Money Burning

Money Burning and Ritual Sacrifice is as much a part of what I do with Iron Man Records as releasing records. I have an interest in the nature of money, its relation to thought and knowledge, and how these are entangled in the primal psychology of sacrificial ritual and what it is to be a sovereign being.

In simple terms, I burn money every now and then, usually in a phonebox. It helps to maintain some degree of sensitivity in my own thought processes. Money Burning also raises a number of questions. The idea of a cashless society is one of them. How do you destroy digital currency is another. I try to avoid any decisions for purely financial gain.

Burning Money is something you cannot fully understand until you’ve done it yourself. It’s a sacred act. It’s up to you to understand what it means. I like to maintain a commitment to the artistic merit of bands, artists and creatives that I work with. Burning Money and trying to help creatives may appear to be a contradiction, but actually, you have to learn to embrace contradiction.

Burn The Money

For many years I quietly did my own money burning thing, in my own way. And then I met Jon Harris through my work outside the record label. We both ended up sharing responsibility for a number of bands, it started with Soulsavers. The band featured Kev Bales on drums, I didn’t know it at the time, but Kev was the drummer for TC Lethbridge. Later on, I had to ask Jon to step in and look after Seasick Steve. I had found myself double booked when Steve announced some new tour dates at short notice. That’s another story. Jon and I got on well. We shared an interest in Burning Money, and the increased sensitivity and awareness that money destruction generates. We also both liked The KLF and all sorts of interesting topics I probably shouldn’t discuss here. I’ve been following Jon’s “Money Wisdom” from the start, his blog makes for an interesting read.

Cosmic Trigger Play 4th – 27th May 2017

When Daisy Campbell put Cosmic Trigger on at the Cockpit this year, Jon organised the merch and volunteered me to keep an eye on it. I saw the Cosmic Trigger play twice as a result and it started the cogs turning again after a creatively bleak period in recent times.


On 23rd October, Jon held his Burn Your Money – Ritual Mass Burn at The Cockpit. Alongside Daisy, and members of the cast and crew of Cosmic Trigger, I found myself dragged into proceedings. Not only did I find myself lying on my back with a balloon stuffed up my T-shirt being blamed (yet again, I might add) for all forms of Patriarchy by a Canadian artist (is this issue about Patriarchy a Canadian thing?), I also ended up on the merch stall afterwards. I like to do my bit for the cause. These things happen. I try not to understand.

I have contributed to Jon’s Burning Issue Magazine ‘The World’s first magazine EXCLUSIVELY for Money Burners and other destroyers of currency.’

The Money Burner's Manual: A Guide to Ritual Sacrifice by Jonathan Harris

Jon Harris has written a book. The Money Burner’s Manual: A Guide to Ritual Sacrifice by Jonathan Harris is now available. If you have ever considered the issues and consequences of Burning Money, or sought to understand more about it, this book makes a fantastic read. The book contains the best of Jon’s research, thoughts and interpretations, methods, meaning and history of Money Burning. I don’t fully understand it all myself, but it gives the reader a lot to think about.

To some, Burning Money and ritual sacrifice appears immoral or insane. But, if you read The Money Burner’s Manual, you may find yourself to be a prophet of a new age and your actions may be proclaimed as righteous and sane. Work it out for yourself.

Jon Harris’s (aka MBG) academic blog on money and money burning since 2007.
Writer, journalist, and co-founder of Reclaim the Sacred
Writer, producer,  theatre director, actor and ‘on-stage’ money burner.