The Full Cosmic Trigger Experience 22nd/23rd November 2014

The Full Cosmic Trigger Experience 22nd/23rd November 2014

The Full Cosmic Trigger Experience
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If you are interested in finding out more about Robert Anton Wilson, The writing (and living) of Illuminatus, the cult novel which launched a million conspiracy-freaks; Stumbling, via LSD and Aleister Crowley onto a 6500-year-old conversation with the planet Sirius; Dreaming up the formula, with Timothy Leary, of positive human evolution; Co-conspiring to create the Discordian religion, which worships Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Confusion; Tantric sex, musical sing-alongs and mass initiations; Bob’s fellow Discordian being accused of being “the second Oswald” in JFK’s assassination; Mind-blowing visual effects, extraordinary musical soundscapes, and proper “Ken Campbell style” acting; The journey through Chapel Perilous, a dangerous occultist crossing point, from which one either emerges paranoid or agnostic. This might be for you…..

Performance, Speakers, Art, Music Cinema, Rituals, Workshops, Poetry, Quizzes, Stalls, Discordian Papal Ball.

Prof. Robert Temple, Robin Ince, Nina Conti, Youth, Adam Gorightly, Johnny “Dolphin” Allen, C.J. Stone, John Higgs, Dr. David Luke, Greg Sams, Jeff young, Liverpool Impropriety, T.C. Lethbridge, DJ Kin, Michael Brunstrom, Dr. David Bramwell, John Constable, Salena Godden, Jacqueline Genie, Adrian Reynolds, Jamie Reid, Jimmy Cauty.

Camp and Furnace, Liverpool L1 0BY

14:23-02:23 Sat 22nd november 2014 (Play and Ball)

11:23-23:23 Sun 23 Nov 2014 (Conferestival)

Tickets £69 (full weekend = play and ball and festival)

Phone The Everyman box office: 0151 709 4776