IMB6007 SIST: Talking Points Not Tragedies Buy it

Sist - Talking Points not Tragedies
Sist (now re-named The Fall, The Rise for future releases) burst into hot post-hardcoring-rocking action which, roughly translated, means: “We’ve got a set of diminished chords, objective lyrics and a few stop starts and we’re not afraid to use them!” Unleashing off kilter axe-work, growling basslines and thrashing drums juxtaposed with swinging and swooning subsections, this Brummie quartet maintain more roughs and smooths than the bar population of the Queen Vic. There’s the eruption of opener “Television Led” which hot-foots it faster than a pickpocket in a police station. Drums are treated to a bit of slap and tickle as the telling “Hindsight is a wonderful Thing” spins out in a fury of dizzy guitars and drunken vocal recollections , while “Chinese Whispers” sounds just a little too typical. A confident debut.

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