“What Happens When I Burn Money?” by Jonathan Harris

I’m just putting the next Iron Man Records Newsletter together so feel free to send in any news, views or information you would like to include. Here’s a fantastic piece by Jonathan Harris, also known as The Money Burning Guy. Jon was the first Patron, he’s a good friend, and has supported Iron Man Records all the way. He’s also a dangerous Lunatic.

Burn The Money

Don’t think for a moment you can just dip into his work and understand it at first glance. You’ll have to put some time in and consider his work carefully. It might prove mind expanding. Money Burning is not what you might think it is. “I don’t necessarily have a firm intellectual commitment to any particular economic narrative. I remain to be convinced that any single map can precisely chart the territory of money. And in truth, when £20 is burned what happens to the piece of paper is less important to me than what happens to the person who burns it. “
What Happens When I Burn Money? by Jonathan Harris Dec 21 2020. 80 min read https://jonone100.medium.com/what-happens-when-i-burn-money-239891dfcee3
If you would like a copy of The Money Burners Manual you can find it in the shop here.