They outlawed our kind
We took to the hills
The forest of never be found
At night we sit beneath a starlit sky
Is this the meaning of Free?


What Kind of plan takes the food from their hands
Expects us to do as they say
We’ll fight to the death until the last man down
Ideas cannot die?


Learn the maze, stay on the screen
Only take what they give you for free


Borders are not for keeping you out
They’re for keeping the slaves inside
Sign up today, all they want is a name
How much will it cost you to play?


People will one day return to this place
Take the company down
But, you play on the screen, you want it for free
You do anything just to be seen


Learn the maze, share it for free
Only take what they give you for free


Chaos, mayhem


“The Sun will shine down
on your enemy
Which is everybody”


Words will be lost forever
Ideas forgotten
They’ll fill you with nothing
They’ll take all your time


How long will it take for the barbed wire to break
For the walls to be smashed to the ground


You play on the Screen, Entertainment for free
How much is the true cost of free?


“The Sun will shine down
On your enemy
Which is everybody
Like Flowers”
Like Flowers


You play on the screen
You take it for free
How much does it cost
The true cost of free?


Words by Mark from Last Under The Sun