimism.

All in all, through compassionate, sensitive, lyrics, sound and visuals, Rachel Mayfield has produced an album destined to be the vital soundtrack for anyone who has ever experienced epic love and loss. – Antonia Woodward – Gig Junkies

‘Anyone who has not experienced the fragile beauty of Rachel Mayfield’s aural aura, needs to make it their priority. I had the pleasure of experiencing her soul-baring musical performance at Birmingham’s Central Library’s auditorium on Saturday afternoon. The lyrics – poignant and moving – describe the delicate turmoil an artist must work through to deliver their craft. It was also the romantic tale of rebirth (creatively and physically) and a homecoming to her hometown of Birmingham after living away for over a decade. The lyrics, personal and allegorical, tell the story of an artist who hasn’t chosen art; art has chosen her. Lucky us.

Rachel performed one song, stopping near the beginning to encourage the crowd to join in the beautiful and haunting chorus. They did. It was a testament to her magnetic stage presence, that the passers by (above) flocked to hear her performance. By the time the timeless melody was over, a large crowd had gathered and she was met with rapturous applause and appreciation.

Like the chorus of her self-penned song, most people who were there would need to see her “over and over”. – Andy Strachen

‘An extraordinarily gifted singer songwriter – possessed of an exquisitely way-ward, multi octave voice.’ Paul Lester – The Guardian

‘Capable of soul baring, sensual ferocity. Heart wrenching.’
Katatonic Magazine

‘Singer, songwriter extraordinair.’
Tony Moran – The Sutton Observer

Rachel Mayfield is one of the most important women in contemporary music. She is a bruised yet strangely sensous woman.’
Andrew Field – Anthem

‘Star of the show, a rock deity whose free falling voice is a wonder to behold.’
Cumbernauld News

‘Mayfield’s voice is to sigh for, full of pure, unforced beauty.’
Whats On

‘An ambiguous, heady brew of power, politics, pleasure and personality all rolled into one.’
Redbrick – Student Magazine

‘I F…ing Love this singer’
Sarah Henderson – GWR FM Swindon

‘Pleasure with Brains.’
Buzz Factory

‘A magnetic, transfixing stage presence. The lady has everything; a totally individual sound and a personality that dominates centre stage like the innocent but knowing eye of a technicolour hurricane.’
Steve Morris – Brum Beat

‘Emphatic, Balanced, Artistry.’
Nicholas Manthorpe – Evening News

‘Rachel’s Mayfield’s voice is Swooping, demanding, pleading but always seductive.’
Cornwall College – Student Magazine

‘Rachel flings her head back, opens her mouth and this voice unleashes itself in all it’s
just controlled, terrifying beauty.’
Sarra Manning – NME

‘Mayfield’s voice is infused with an unmistakeable and exhilarating passion which sends a shiver down the spine.’
Making Waves – Oxford

‘Raw energy and well balanced sensitivity.’
Leon Burakowski – Dudley Chronicle

‘Rachel Mayfield has wit and nerve.’
Time Out – London