Help Iron Man Records to finish building a new Embassy for the Imagine Nation

“Whoever controls the internet servers, controls the intellectual record of humankind. And by controlling the intellectual record of humankind, you control our perceptions of who we are. When all music is digital, all independence will cease.”

Iron Man Records seeks to provide a cultural outpost for musicians, writers and travellers in the arts. An Embassy for the Imagine Nation committed to inspiring and promoting Independent creativity.

The vast majority of the 40,000 songs uploaded daily to Spotify are home recordings. For artists and songwriters to share content at a fast and frequent pace, it makes sense to sharpen your music production. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to employ a producer to help you capture something creative.

Better production creates a stronger impression and sets you apart from the rest when it comes to your demos, recordings, and official releases.

Iron Man Records is in the final stages of building a new rehearsal space and new home for Framework Recording Studios in Hockley, Birmingham, outside the clean air zone with secure parking, and 24hr access.


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We have to make the world we want to live in.

Work at the Iron Man Records rehearsal space and Recording Studio continues, and it should be open by the end of this month. If you can help ease the costs of it all please treat yourself to something from the Iron Man Records shop here or on Bandcamp here or Discogs here

Everything helps.


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