Record Label


IMB6001 I.O.D – Mundane Existence CD album 2000


IMB6002 P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks and Larry MacDonald – Let Me Grow More Weed CD single 2000
IMB6003 P.A.I.N – Our Universe Commences Here (O.U.C.H) Vinyl / CD album 2001
IMB6009 P.A.I.N – Oh My God, We’re Doing It! CD album re-issue 2005


IMB6004 LESS – “And I’ll see you never work again” taunted Florence CD album 2001


IMB6005 GORGEOUS – Cursed with Being….. CD album 2003

Legion Of Dynamic Dischord

IMB6660 LEGION OF DYNAMIC DISCHORD – Negative Entropy CD album 2001


DLPR2006 PIGFISH – The Reverend James CD mini album 2003


IMB6007 SIST – Talking Points Not Tragedies CD EP 2004

Academy Morticians

IMB6008 ACADEMY MORTICIANS – What Happened? CD album 2004

Last Under The Sun

IMB6010 LAST UNDER THE SUN – Windfall CD album 2004
IMB6011 LAST UNDER THE SUN – All Empires Crumble CD EP 2005
IMB6012 LAST UNDER THE SUN – Gone CD album 2009
IMB6019 LAST UNDER THE SUN – Hooligan Jihad CD 2010

Sensa Yuma

IMB6013 SENSA YUMA – Up Yours! CD album 2004


IMB6015 DUFUS – Neuborns CD album 2004
IMB6016 DUFUS – The Last Classed Blast CD album 2006


IMB6017 NIGHTINGALES – Out Of True CD album 2006

Police Bastard

IMB6018 POLICE BASTARD – It’s Good To Hate….. CD / DVD 2009
IMB6020 POLICE BASTARD – Dead to the world CD coming soon…..
IMB6021 POLICE BASTARD – Confined CD 2013
IMB6024 Police Bastard – Confined – Digital Release – 2013

John Sinclair

IMB6022 JOHN SINCLAIR – Mohawk CD 2014
IMB6026 John Sinclair – Mohawk – Digital Release – 2014

Iron Man Records

IMB6023 DEATH TO FANATICS – Iron Man Records 1999-2014 compilation CD 2014

Steve Fly

IMB6025 Steve Fly – They Came To Starburg – Digital Release – 2014

T.C. Lethbridge

IMB6027 T.C. Lethbridge – Moon Equipped – Digital Release (23rd November 2014)
IMB6028 T.C. Lethbridge – 2000 TC – Digital Release (23rd November 2014)
IMB6029 T.C. Lethbridge – Mina – Digital Release (23rd November 2014)

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