P.A.I.N – Propaganda and Information Network

P.A.I.N play heavy dub reggae, good time ska, pissed off punk rock, and endeavour to keep their heads around the contradictory and confusing areas of radical politics. The Band has supported numerous underground struggles and pressure groups along the way.

Phil Pain: Vox and Guitar
Captain Ozbert: Vox and Bass
Dan the Man: Vox and Drums
Steuie Boh: Vox and Percussion and Saxophone
Steo: Vox and Samples

P.A.I.N Gig Bookings & P.A.I.N record or live Reviews:

If you want to book the band, or if you just want a record to review or if you spot a record review or live review please get in touch. Iron Man Records: (uk+44) 07974 746810 email: mark

Contact the Band direct:
Steo at steopain@yahoo.co.uk
Danny at mrwhiskey08@yahoo.co.uk

P.A.I.N Facebook Page


P.A.I.N : “Oh My God! We’re Doing it.” CD Buy it

P.A.I.N featuring Howard Marks : “Let Me Grow More Weed” CD single Buy it

P.A.I.N : “Our Universe Commences Here” Gatefold Vinyl

Email Mark if you need anything else like high res pictures, logos, artwork etc for posters/flyers etc


ESTABLISHED in 1995, The Propaganda And Information Network (as P.A.I.N is officially named) was first put together from the ashes of two seminal free festival bands: A.O.S.3 and Radical Dance Faction. Brought together to carry on the same Anarcho-style rantings, but with a much harder, Punk Rock attitude to it (less toking and more drinking!) within the first 7 days of forming P.A.I.N managed to book up a 3 week tour, literally writing the set in soundchecks. The band went from strength to strength releasing their first live demo (Prison’s no Place for Punishment – a real collector’s item these days,) within their first month of existence.

“Sharpen your cutlasses boys, theres a mighty stormy sea ahead!!”

Members of P.A.I.N can also be found here:

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