M25 Spin

“STOP! You’ve  missed the turning!”

Never get out of the van…..

Sometimes I do things I don’t fully understand. They neither generate money, nor have anything much to do with the record label. But I do them anyway. I take my nonsense seriously.

Jura Whiskey in the Master Chaos Van

Gimpo’s M25 Spin is one of them. Gimpo is best known to any KLF fan as the man who filmed the Burning of a Million Quid on the island of Jura in 1994. He drove Bill Drummond and Mark Manning to the top of the world as told in the book Bad Wisdom, and he managed to lose his boat ticket, causing chaos and panic, whilst on a trip up the Congo river in search of the Heart of Darkness. Gimpo was also the ski-masked person armed with lighter fluid and matches when Rachel Whiteread turned up to claim the K Foundation art award for “Worst British Artist” on the steps of the TATE in 1993.


Gimpo’s M25, 25 Hour Spin, happens on the weekend closest to the vernal equinox. The Spin follows the outer lane of London’s M25 Orbital Motorway, clockwise, for 25 hours. It is not a race. Gimpo is making the worlds longest road movie. He wants to know where the M25 goes. The Spin has happened once a year since it started in 1997, and will cease in 2021. The spin is Gimpo’s idea, and it goes one louder than “Le Mans.”

“I’m the artist here…..” – Gimpo

English Heretic: GIMPO'S M25 25 Hour Spin 23rd - 24th March 2013

Website: Todd

More info: http://www.gimpogimpo.com

M25: 26th March 2012 00:23hrs The View from Here