Rootsville Festival is ALL SYSTEMS GO!

June 29, 2007

Rootsville Festival is all systems go!

The Marquees are up, the rain WILL NOT STOP US and everything is ready. It all starts at Midday on Saturday 30th June. See you there from Midday onwards. Bring your mad hat, this is going to be a good one….. [Read more]

Your Darkest Thought. State Funding and Music, You have been warned.

June 20, 2007

I was thinking about writing my own piece on this but then I found myself at The Adelphi in Hull with Dufus. After a long conversation with Paul, the owner of The Adelphi, who has proved a one man army behind the best gig in Hull for independent bands, I decided instead to quote you some words written by Bill Drummond as a contribution to “One Man and His Bog.” The Photos are mine, the words are Bill’s, The Adelphi is Paul’s and the people who work there are some of the best you’ll find. Oh Yeah, and public funding or state sponsorhip of the arts has had nothing to do with it.
your darkest thought
July 2004 by Bill Drummond

Taken from: “One Man And His Bog” (Twenty years on the toilet tour). One Man And His Bog does not have an ISBN but is available from Amazon, it is a book that celebrates 20 years of the New Adelphi Club in Hull.

“There are plenty of pubs called the Nags Head. One of them is in a village called Wollaston in Northamptonshire. In the late sixties and early seventies they used to put bands on in the room above the bar. My mates and I would get the bus over from Corby to Wellingborough, then walk the three miles out to Woolaston and, lastly, climb the rickety wooden stairs on the outside of the Nags Head to get into that room to watch the bands. There week after week, we could see all the bands that we read about in the NME and Melody Maker and heard on the John Peel Show. The stage was about the size of my kitchen table, the toilets overflowed, we usually missed the last bus home and had to hitch. We loved it all, even when the band was one we hated because they had the wrong sort of haircuts. Most of the bands we saw never got further than their second album and are now long forgotten except for the odd mention in Record Collector. Others like Elton John and The Faces (featuring Rod Stewart) made more than two albums.

The Nags Head was not the only place that we went to, There was the room at the back of the Railway Hotel at Blisworth were we saw Deep Purple, The Tin Hat in Kettering where we saw Fleetwood Mac, and a place in Market Harborough where they put bands on Sunday afternoons and we saw Black Sabbath there.

I’m name checking the above bands, not because they were my favourites but because they all went on to sell millions of records around the world and their names are now writ large over the history of rock’n’roll. As far as I knew there were similar rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs across the land. It made sense and, as far as I was concerned, it would stay that way forever.

But then for a few years it all got a bit dull. British rock music went pomp got a bit to full of itself and I lost interest in going to see bands. Then punk happened in 1976 and in ’77 I found myself in a band. We were called Big In Japan, of course we weren’t big in Japan, we weren’t big anywhere. We lived in Liverpool and within the 12 months of our existence we did hundreds of gigs in rooms above pubs, and dodgy clubs. Every one of these places we played seemed to have a promoter who was a bit of a wide boy, lived by the seat of his pants but loved music. They loved all sorts of music, music that I had never heard before and, although they had to make ends meet and maybe had fantasies about being the next Peter Grant or Malcolm McLaren, they seemed to be more interested in a crusade to champion their favourite music.

Big In Japan amounted to fuck all, but there were others playing the same places as us that went on to conquer America and all that other bollocks. Like the bands from that earlier generation, they went on to get their names writ large in rock Val Hala.

The reason why I’m telling you the above is to give a bit of background before I try to make my point. It being: We in this country have been lucky over the last forty years, or so, to have had a vibrant musical culture that has had an influence over the rest of the world. Considering the size of our population we have been punching successfully way above our weight. But for every one band that goes on to have global success you need to have nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine that struggle hard to get somewhere but ultimately fail. It is only through playing live in the worst conditions that bands learn their craft. You need to have a network of shit holes and toilets across the land where bands can play for this to happen. The only reason why these islands have produced such a, comparatively speaking, high number of internationally successful bands is because we have had these hundreds of crap gigs to play in when they started out.

UK PLC has done very well out of the fact that our country has produced these bands. It is not only the tax they have earned for the land, but for the last four decades and counting, young people from around the globe have wanted to come here and spend their cash, drawn to what they perceive to be our hip, cool and vibrant youth culture. Without those nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine bands of which you’ve never heard playing in places that you would never want to go, that hip, cool and vibrant culture would never have existed. As a result, we would have bought into what America has to shove down our throats even more than we already have.
Pop music (or what ever sub-genre title you feel comfortable using) should never be subsidised by the state. The Arts Council or similar bodies must never be allowed to get near it. If any particular form of pop music can not survive in the cut and thrust of the market place it should be allowed to whither and die. The same goes for all the rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs. If people don’t want to pay the price for the ticket and would rather spend the night down the local Weatherspoons drinking cheap lager, so be it. Culture has to be on the move, in a state of continual flux or it is nothing, fit only for the museum and the text book.

But if the laws of the land make it ever more difficult for the current generation of would be wide boys, who live by the seat of their pants but who love music to make things happen in rooms above pubs and dodgy clubs, not only will our national purse be that much lighter but our culture that much deader.

The way things are going they would have closed down The Cavern and where would that have left us all?”

A Footnote: Please note that if you visit The Adelphi Club in Hull you must also visit the back room. There is a sign on the back wall and it reads: “Hull is Twinned with your darkest thought.”

And then a friend sent me this link:

“This is hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers money put at risk because senior management at AWM apparently can’t take constructive criticism. Not only is taxpayers money at risk but small firms can be put out of business through losing out on one funded project.”

Rootsville Festival 30th June 2007, Birmingham, Come and Celebrate

June 20, 2007

You are invited to Rootsville Festival 30th June 2007
at Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA, UK
Midday-6pm Free to get in, families welcome.
6pm-6am £20
(first 500 tickets £15)

The Music Line up…..

Under The Arches
The Lovechild Electric 5.15 – 6.00pm
Hot Monocles 6.15 – 7.00pm
Oneyesblue 7.15 – 8.00pm
Misty’s Big Adventure 8.15 – 9.00pm
Kubichek! 9.15 – 10.00pm
Inspiral Carpets 10.15 – 11.30pm
The Ripps 11.45 – 12.30am
Dandi Wind 12.45 – 01.30am
The Presets 01.45 – 02.30am

Rooty Pool
Birmingham Community Gospel Choir 12.45 – 1.30pm
Juldeh ( African Violinist ) 1.45 – 2.30pm
Steve Gibbons 2.45 – 3.30pm
Chrissy Van Dyke 3.45 – 4.30pm
(TOP SECRET SPECIAL GUESTS…ID to be announced) 4.45 – 5.30pm
Soweto Kinch 5.45 – 6.30pm

Lakeside Stage
Lonesome Dog Blues Band 1.30 – 2.15pm
Thee Single Spy 2.30 – 3.15pm
Benjamin and The Sirens 3.30 – 4.15pm
Summary 4.30 – 5.15pm
One Eye 5.30 – 6.15pm
Sugarbeats 6.30 – 7.15pm
Shimm 1 7.30 – 8.15pm
Cracked Actors 8.30 – 9.15pm
The Dholblasters 9.30 – 10.15pm
The Destroyers 10.30 – 11.15pm
Osibisa 1 11.30 – 12.15am

Medicine Bar
(performance times to be announced)
Boom Room
Hip Hop and Drum n Bass
Soulthump DJs
MDK Cartel
Makoto + Deeizm
Bryan Gee
Al(liquid V)
Breakthru DJs

plus more surprise acts to follow….
and Theatre, films street art poetry slam debating chamber dance battles b boys beatboxing vj tunnel fashion show thrillout zone chillout zone casino festival food childrens room with Mad Pete.

Stop Press!! The organisers of the Rootsville Festival are delighted to announce that the internationally acclaimed Young Zulu Warriors will be special guests of the Festival in Birmingham on June 30th 2007, performing for free in the afternoon before officially opening the evening’s entertainment at 7.30pm.

The Young Zulu Warriors are a remarkable group of 18 boys and 10 girls, all teenagers, from Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, who have been raised by God’s Golden Acre, a charity that cares for orphaned children and young people abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS and violence.

Following last year’s sensational sell-out tour of Europe, the young Zulu performers are returning to the UK for the first time in five years to present Thula Siswe, an AIDS-themed musical written by GGA founder Heather Reynolds.

Jude Law will launch the month-long tour at a special reception at South Africa House on Friday June 29.

The following day, the 28 strong cast will make an exclusive appearance at the Rootsville Festival, thrilling audiences with breathtaking Zulu tribal dancing, thundering drumming and blood-stirring songs drawn from their celebrated Saturday night concerts in Natal, all performed in full traditional regalia.

Young Zulu Warriors will perform free around 5pm. Then again at 7.30pm to launch the paid for entertainment

Other artists taking part include Inspiral Carpets, Soweto Kinch, Osibisa, The Ripps, Kubichek

Midday-6pm Free, families welcome. 6pm-6am £20 (first 500 tickets £15)

For further information contact

Mike Davies
Tel: 0121 443 3600

Rootsville Festival Tickets:
Available Nationally from The Ticketsellers.
Call 08707 544445 (9.30am – 6.00pm mon-fri, and 11- 4pm Saturday)
or try

Tickets available in Birmingham
Jibbering Records 0121 449 4551
Old school Daze 0121 472 0777
Swordfish 0121 633 4859
And other selected local retailers (check in store for details).

spread the word people, pass this on…..

Nightingales Tour dates 2007

June 17, 2007

I’ve just updated the Iron Man shop listings here so if you’re after some cds or vinyl click:

Nightingales Tour Dates:

Dufus have just finished their UK tour and there are some pictures up on flickr here:

More news and info to follow, thats all for now….

Secret Garden Party 26th-29th July 2007

June 16, 2007

If you are a fan of Pete Loveday’s artwork or looking to go to more music Festivals this year, have a look at this:

Zulu Warriors Confirm Rootsville Festival 30th June 2007

June 16, 2007

Here’s something I’d like to pass on from the Rootsville Festival lot that I’m working with…..

The Young ZULU Warriors (all 28), have just confirmed as one of the special guests to appear on what is already an extraordinary line up, at this years Rootsville Festival, Birmingham, Saturday 30th June 2007. Direct from Kwazulu Natal, the Zulus are coming to the UK on a charity sponsored tour. Their traditional homeland is currently suffering from a major HIV epidemic.They bring to Rootsville a real flavour of exotic drama. Not too much has been revealed but we have been told to prepare for a barrage of drummers and dancers in full regalia surging it’s way down Gibb st.The ZULUS will perform during what is an incredible schedule for a FREE period – which includes: Birmingham Community Gospel Choir, Chrissy Van Dyke, the legendary Steve Gibbons – and unbelievably the MOBO award winning Soweto Kinch. Aside from the main focus on live music, anyone attending the afternoons free entertainment, can also expect to be entertained by poets, film makers, dancers and a magician – plus stalls, chillout zone and fabulous festival food. Children’s entertainers have also been lined up.

The promoters are also trying to organise a performance piece which takes it’s cue from the Oscar award winning movie Network: ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE’ which promises to be a sounding bell for all those disaffected by many of the manipulations of modern life

After 6pm (end of the free period), the mood changes gear. Live action switches to the well known lakeside stage by the medicine bar, where the first bands will be laying down some heavy rock riffs – courtesy of Voodoo Johnson. Thereafter the audience can expect the full wrecking ball treatment from masters of destruction The Destroyers – on this occasssion in combination with the earthshattering Dholblasters. If they survive this onslaught – no mercy awaits- instead the hypnotic African rhythms of World Music Godfathers OSIBISA will entrance them before skunkrockers The Cracked Actors – finish them off.

Meanwhile the never before used magnificent Victorian Railway arches in the North Yard at the Custard Factory are being transformed into a main stage arena. A state of the art 40k Martin audio line array, with video wall is being erected for what is anticipated to be scorching performances from the likes of The Ripps, Kubicheck!, Dandi Wind, The Inspiral Carpets and The Presets.

Rootsville is without doubt the most mouth watering event on the Birmingham calendar this summer.

For more information, or to arrange interviews with any of the performers please call Kent Davis on 0774 7037821.

Or visit

DUFUS – Write, rehearse, record and perform with the band

June 6, 2007

DUFUS flyer 2007
Dufus invite you to write rehearse record and perform some new material with them on Sunday 10th June 2007. If you are a fan of the band or a musician, singer, noise maker, whatever level… meet with us at 2pm at The Bitter End, Romford London on Sunday 10th June 2007.

Get the train from Liverpool street, its a 20 minute journey. The pub is left out of Romford station, left at the market and then on your left.

Call Sean from Old Bamboo on 07845 812692 or Mark from Iron Man Records on 07974 746810 if you want to come along. Then if you are up for it come perform the material with everyone at the DUFUS Spitz show on Monday June 11th. Come and join
us! Get in touch with Seth via…quankmeyer [at]
remaining dates on the DUFUS Tour are:

Jun 6 The Adelphi – Hull, UK
Jun 7 The Warehouse – Huddersfield, UK Address: The Warehouse, 12 Zetland St, Huddersfield, HD1 2RA
Jun 8 Hanna’s Bar – Liverpool, UK
Jun 9 Mad Ferret – Preston, UK
Jun 10 Recording – Romford, London
Jun 11 Spitz – London, UK

News from Stirchley Stop the War
Sunday 24th of June – National Demonstration in Manchester outside Labour Conference.  Don’t let Brown off the hook. Make him withdraw the troops now. Stop the War is planning to ensure that the voice of the vast majority in this country will be heard on Sunday 24 June, the day of  Gordon Brown’s coronation as Labour leader. This takes place at a special Labour conference in Manchester for which Stop the War has called a TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ NOW demonstration. The plan is to organise a national demonstration in Manchester to bring the message that it’s not just a change of leader that’s needed, but a change of policy: i.e. British troops must be withdrawn from Iraq now, any attack on Iran must be opposed and a break must be made with the warmongering foreign policy of the US administration.

Coaches leave the Stirchley Community Centre at 9.30 AM calling at the University Guild in Selly Oak at 9.45 AM. Tickets cost £12 full and £6 unwaged with young children travelling free. Email for coach tickets

Wednesday 6th of June, 7:30pm Stop the War local Organising Meeting. At the Stirchley Community Centre between Co-op and British Oak. All Welcome.

If Iran is Attacked, Protest


Here’s some news from THE JOHNSONS
TUESDAY 5 JUNE – 7″ single launch party @ The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3ES ON STAGE 9PM – FREE ENTRY
visit PPR – joint single release with The Fairies Band, The Fatels, City Lights & The Johnsons!

Other gigs coming up over the next couple of months:
SATURDAY 30 JUNE – LE PUB, 1 Caxton Place, Newport, NP20 4BN
WEDNESDAY 4 JULY – BACK YARD RECORDINGS vs SHUFFLE @ Bar Monsta, 18 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 0PX – label night
SATURDAY 14 JULY – BANG BAR, Basingstoke – support from J D & The Longfellows

Visit (Show 5) AND to hear us played on the radio.

Don’t forget to go and have a listen over at MySpace to our new tunes – more tunes as well on Channel 4

Don’t forget to check out all the forthcoming gigs at (also check out our revamped website) and – more being added all the time.

Visit Iron Man Records to buy our Ready For Action EP Cheers The Johnsons

Rootsville Festival, Birmingham 30th June 2007

June 2, 2007

Rootsville Festival 30th June 2007
at The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA, UK
Midday-6pm Free to get in, families welcome.
6pm-6am £20
(first 500 tickets £15)

For interviews, press info, review or competition tickets:
Mike Davies 0121 443 3600
E-mail: or see online epk:

Festival Organiser: Kent Davis 07747 037821
Rootsville Festival Tickets:
Available Nationally from The Ticketsellers.
Call 08707 544445 (9.30am – 6.00pm mon-fri, and 11- 4pm Saturday)
or try

Tickets available in Birmingham
Jibbering Records 0121 449 4551
Old school Daze 0121 472 0777
Swordfish 0121 633 4859
And other selected local retailers (check in store for details).

[Read more]

Brian Haw News and Events June 2007

June 2, 2007

Brian Haw and the right to protest near Parliament,
This post gives details of forthcoming events related to Brian, campaigning against the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) and selected protests taking place in Parliament Square.

For regularly updated information on events and activities in Parliament Square relaing to SOCPA, Brian and others who are campaigning against the restrictions on protest near Parliament, see:

Also, don’t forget the gathering to mark Brian’s 6th year of peace protest opposite Parliament – from 2pm this Saturday 2nd June – all very welcome.
best wishes – Emma – Parliament Square Peace Campaign

at Renoir Cinema, The Brunswick, London, WC1N 1AW
Tube: Russell Square

DOCUMENTARY PROTEST: Brian Haw and the erasure of democracy

After the premiere of SOCPA and a screening of selected shorts there will be a panel discussion with Brian Haw, Rikki Blue and others to be announced soon.

SOCPA – the movie
Director: Rikki Blue. UK 2007. Approx. 45 mins. UK Premiere
An important new film about section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA). This legislation was passed in order to rid Parliament Square of Brian Haw, the lone protestor who has camped outside parliament since 2001 spreading his message of peace with an ever increasing number of artistic and powerful banners, in full and defiant sight of the politicians who had voted for the invasion of Iraq.

The film follows Haw’s successful battle to remain, but also shows the enormous creativity and tenacity of other campaigners appalled at the idea that we have to ask for permission to protest peacefully near Parliament. This will be a first screening of this unique documentary, but as the story still unfolds, it may not be the final cut.

To book tickets call 0870 850 6927 or they can be booked online at:

A new documentary feature film, featuring Brian and many others involved in campaigning to protect our civil liberties, will be released on 8 June. See the website for details of screenings.  If you intend to see this film, it is a good idea to see it as soon as it is released – it is on the basis of viewing figures for the first weekend that cinemas decide whether to run the film.
Its a very good and important film – see it if you can.

From the website:
“The shocking truth about the erosion of our fundamental civil liberties by Tony Blair’s government will be exposed this summer in TAKING LIBERTIES, released in UK cinemas by Revolver Entertainment June 8th 2007.

“Right to Protest, Right to Freedom of Speech. Right to Privacy. Right not to be detained without charge, Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Prohibition from Torture. TAKING LIBERTIES will reveal how these six central pillars of liberty have been systematically destroyed by New Labour, and the freedoms of the British people stolen from under their noses amidst a climate of fear created by the media and government itself.

“TAKING LIBERTIES uncovers the stories the government don’t want you to hear – so ridiculous you will laugh, so ultimately terrifying you will want to take action. Teenage sisters detained for 36 hours for a peaceful protest; an RAF war veteran arrested for wearing an anti-Bush and Blair T-shirt; an innocent man shot in a police raid; and a man held under house arrest for two years, after being found innocent in court. Ordinary law-abiding citizens being punished for exercising their ‘rights’ – rights that have been fought for over centuries, and which seem to have been extinguished in a decade.

“Irreverent but revelatory, outrageous but true, TAKING LIBERTIES combines these real stories of liberty loss with never-seen-before footage, cheeky stunts and comment from Mark Thomas, leading politicians, celebrities, human rights organisations, academics and lawyers. Narration from Ashley Jensen (EXTRAS, UGLY BETTY); a pumping soundtrack with tracks by Oasis, Radiohead, Stranglers and Franz Ferdinand; and the presence of Kurt Engfehr, producer of FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE add up to make TAKING LIBERTIES the most explosive and controversial film to hit screens this summer.”

peace camp in Parliament Square, 23-28 June 2007

See out BLAIR, see in BROWN, join BRIAN

On 27 June Tony Blair will finally step down as PM and Gordon Brown – the man who bankrolled and supported Blair’s wars will take his place. Brown will have a choice to make. Will he be Tweedledum to Blair’s Tweedledee, or will he transform the Labour agenda from pro-war to pro-peace? At this crucial moment the anti-war movement needs to stand up and be counted.

We need to stop Brown from choosing business as usual: more war, more terror, more nukes and more restrictions on civil liberties.

Mark Wallinger who recreated Brian’s display in its entirety for the exhibition State Britain has been short listed for the 2007 Turner Prize.

“The Prize, established in 1984, is awarded to a British artist under fifty for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the twelve months preceding 8 May 2007. It is intended to promote public discussion of new developments in contemporary British art and is widely recognised as one of the most important and prestigious awards for the visual arts in Europe.”

Work by the shortlisted artists will be shown in an exhibition at Tate Liverpool opening on 19 October 2007. The winner will be announced at Tate Liverpool on 3 December 2007 during a live broadcast by Channel 4.

The State Britain show can be seen until 27th August 2007 at Tate Britain just a short walk from Brian’s protest. For more information see:


This website provides information on the restrictions on protest under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA), the history of how and why the legislation was introduced and details of the Repeal Bill that has been introduced into the House of Lords to get the restrictions lifted.

The fifth and sixth strikes for peace will be taking place on Saturday 9th and Wednesday 20th June 2007, from 10am, Parliament Square, London. For more details see:

Iron Man Records Newsletter June 2007

June 2, 2007


here’s some more news and information from Iron Man Records.

Dick Lucas asked me to pass this on to you

Citizen Fish Tour dates:

JULY 2007
12 Kettering Sawyers+AOS3
13 Plymouth White Rabbit+Intro5pect
14 Instow-near Bideford-Tapeley Park festival starts 5pm
15 Newport Meze Lounge +AOS3
16 Bath Porter Butt
17 maybe…aberystwyth?
18 Southampton Joiners
19 Leeds Rios +AOS3
20 Leicester The Shed +AOS3
21 Weston-Super-Mare Hobbits
22 London Camden Underground+AOS3

Birmingham Gig contact
this promoter is doing gigs – ska/punk/hc/indie mixed bills @ The Rainbow and The Spotted Dog in Birmingham – Fridays or Saturdays. We have a few dates agreed but haven’t played for them yet – however seems OK to speak to so far. Feel free to forward this info to any bands you know or contact them yourself for dates. see y’all round – Ian (Intention)


Wednesday 1st August
@ The Albert, Brighton
48 Trafalgar Street, 01273 730499

With Mia Riddle
Entry £4 – FULL BAND

Thursday 2nd August
@ Sawyers, Kettering,
44 Montagu street, NN16 8RU,
01536 484800

With Eastfield and Chris Butler
Entry £?? – FULL BAND

Saturday 4th August
@ The Whistle Stop, Tallington Festival

The eighth Blyth Power organised festival, with the usual heady brew of punk rock, gricing, cricket and ale. I know The Lovely Brothers are playing, and no doubt the usual stalwarts (Eastfield x8).
Free entry, camping fee £5 – FULL BAND

Saturday 8th September
@ The Horse and Groom, Brighton
Islingword Road, BN2 9SH

With Wob
Free Entry – FULL BAND

Brian Haw – Right to Protest outside Parliament June 2nd 2007

June 2, 2007

Here’s a message I’m passing on from Brian Haw and Emma who runs the website for the supporters of Brian Haw and the Right to Protest outside Parliament,

On Saturday 2 June it will be 6 years since Brian started his protest  against this government’s foreign policy on Iraq – against the economic sanctions that were crippling the country and causing huge suffering to the Iraqi people. The invasion and continuing occupation of the country has caused bloodshed, suffering, injustice and chaos beyond what anyone back in 2001 could have imagined.  Brian has continued his protest every
day and night since, protesting about what is happening in Iraq, standing up for those in other countries suffering as a result of this country’s actions and standing up for human rights everywhere. He has continued despite this government’s own attack on civil liberties, notably the severe restrictions on the right to protest around Parliament introduced under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act in 2005, against which Brian and others continue to assert their right to freedom of assembly and speech at
the heart of power.

In February this year Brian won Channel 4’s Most Inspiring Political Figure of the Year Award 2007. (You can watch the broadcast here:
He won with over 50% of the public vote – a real expression of continuing anger about the situation in Iraq and of huge support for Brian’s commitment to speak out against it very publicly.

To mark Brian’s 6 years of peace protest opposite Parliament we will be having a gathering in Parliament Square from 2pm on Saturday 2 June. Please bring some food and drink to share. This will not be a protest! If you would like any more information please contact me on the email below.

Everyone is welcome!

There are of course many others speaking out in many other ways. I will be sending out Part 2 of this message later with details of other upcoming relevant news and events.

Finally, you should have received another message subscribing you to the new email list for Brian’s supporters. This email list will only be used for sending out these occassional updates.

Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to seeing you
on Saturday.

Parliament Square Peace Campaign
for supporters of Brian Haw and the right to protest