A.O.S.3 – Far and Few (OUT NOW on CD / LP / Digital Download)

December 1, 2015

A.O.S.3 - Far and Few (CD / LP / Digital Download)

“The Long Threatened Mythical 3rd A.O.S.3 LP – It only took twenty years, but we think it was worth the wait – a hugely revitalised A.O.S.3 take a journey down to the Waters Edge, almost certainly the best LP yet from the Sunderland Dub Punk pioneers.”

A.O.S.3 – Far and Few released 13th November, 2015

Members of A.O.S.3 on this recording: John Horabin, Colin Cumpson, Andy Brown, Kev Peberdy, Sam Goddard, Penny Layden, Oska ‘Shithands’ Hogg

Lyrics – John Horabin
Recording and Mixing – Sam Goddard
Art Direction – John Horabin
Cover painting – Drea Blackbird
Other writing credits – Chris Williams, Matt Pritchard
Rear cover Photo – Jef Hardy

1. Break Break Break 00:39
2. Ritalin 02:52
3. Living In a Barcode 05:19
4. Last of the Summer of 77 04:04
5. Goodnight John 03:38
6. Boy Who Cried 06:21
7. Free Hat 03:41
8. Friendly Fire 04:07
9. Dred-it 03:52
10. Churchill 03:24
11. Waters Edge 02:50
12. Sinking Sands 04:33



Iron Man Records – Online Shop

January 21, 2013

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Podcast: Iron Man Records special presented by Paul E.D of Music World Radio

November 29, 2009

Music World Radio, November 23rd 2009

DJ Paul E.D presents an Iron Man Records Special. Paul works through the history of the label and reviews and plays a selection of songs from each of the releases to date.

Listen free Here: http://paulsmusicworld.podomatic.com/player/web/2009-11-27T15_16_14-08_00

Iron Man Records releases Included in the show:

IMB6001 I.O.D. : Mundane Existence CD mini lp 2000 Buy It


Fav tracks: Scene not heard, Euromisery, Jobseeker, Sign From The Gods, Filth,

play: jobseeker

IMB6002 P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks : Let Me Grow More Weed CD single 2000 Buy It


fav tracks: Road Rage, Let me Grow More Weed

play: Let me grow more weed

IMB6003 P.A.I.N : Our Universe Commences Here Vinyl/CD LP 2001 Buy It


fav tracks: schtum, rockin cross de border, A-Z, Chickens

play: rockin cross de borda

IMB6004 LESS: “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CDLP 2001 Buy It


fav tracks: 9-5 Murder, Only Users lose drugs, the idea, Goodnight John

play: only users lose drugs

IMB6005 GORGEOUS: Cursed with Being….. CDLP 2003 Buy It


fav tracks: greatest liar alive, bad missionaries, prodigal scum

play: prodigal scum

DLPR2006 PIGFISH: The Reverend James CD mini LP 2003 Buy It


fav tracks: getting up early, get out, shut up,

play: get out

IMB6007 SIST: Talking Points Not Tragedies CDEP 2004 Buy It


fav tracks: television led, hindsight is a wonderful thing

play television led

IMB6009 P.A.I.N: Oh My God, We’re Doing It! CDLP re-issue 2005 Buy It


fav tracks: british justice, no leaders for the fre, oh no its the pigs

play: oh no its the pigs

IMB6010 LAST UNDER THE SUN: Windfall CDLP 2004 Buy It


fav tracks: stop the engines, days, this business

play: days

IMB6011 LAST UNDER THE SUN: All Empires Crumble CDEP 2005 Buy It


fav tracks: fuck the government, bring me their heads, open fire,

play: bring me their heads



fav tracks: time for your leaving, the shed, count to ten, captain of my soul, inside out

play: inside out

IMB6013 SENSA YUMA: Up Yours! CDLP 2004 Buy It


fav track: war, on you, waiting, ear damage

play: war

IMB6015 DUFUS: Neuborns CDLP 2004 Buy It


fav tracks: neuborns, a having party, ploo and brof, climb, hapi bdae seth

play: ploo and brof

IMB6016 DUFUS: The Last Classed Blast CDLP 2006 Buy It


fav tracks: babylon com, balloon rocking chair, right on, lay down flat

play: babylon com

IMB6017 NIGHTINGALES: Out Of True CDLP 2006 Buy It

fav tracks: born again in birmingham, theres a new world just opening for me

play: born again in birmingham

Paul E.D Podcast Music World radio

Fuk Reddin – 28th-31st August 2009 at The Grosvenor and Crown and Anchor, Stockwell, London, SW9

July 31, 2009

Reknaw presents: Fuk Reddin 2009 at The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9

Friday 28th August: The Restarts, The Grits, Armed Response Unit, Give Up All Hope, Cut The Reigns, Demonic Upchucks, The KADT, Social Schism

Saturday 29th August: The Usual Suspects, Sunpower, Nesseria, X-State Ride, 3 CR,
Waiting For Better Days, A War Against Sound, Leading The Charge,

Sunday 31st August: Left For Dead, Dread Messiah, Short Bus Window Lickers, Defcon Zero, Last Under The Sun, Last Legion Alive, Assert, Eastfield,

Fuk Reddin 2009 Grosvenor Flyer

Reknaw presents: Fuk Reddin 2009 at Crown & Anchor, 246 Brixton Road, Stockwell, London, SW9

Friday 29th August: A.O.S.3, The Bus Station Loonies, Dogshite, Spectra Hawk, Moral Dilemma, Silent Front, Meinhof

Saturday 29th August: Rabies Babies, Chard Hearts, Deathskulls, Retcher, Nuke On Route, Local Madman

Sunday 30th August
: War Coma, Headjam, Jakal, Monkeyrush, Autonomads, the Adjusters

Fuk Reddin 2009 crown and anchor flyer

"One Foot Skank" in Paradise Reggae, Ska, Celtic, Dub Saturday 1st August 2009

July 31, 2009

“One Foot Skank” in Paradise. Reggae Ska Celtic Dub

One Foot Main Stage

Inner Terrestrials, Tarantism, P.A.I.N, Jah Free, Gary James, Steve Swann, Wayne Mcarthur and Universal Players, A.O.S.3, Headjam, Cracked Actors, Living Rootz, Jah Head, Ska Face, Luvdump, One Foot Skank and uprizing,

Skankin Soundsystem Stage (Bendy Visuals, Skanking Dub Beats)

skankin’ Dave, F.R.C, Wayne, Freedom Sounds, Revelation 2000, Pat the Punk, Roots Odyssey, Jah Sounds, Mistertobes, Bernueman, Sam and Ken, Gino, Culture Shock, Weirditude

Rougham Airfield, Nr Bury St Edmunds, Sat 1st August 2009, 11am-1am Doors open 9am 


One Foot Skank  in Paradise flyer 2009

One Foot Skank  in Paradise flyer 2009

LESS test post

December 16, 2008

LESS test post