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Sensa Yuma - Up Yours!
Sensa Yuma – On You (from album Up Yours! on Iron Man Records)

SENSA YUMA originally formed in Stafford (UK) in 1980 and lasted until 1988, playing all around the UK with such bands as Discharge, GBH, Subhumans, Conflict etc.

In 1980 the members were Agz (vocals), Gunge (Lead guitar), Baggy on Bass and Bergin on Drums who was later replaced by Jane Baker. By 1982/1983 the line up had switched to Agz (vocals), Stu-Pid (drums), Minty (bass), Trogg and Aid Davis on Guitar ´til the band split in 1988.

The band re-formed in 1998 with Pid and Minty now both on vocals. They were joined by founder member Agz, now on guitar, Jock and Ross from GBH on guitar and bass respectivly and Clive from Police Bastard on Drums. This line up recorded the long awaited first album ‘EVERY DAY’S YOUR LAST DAY’.

Since then the drum stool have been occupied by Stick from DOOM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, ex-BOMB DISNEYLAND and current GBH drummer Scott, Pix-e of POA/H8 Target, Blondie, the loonatic from P.P. and the Pungent Smells, Mike from In The Shit, Danny of Fatal Impact / Hardcore, Kimbo from Drongos For Europe and Neil Neil Orangepeel of Last Under The Sun / Warlord

Mint the Mont, The Wally, The Honk later resumed Bass duties from former Dead Wretched and now GBH bassist Micky Coil, while Jock handed his guitarin’ mantle to Seano Porno of DOGSHIT SANDWICH fame. Other guitarists have included Sam of Eastfield/Dogshit Sandwich, Gaz of Road Rage, Stevie Styles of Hardcore and award winning film director Mark Lynall.

SENSA YUMA is still fronted by Stu-Pid, who left the UK to live in Torrevieja (Spain) in 2002. The band continued as SENSA YUMA grew bigger and bigger. With long standing guitarist Seano Porno (also Ex-FREEBASE and current FATAL IMPACT) and “continental” members Fré from FUNERAL DRESS on Bass, Rafa-Hell on guitar, Juani on guitar and Mad Max Evilsen on drums. This stable line up has been together and working hard in Spain where touring Europe is easier.

The band released a new album, ‘Up Yours’ in 2004 and since then Sensa Yuma has concentrated on widespread European touring. The band has ripped it up in France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, Spain and the UK promoting the “Up Yours!” album and left a lasting impression where ever they played.

As the group gets bigger, “we’ve never disassociated ourselves from our roots, constantly playing and supporting the movement, playing squated houses and DIY festivals, never compromising our fun and enthusiasm for the punk rock scene.

As the Sensa Yuma Barmy Army grows bigger here in Spain we now work with highly respected Labels: Potencial Hardcore (Madrid), Red Giants Records (Germany) and Iron Man Records (England).

Now we’re coming to give YOU some fuckin’ Ear Damage!!!”

SENSA YUMA – Up Yours! Sixteen angry energized ranting old school violent slices of in-your-face thrashing thrailing fist-waving bomb-throwing hardcore punk rock. Lefter than left Conflict/Discharge anarcho confrontation. Sixteen slices of Banned From The Roxy style rants and raves. Seems the boys aren’t that happy with the police, the justice system, the government, what they’re up to over there, life, love, reality – ah yes, good wholesome stuff done just right – go grab some, play it loud, solve all your problems and live happy ever after – wreckomended (just don’t pull the sticker off the front before tea time).