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PIGFISH – The Reverend James CD

Formed in 1997 Pigfish first breezed into the public eye and the nations press in April 99 with their punk/ska fusing storming debut ‘Creosote the Baby’. Hailed as a ‘minor classic of it’s genre’ by Metal Hammer magazine (whatever that means!), this self penned, raw sounding debut delighted the national and ‘underground’ press alike and established the band in the psyche of those who love heads down, guitars up loud, punk rock n’ roll delivered with, attitude, humour and a wall of chugging guitars.

2001 saw the release on Iron Man Records (Birmingham) of the EP, ‘The Reverend James’. This 8 track ‘gem’ is littered with Pigfish classics, from the punk pop genius that is ‘Getting up early’, and the darker grinding of ‘Get out’ and ‘Black and White girl’, the latter appearing on a cover CD with Metal Hammer. Although short n’ sweet ‘The Reverend James’ secured distribution in the U.S.A for the back catalogue, an appearance as part of Radio 1’s Sound City week in Birmingham plus gaining a 7/10 in Metal Hammer and a 4/5 in Kerrang.

2002 has seen various problems around the new album, All Snowy On The Pond. However it still picked up a KKK in Kerrang and a 7/10 in Rocksound (cheers to Paul Raggity for that one) and should be out soon. Pigfish have gigged with the likes of Bad Manners, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, Spunge, 4ft Fingers to name a few on a long list, not to mention countless shows on their own about the UK. Recently, the track P.I.G.F.I.S.H appeared on a USA release from Revolver Records featuring the likes of the UK Subs, Joey Ramone and the Vibrators, good company indeed, which just goes to confirm Pigfish as a credible force in the world of all things Punk Rock.


Russ Frame – Vocals / Guitar and the main song writing force behind Pigfish.
Passionate about his home town team of Cov City and scathing of the current wave songless, this weeks fashion punk /ska bands, the low slung Les Paul slingin Russ has an frightening knowledge of all things musical and has the weirdest sense of humour this side of a secure institution. Very cool and very big tattoo on his back too, ask him, I’m sure he’ll show you.
INFLUENCES. The Ramones, The Damned, S.L.F, The Cardiacs !! (nutter)

Jase Burley – Bass /Vocals. The 6ft 4 bass monster, sings like an angel, gurns like steptoe and is easily the clumsiest and most forgetful person alive. This is generally credited to him having a head on with a H.G.V coming down a hill whilst trying to change the car radio whilst peering between the gap between steering wheel and dashboard. Not a particularly Successful driving manoeuvre but at least he got a ride in a helicopter to have his tongue sewn back together !

INFLUENCES. Hawkwind, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Tolkein, a complete hippy and what the fucks he doing in this band !!!!!!

Tony Henderson – Drums. Hits em very hard n very quick too. Generally gets the duff job of making sure the others get organised and the band happens. Usually found lying in the dirt, spanners in hand being hopelessly optimistic in attempting to fix some leaky vehicle. Loves his music, loves drumming, doesn’t understand guitars and thinks the others are all a bit odd really.

INFLUENCES: The Ramones, Pixies, ac/dc (Bonn Scott) and Haynes manuals.

Pete Jackson – Guitar- another blinkin’ Coventry dweller joins the Pigfish in the shape of Pete. A man with a guitar sound s’clean you can see y face in it, which is handy as it takes y feckin head off. Loves things on two wheels, learning to play the guitar!, flower arranging, drinking and smoking (dont smoke anything jase gives you !)…

INFLUENCES: the Clash, the Stranglers, the Buzzcocks, The Smiths, Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury, Screaming Blue Messiahs … kinda “old skool” whatever that is. Likes all kinds of music except the fake and the soulless, been known to make long political rants, especially when nobody is listening and nobody cares. Ahh, he should fit in just fine then.

Punk Rock n Roll – bands we’d consider do it – Swingin Utters, Living End, Rocket from the Crypt, Wildhearts, Yo, Yo’s, Bouncing Souls, 3 Colours Red, you get the picture? What’s a Pigfish? – Fuck knows, ask Jase, it’s all his fault. Probably conceived in a heavy cloud of toxic smoke aboard some far out trip to no where. Still, we managed to find the Pigfish sculpture thingy in some bizarre back street shop in Wales, now that was a freaky find and couldn’t be left behind.

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