Scott Boohai and The Gustav Chekhov Project

Iron Man Records is working with Scott Boohai, a singer-songwriter from Birmingham in the UK. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t fully understand, and this time, for good reason: This is Music to fix a broken planet #EarthAid.

The new album is a weird and wonderful creation with Grammy award-winners playing alongside unsung heroes, strangers, old band mates, international rock legends and indie icons. Folk and country vibes intermingle with indie roots to create lush textured soundscapes with psychedelic overtones.
Scott Boohai and The Gustav Chekhov Project

The Album ‘Entropy for beginners’ will be out via Iron Man Records in the Summer 2022

Every penny raised from sales of this album will be donated to The World Land Trust, working with communities to protect and preserve the ecosystems of the world. Artwork by Siro Carraro.

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When Scott first discovered the word ‘boohai’ (Mauri for wandering or lost) he had no idea that he would still be working on his debut album some 25 years later. Life happened, cue the wilderness.

Scott retreated off-grid way up in the hills of Snowdonia to slowly piece together the album of a lifetime. Slowly the collective that would become known as ‘The Gustav Chekhov project’ came together and the album now entitled ‘Entropy for beginners’ was created.

‘The Gustav Chekhov complex’ (GCC) has to be one of the most unusual super groups of all time. A collective of almost 50 musicians from many different genres, backgrounds and countries, multi award-winning global artists are joined by indie artists, members of cult bands from times gone by, friends, family and studio first-timers. Some of the the GCC have never met whilst others have toured the world together or played in bands many years ago. A chunk of the debut album ‘Entropy for beginners’ was recorded at the legendary welsh cottage ‘Bron Yr Aur’ where Led Zeppelin famously retreated back in the late 1960’s.

‘These magical locations have some kind of energy that allows creativity to flow and new ideas to spring from all those that embrace it’s spirit and this really cuts through on the record, it felt like we were creating a Welsh Astral Weeks or a modern day Sg Pepper!” – Scott Boohai.

Artwork with kind permission of the incredible Gabriele Bruns.

Upcoming Shows

Sat 30th July 2022
Album launch
Bron Yr Aur, Wales

Is this the best band no-one has ever heard yet?

The Gustav Chekhov Complex has got to be one of the most remarkable unknown bands on the planet right now, with Grammy awards winners playing alongside rock and indie icons, unsung heroes, friends, studio first timers and everything in between. Boasting more than 40 members (We have lost count!) from a bunch of countries and so many genres rolled into one collective. We are really excited about unleashing this incredible melting pot of inspiration into the world next year. I don’t know how it has worked, but it has. We have heavy rock players alongside, folk, country, indie, world and psychedelia and yet somehow it all gels together, but then we have been very lucky to work with two great producers and engineers. Joe Trainer kicked off the 3 year project with hundreds of hours of capturing the raw talent both in the room (Pre Covid times!) and with pulling together samples and audio files from around the world. We have now been working with highly acclaimed producer Russell Cottier to pull the project together and make it into a record. This album ‘Entropy for beginners’ is an old school album in the sense that it is very much made to be listened to from start to finish (yes some people still do this!) and whilst it isn’t a concept album as such it does have strong narratives and a journey like quality to it. Thanks so much for listening and being part of this and we will be releasing further details of release dates, launch gigs and all the rest as soon as we can.

Peace, Scott Boohai & The Gustav Chekhov Project.