What was the last record you bought on Vinyl?

The general history of art music and literature shows that the highest achievements of the human mind are, as a rule, not favourably received at first.

Do you like listening to music on Vinyl? Would you like to support the cause and contribute to the next Iron Man Records release on Vinyl? Do you want to Immanentize the Eschaton?

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Things are tough at this end. Iron Man Records Patrons, who support the label, have overseen the release of Police Bastard – Confined on Vinyl, John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth on double CD and also Beatnik Youth Ambient on Vinyl. There’s more to follow. Are you a risk taker? Do you want to place a bet and have a laugh while helping out?

Iron Man Records has dedicated over 23 years to supporting, promoting, and working with, some of the most interesting artists you may never have heard of, sometimes with a budget you can stick under a glass.

November 2016 saw the release of Police Bastard – “Confined” on Vinyl.

One of CVLT Nation’s Top Crust Albums: “Thought-provoking monologues and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold, doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control and disillusionment.”

June 2017 saw the release of John Sinclair – “Beatnik Youth Ambient” on Vinyl.

Ambient, chill out music from the restless creative mind of Youth with spoken word and poetry delivered by John Sinclair.

John Sinclair - Beatnik YouthJanuary 2018 saw the release of John Sinclair – “Beatnik Youth” on CD.

John, has been described as an Archetype of the 1960’s art, music and literary synthesis, and who today continues his work for cultural transformation. A psychedelic poet, a living legend, a veteran of the counterculture, a survivor of the Marijuana Wars, and one of the last bohemians still standing. As a co-founder of the Detroit underground newspaper The Fifth Estate, manager of MC5, and Chairman of the White Panther Party described on Wikipedia in these modern times as a far-left, anti-racist, white American political collective founded in 1968 and dedicated to cultural revolution, John Sinclair’s mark on the boho rock & roll underground has been unique.

Youth is one of the UK’s most influential producers and has been honoured with an Outstanding Contribution Award by the Music Producers Guild. His career spans more than 30 years and is one of the UK’s most consistent, credible and influential producers, Youth has also hand drawn the beautiful cover artwork for Beatnik Youth Ambient.

Take a risk, Become a Patron and enjoy supporting insanity. Incredible amounts of time, effort, and money has gone into making these records happen. Iron Man Records would like to invite you to give your support to the artists involved and their work.

Among the rewards, Patrons will get a copy of each release as soon as it is available and Patrons will get their names printed on the sleeve of all future releases generated with their help and support.

You have to build the world you want to live in, and while you may not want to consider running a record label yourself, you can directly influence what happens next.

Patrons enable Iron Man Records to continue the work supporting struggling artists and creatives.

Have fun, get involved.

If you want an alternative to what you see going on around you, you have to make it for yourself.

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