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We are running out of road…..Artists, Musicians, Creatives, Performers and Crew need your support. Do you know anyone who would become an Iron Man Records Patron? Join us. Please Share, Share, Share.

Iron Man Records is primarily funded by me, and the work I do as a Music Tour Manager. Everything I earn, everything I’ve got, goes into keeping things moving forward. I have been without work or any sort of income, benefits or support since March 12th 2020. I have been unable to get any more loans too.

I would like to ensure the Iron Man Records Patron support base is solid and essential Patreon income is secure to continue the work with Iron Man Records artists.

I’d like to ask you to try and encourage a friend, colleague, contact or perhaps yourself to join Iron Man Records as a Patron if you haven’t done so already.

Without getting the violin out, let me say this: I’m ok, but Iron Man Records is running out of road. Things are getting bumpy. We may have to strap ourselves in tight for the ride. I’ll find a way through, even if I have to drive everything off the road, or through the nearest shopping mall and out through the front windows.

If Iron Man Records is to continue without compromise I will have to find more people to support the label as Patrons somehow. Asking anyone for help is difficult.

Additional Patrons will help to maintain and build our income which is crucial for running our campaigns and the madness that is a record label in the time of a global collapse.

If you have friends or contacts that could help out, please point them in the direction of being a Patron.

Please urge your more open minded, or mad friends, contacts and loved ones to support Iron Man Records during these difficult times…if they have the means to do so.

I understand that some are already having to reconsider their own finances. So do what you can, or don’t. Whatever makes sense.

Becoming a Patron costs as little as £1 per month. I have to ask so here it is. Please. Do it today.

Cheers mark