Church of Burn’s ‘Festival of Money’ – London 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2021. Support our crowdfund

Church of Burn in collaboration with The Cockpit present:

CoB’s Festival of Money

Most money events are as dull as dishwater. There’s even one that’s actually called ‘The Boring Money Conference’.  These events are usually sponsored by some corporation, accountancy firm or bank. And they’re mostly for folks like venture capitalists, payment gurus, financial advisors and the movers and shakers in Fintech; all big earners who then get to set the agenda for the rest of us.

CoB’s Festival of Money is different. A whole lot different. 

If a normal money conference is like karaoke, ours is more Jimi Hendrix at Monterey.
First up, there’s the venue. The Cockpit is a legendary fringe theatre not a bland conference centre. Interesting and slightly spooky factoid – The Cockpit is London’s first purpose-built theatre-in-the-round since the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Being in-the-round means The Cockpit has a really immersive atmosphere. And this is absolutely perfect for us.  Would you like to see how we compare to a normal ‘money conference’? Buckle up, kids.

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If you think all the action means we aren’t ‘serious’ about money, think again.

Speaking at our ‘Synod’ last time we had Dan Edelstyn from the stunning Art Activism project HSCB, Ethereum legend Vinay Gupta, and the late great David Graeber author of Debt – The First 5000 Years, one of the most important and influential books on money ever written. And they weren’t stood at a lectern speaking at us, but sat among us having a conversation.

Theatre Directors have long sought to transgress the space between seat and stage: to ‘break the fourth wall’ as it’s known. No-one more so than CoB’s Director, the countercultural and radical theatre icon, Daisy Campbell.

At CoB the suits and corporate overlords who normally control the money narrative are forced to make way for the artists, performers and magicians. Because the simple fact is that we’re not going to be able to re-imagine money without re-imagining how we engage with one another.  We need to play with the hierarchies and boundaries that structure and determine the way the power – and money – flows through people and society.

We could go on. To cut it short though, what you need to know is that CoB has a barrel-load of talent-firepower and it’s locked, loaded and ready to disrupt the Logic of Financial Capitalism in July 2021.
But we really need your help to pull the trigger.

If you want the latest news of who’s coming & what’s happening at the 2021 Festival of Money the best place to go is While you’re there check out our range of merchandise brand new for 2021. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But the basic facts are….

Across four days – 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th July 2021 – CoB’s Festival of Money offers poetry, dance, workshops, film, seminars, art, performance, talk and ritual exploring money and economy. We’re bringing together leading thinkers, activists, musicians, performers and artists to consider and respond to the huge challenges we face around money right now. Church of Burn will conduct a Synod, Service and Ritual on the Fri, Sat & Sun evenings.

The day themes are:

Thurs 22nd:  Money, Sex & the Unconscious
Fri 23rd:         Money and Climate
Sat 24th:       Money and Art
Sun 25th:      Money, Community & Society

We’re also taking over the Studios to install a MoneyArt Exhibition. We’ve curated 23 pieces from around the world; from established money artists to exciting new projects exploring money from different perspectives and across various media. You’ll find work that is fresh, thought-provoking and beautiful.

Support us today and you’ll get 24 hours priority access to tickets.

Smaller daytime Festival of Money events will be free with just registration required (registration will open in July).  The two special daytime events will be ticketed at £8. Church of Burn itself will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be ticketed at £12.

Here’s the issue.  Here’s why we need your help.

We’ve had no sponsorship or funding. We raise funds through ticket sales, merchandise and the commitment of those involved. If you dedicate yourself to destroying the central totem of capitalism, you do tend to find that its institutions can be a tad reluctant to support you.

And on top of that, F**king Covid! Do we have to tell you how difficult it is to organise an event like this coming out of the arse end of a pandemic? It’s a bloody nightmare!

But. At the same time. This is the PERFECT moment.

Now. Right before they start with their whole ‘We have to pay for Covid’ and ‘There isn’t a magic money tree’ trip. Right before they dish out financial pain to those least able to bear it, like they did after the 2008 crisis.  And right now when the memory of all the money that was suddenly magicked-up into being in 2020 is still fresh in the public mind.

And here’s what we want you to do.

Buy a perk or make a donation.

On the 22nd of June we’ll email you a link to The Cockpit booking page. Buy your ticket within 24 hours because whatever tickets are left will go on public sale on 23rd June.
If you buy a perk you can collect it when you come to the Festival of Money.

[ Can’t collect?  Don’t worry! Read the next section. ]
Now, not to blow our own trumpet but we sold out in 2019.  This time, the tricky thing is that IF social distancing measures are still in place in July, the Cockpit’s capacity is down about 60%! Hence, as the saying goes… early booking is advised!… because the size of our congregation might be very VERY limited.

Getting 24 hours of priority access to tickets – especially to the Saturday night – is pretty important if you want to make sure you get a seat.