Legal Advice

Iron Man Records offers specialist Legal Advice for aspiring inventors, film makers, writers, musicians and money burners who want to develop or maintain their independence.

Help is on offer to anyone involved in the creative process through Kevan Tidy, the other half of Iron Man Records. Before working with Iron Man Records, Kevan operated at the highest level in the UK Music industry and was also a working musician and songwriter. He encountered the usual problems and attempted scams of the music industry.

Kevan was playing live onstage with his own group, back in the eighties, when the venue was petrol bombed and burnt to the ground by right wing lunatics. Kevan has had many reasons to develop an interest and expertise in contracts and copyright. If you need help, and you want to survive the many tricks and pitfalls of the creative industries, Kevan is the man.

Kevan is a lawyer and tries to help musicians who want to develop or maintain their independence. Kevan can help aspiring inventors, film makers, writers and musicians.

Email with all relevant details for more info and Kevan will get back to you as soon as he can.

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