Solvos – Earth Repair

Solvos is an international social enterprise which works with global partners to solve planet earth’s biggest problems. We recognise that to fix large scale problems such as climate change, species extinction, global conflict and food and water security that we need to create a safer, healthier, more socially equal planet where government accountability is increased, and corruption is massively reduced. Solvos will use digital technology such as apps, platforms and search engines to realise substantial donations and advertising revenue which will be distributed to partners.

50% of all Solvos donations are paid to partners and 50% will be used to create the dedicated Solvos search engine. Solvos will operate as a carbon-neutral company via the United Nations’s Carbon Neutral programme.

We know that the money required is within reach. If we use the example of the global fizzy pop market, we can see that we only require a tiny fraction of this to make a huge impact on all of our planet’s biggest problems. At $392 billion per year the global fizzy pop market represent just one example of just how much money is moving around our planet each year and we intend to be a catalyst for a shift in consumer expenditure which will result in the diverting of billions of $’s from currently growing markets into the hands of established and highly experienced charities and partners who are primed to deliver the earth changing projects and actions that we so desperately need.

Solvos users will benefit from our positive news feeds and content provision on a range of global issues which reflect the user’s unique preferences. We believe that the Solvos community can make a huge positive impact upon planet earth’s biggest challenges without the need to engage with negative and energy-sapping news feeds.

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What is a Solvos Earth Repair ambassador?

Any business, group or school or other organisation can make a positive contribution towards creating a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world by becoming an ‘Earth Repair Ambassador’.

By making a donation of £200 organisations can become official Solvos Earth Repair Ambassador and help Solvos to plant more trees, clean up more plastic, support more vulnerable people, and protect more wildlife and land around the world.

Donation also support a highly ambitious project to create a fully functioning search engine which will raise significant money for global projects.

Solvos shouts loudly from the rooftops about all ambassadors with press releases in the traditional physical press and with multiple posts on platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course on our own Solvos network. We are confident that as well as helping the world to be a better place that you will gain more coverage than you would if you spent the equivalent money on an advert. Finally, you will be able to display a digital ‘Earth Repair ambassador ‘ logo on any of your own digital platforms or printed documents.

Iron Man Records is an Earth Repair Ambassador.

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