Sensa Yuma

Sensa Yuma - Up Yours!

SENSA YUMA originally formed in Stafford in 1980 until 1988. In 1981 the members were Agz (vocals), Gunge (Lead guitar), Baggy on Bass and Bergin on Drums who was later replaced by Jane Baker. By 1982/1983 the line up had switched to Agz (vocals), Pid (drums), Minty (bass), Trogg and Aid Davis on Guitar ´till the band dispanded in 1988.

The band re-formed in 1997 with original members Stu-Pid, Agz and Minty along with Jock and Ross from GBH to record the long awaited first album EVERY DAY´S YOUR LAST DAY. Since then the drums have been occupied by Stick from DOOM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR and ex-BOMB DISNEYLAND and current GBH drummer Scott.

SENSA YUMA is fronted by Stu-Pid, who´s career has spanned 20 years, playing with ENGLISH DOGS, POLICE BASTARD, CONTEMPT,UK SUBS, etc and has recorded 10 LP´s and various singles and EP´s.

In 2001 Stu-Pid left to live in Alicante (Spain) to concentrate on touring Europe extensively, as SENSA YUMA grew bigger and bigger. Now with original bassist Minty, Seano Porno and Spanish members Fré from FUNERAL DRESS, Juani, Rafa and Madmax Sticks on drums.

This stable line up has been together and working hard in Spain where touring Europe is easier. Endless tours of Germany, Czech, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, etc… has seen the band rise with it´s own unique performances, leaving a lasting impression where ever they played.

As the group gets bigger we´ve never disasociated ourselves from our roots constantly playing and supporting the movement playing squated houses and DIY festivals never compromising our fun and enthousiasm for the punkrock scene.

As the Sensa Yuma Barmyarmy grows bigger here in Spain we now work with highly respected Potencial Hardcore (Madrid), Red Giants Records (Germany) and Iron Man Records (England).

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