Redshift – Discography 1997 – 2001

It can take 20 years to hear the scream…..

After a period of exactly 20 years from 2001 to the release date of August 23rd 2021, Iron Man Records is pleased to announce: Redshift – Discography 1997 – 2001. A collection of 24 Songs across 4 releases that have been lost until now.

This collection of Redshift recordings represent many years of searching, emails to nowhere, and phonecalls to dead numbers. Iron Man Records has worked hard to bring these lost recordings down safely from the mountain of madness. The Discography comprises all the salvagable Redshift recordings to date.

Redshift played the Old Railway in Digbeth many times. I organised the shows and Rhys did the sound. Every time the band played they turned the heads of everyone in the room. I used to love watching this band play. The music took my head off. If anyone has any old flyers, photos or pictures of the band, or it’s members, please get in touch.

Last Under The Sun played it’s first gig on 9th October 2001, at Manhattens, Hereford, UK with Eggraid and Redshift. The night marked the beginning of a lasting friendship between all three groups. The effects of that night, and watching Redshift play can still be felt today, 20 years later.

The singer and guitar player at the time, Wub Wainwright, said in an email to me recently:

“It’s not easy listening, but I hope there’s some value in it somewhere. I felt a bit like I was psychoanalysing my younger self! Seemed to work, as I’ve got a lot of new ideas. As always, no pressure or expectation on my part,  just hope that you get something from the nonsense I send you on occasion!

I really wanted to say thank you so much for your patience with me. When we first chatted again after all these years I was in the least creative place I’d been. It’s really helped, while gradually scratching back to the surface, to know that there’s a purpose to the words and music. All thanks to your support! I can’t thank you enough for having some belief in it all… So much appreciation, and serious respect for all you do with Iron Man Records.. You’re the finest type of madman! Enjoy the Redshift stuff if you can.”

Redshift - Discography 1997 - 2001

Iron Man Records

Catalogue Number: IMB6056

Release Date: August 23, 2021

Tracks 1-10 Negative Backhaus Syndrome (1997)
Tracks 11-14 Virtually Dojo (1999)
Tracks 15-17 Birmingham EP (2000)
Tracks 18-24 Last (2001)


Vocals: Wub

Bass: Saffron – Negative Backhaus Syndrome / Virtually Dojo
Ben – Birmingham EP

Drums: Jon – Negative Backhaus Syndrome
Matt – Virtually Dojo / Birmingham EP / Last

All songs written by Wub Wainwright / Redshift

Negative Backhaus Syndrome recorded at The Woodhouse by Alex – 1997
Virtually Dojo recorded at The Woodhouse by Matt / Wub – 1999
Birmingham EP recorded at Neil’s house by Neil / Rhys / Mark – 2000
Last recorded in Bredwardine by Matt / Wub – 2001

Make  of all this what you will. Enjoy the recordings that have finally been brought into the light after 20 years. There will be more new music from Wub Wainwright to follow. There are a number of Wub Wainwright recordings already up and available to listen to, I can recommend Lights of The Lost…..listen up.