I.O.D – Injury or Death

I.O.D - Mundane Existence 1600x1600

10 tracks of intense sociopolitical vocals welded over brutal guitar riffing and raw distorted bass; it mixes the elements of Death, Metal and Hardcore Punk (Discharge, Seige)

The live energy that is I.O.D’s audio trade mark has been captured on CD at the legendary Framework Recording Studios, Birmingham, by producer Paul Siddens who has worked with Napalm Death, Cathedral, DbH, Meathook Seed and Little Giant Drug. Expect to hear high energy 100mph blast beats, screaming vocals and songs that offer up slabs of raging metal-hardcore.

“I.O.D hail from the very heart of the black country, are released by Iron Man Records – Birmingham’s very own home for the demented and noisy – and as their album title suggests, they peddle a brand of thrashing grindcore that is very much steeped in the grim reality of everyday life. Of course there is more than a passing nod given to some of Birmingham’s more famous exports – no not Black Sabbath, dummy; I’m talking Napalm Death, early sacriledge and Doom! I.O.D have a serious sociopolitical sage, unlike many a hardcore act nowadays, and they hammer it home without so much as a hint of subtlety, raging against the system like a pack of rabid dogs. Add some truly frenzied dual vocals into dis (sic) potent boiling pot of distorted bass and tortured leads, and you have a very worthy UK challenger to the swedes hold on the crustcore title.” Ian Glasper Terrorizer no.5

“Barbaric Noise pollution from the North, this debut from Birmingham Based grindcore purveyors I.O.D makes up in speed and raw sociopolitical aggression what it lacks in originality but it is aural brutality which stands out as the main feature of ‘Mundane Existence’. Tracks like ‘Euromisery’ and ‘mcmentality’ are a mixture of old school grindcore and death metal which sound as harsh and unyielding as anything by Napalm death or Discharge” KKKK James Cooper, Kerrang