What was the last record you bought on Vinyl, and when was that?

February 20, 2018

Would you enjoy becoming an Iron Man Records Patron? Do you like listening to music on Vinyl? Would you feel happy supporting the cause and contributing to the next release on Vinyl? Do you want to Immanentize the Eschaton? Are you a risk taker?

To be honest, I have NO idea what questions to ask or how much to ask for. What would you be able to give? It’s probably none of my business. Iron Man Records needs more Patrons and you’re exactly the sort of person. You’re even reading this stuff. We all spend money on nonsense. This is not nonsense. I would like to invite you to become a Patron. In exchange, I’d like to offer you a whole load of free stuff. Would $1 or £1 or €1 be something you’d be able to consider in your current financial circumstances?

Things are tough at this end. 31 Patrons, who already support the label, have overseen the release of Police Bastard – Confined on Vinyl, John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth on double CD and also Beatnik Youth Ambient on Vinyl. There’s more to follow. Are you a risk taker? Do you want to place a bet and have a laugh while helping out?

The general history of art and literature shows that the highest achievements of the human mind are, as a rule, not favourably received at first.

Iron Man Records has dedicated over 21 years to supporting, promoting, and working with, some of the most interesting artists you may never have heard of, sometimes with a budget you can stick under a glass.

November 2016 saw the release of Police Bastard – “Confined” on Vinyl.

One of CVLT Nation’s Top Crust Albums: “Thought-provoking monologues and confrontational lyrics bring you on a cold, doom-laden journey of perpetual war, psychological mind control and disillusionment.”

June 2017 saw the release of John Sinclair – “Beatnik Youth Ambient” on Vinyl.

Ambient, chill out music from the restless creative mind of Youth with spoken word and poetry delivered by John Sinclair.

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth

January 2018 saw the release of John Sinclair – “Beatnik Youth” on CD.

John, has been described as an Archetype of the 1960’s art, music and literary synthesis, and who today continues his work for cultural transformation. A psychedelic poet, a living legend, a veteran of the counterculture, a survivor of the Marijuana Wars, and one of the last bohemians still standing. As a co-founder of the Detroit underground newspaper The Fifth Estate, manager of MC5, and Chairman of the White Panther Party described on Wikipedia in these modern times as a far-left, anti-racist, white American political collective founded in 1968 and dedicated to cultural revolution, John Sinclair’s mark on the boho rock & roll underground has been unique.

Youth is one of the UK’s most influential producers and has been honoured with an Outstanding Contribution Award by the Music Producers Guild. His career spans more than 30 years and is one of the UK’s most consistent, credible and influential producers, Youth has also hand drawn the beautiful cover artwork for Beatnik Youth Ambient.

Take a risk, Become a Patron and enjoy supporting insanity. Incredible amounts of time, effort, and money has gone into making these records happen. Iron Man Records would like to invite you to give your support to the artists involved and their work.

Among the rewards, Patrons will get a copy of each release as soon as it is available and Patrons will get their names printed on the sleeve of all future releases generated with their help and support.

You have to build the world you want to live in, and while you may not want to consider running a record label yourself, you can directly influence what happens next.

Patrons enable Iron Man Records to continue the work supporting struggling artists and creatives.

Have fun, get involved.

If you want an alternative to what you see going on around you, you have to make it for yourself.

Let’s make something mad happen together https://www.patreon.com/ironmanrecords

The Anchor Gallery – February 2018 at Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham

February 16, 2018

Rachel Mayfield - Winter of Desire - An exhibition of Photo and Postcard Art by Rachel Mayfield. At Anchor Gallery

The Anchor Gallery aspires to be a cultural outpost in Birmingham to present events, workshops and seminars in the arts; provide a meeting, working and relaxing place for residents and travellers in the arts; develop an Artists In Residence programme; and create and display art and cultural exhibits in a warm, friendly, comfortable environment.

The Anchor Gallery, Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Anchor Gallery on Eventbrite

Opening Times

Tuesday – Friday open 9am – 6pm
Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Bread and Cakes

Saturday open 9am -4pm
Serving Brunch, Lunch, Bread and a bigger weekend selection of Cakes

FREE WIFI available

The Anchor Gallery - February 2018 at Peel & Stone, 374 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham

February 16th, 6-9pm, Anchor Gallery at Peel & Stone, Harborne, 374 High Street, Birmingham, B17 9PY

Five new solo exhibitions of art by five female artists

Christy Hardy-Jones
Iona Burchell
Mandy Finegan-Lynch
Rachel Mayfield
Louise Hart

16th February 2018 exhibition opening party 6-9 pm is now full to capacity and all bookings via EventBrite are sold out. Because of this we have arranged an afternoon session with a curator tomorrow, Sat 17th Feb between 3-4pm. Talk and guided view. Just turn up. No need to book @AnchorGallery @ps_harborne

The Anchor Gallery is an arts platform representing independent artists and writers with a connection to Birmingham and the West Midlands. The Anchor Gallery is an independent exhibitor, collective organisation and event that can move from Space to Space.

The Anchor Gallery aspires to create a grassroots arts and cultural center in Birmingham conceived as a home for artists and their creative activity and organized as a conscious environment where local and visiting artists and intellectuals, their friends and followers can meet, relax and interact in a warm and sympathetic setting.

The Anchor Gallery is designed as a place for art lovers, book lovers, and music lovers of diverse tastes and backgrounds to gather, study, and share their cultural insights and experiences.

The Anchor Gallery hopes to provide a space for performances, lectures, workshops, classes, discussions, poetry readings, film screenings and other community-based cultural arts activities.

The Anchor Gallery will dedicate space for displaying art works, posters and photographs. The venue may also display archival materials from previous/other collections.

The Anchor Gallery project will be directed by Rachel Mayfield and a number of other friends and volunteers, who will act as on-site managers and curators of programming.

To keep in contact with all activities or to find out more about exhibiting, volunteering or joining in, please contact us direct at theanchorgallery@hotmail.com

John Sinclair – Time Line from 1941 to 2018. A Life’s work to date…..

February 14, 2018

JOHN SINCLAIR Beatnik Youth - Portrait Photo


Born October 2 at Women’s Hospital, Flint, Michigan

Parents: John Sr. (Jack) and Elsie Sinclair

Sister Kathleen born 1943, brother David born 1945

Attended Davison Public Schools, Davison, Michigan 1959


Attended Albion College, Albion, Michigan, 1959-61

Attended Flint Junior College, 1961

Attended University of Michigan-Flint College. 1962-64

Editor, The Word, UM–Flint

President, UM—Flint Cinema Guild

Graduated UM-Flint, January 1964, A.B. English Literature


Attended Wayne State University, Detroit, Graduate School of English

Master’s Thesis: William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch

Convicted of Marijuana Possession, Detroit Recorders Court,

Sentenced to two years probation

Co-Founder & Director, Detroit Artists Workshop

Founder & Director, Detroit LEMAR (Legalize Marijuana)

Editor & Publisher, Artists Workshop Press

Editor & Publisher, Warren-Forest Sun newspaper

Co-Founder & Director, WSU Artists’ Society

Detroit Correspondent, downbeat Magazine, Chicago

Married Magdalene Arndt, June 1965

Berkeley Poetry Conference. Four Young American Poets Reading

Convicted of Marijuana Possession, Detroit Recorders Court,

Sentenced to three years probation

Prisoner, Detroit House of Correction, February-August 1966

Co-Editor, Guerrilla: A Newspaper of Cultural Revolution, Detroit

Talent Consultant, Grande Ballroom, Detroit

Author, This Is Our Music, Artists Workshop Press

Author, FIRE MUSIC: a record, Artists Workshop Press

Author, The Poem For Warner Stringfellow, Artists Workshop Press

Author, “A New Song / For A New Year”, Artists Workshop Press Broadside

Author, “Sing The Song”, Artists Workshop Press Broadside

Author, “When A Man / Loves A Woman”, Fenian Head Centre Press Broadside)

Author, “Weathering”, Fenian Head Centre Press Broadside

Editor, Free Poems/Among Friends, Artists Workshop Press

Editor, Detroit Artists’ Worksheet, Artists Workshop Press

Editor (with Robin Eichele), Ten Wayne Poets, Wayne State University

Contributor, Hettie Jones, Editor, Poems Now, Kulchur Press


Artists’ Manager, MC-5

Producer, MC-5, “Looking At You”/”Borderline”, A-Square Records 45

Author, Meditations: A Suite For John Coltrane, Artists Workshop Press

Talent Consultant, Grande Ballroom, Detroit

President, Trans-Love Energies, Inc., Detroit > Ann Arbor

Daughter: Marion Sunny Sinclair, born May 4, 1967

Editor & Publisher, Ann Arbor Sun newspaper

Founder & Talent Coordinator, Free Concerts in the Parks

Columnist, San Francisco Oracle

Columnist, Ann Arbor Argus

Director, Free University of Ann Arbor

Founder, Minister of Information, Chairman, White Panther Party

Director, MC5, Kick Out The Jams promotional film, Elektra Records

Contributor, Dudley Randall & Margaret G. Burroughs, Editors,

For Malcolm X, Broadside Press


Convicted of Marijuana Possession, Detroit Recorders Court

Prisoner, Marquette Branch Prison, July 1969-September 1970

Daughter: Celia Sanchez Mao Sinclair, born January 17, 1970

Defendant, U.S. District Court, Detroit, Conspiracy to Damage

Government Property: Ann Arbor CIA office

Prisoner, State Prison of Southern Michigan at Jackson, September 1970-December 1971

Author (with Robert Levin), Music & Politics, Jazz & Pop/World Books

Author, “The Alternative Press”, Alternative Press Broadside

Contributing Writer, Creem, Coda, Jazz & Pop, Ann Arbor Sun

Contributor, The Dial-A-Poem Poets, Giorno Poetry Systems LP

Film, Breathing Together: Electric Conspiracy by Morley Markson

Contributor, Clarence Major, Editor, The New Black Poetry

Contributor, Walter Lowenfels, Editor, The Writing On The Wall


Author, Guitar Army: Street Writings/Prison Writings (Douglas/World Books)

Chairman, Rainbow Peoples Party, Ann Arbor

V-P/Creative Director, Rainbow Multi-Media Corporation, Ann Arbor

Artists’ Manager, Mitch Ryder, Detroit, The Rockets, Guardian Angel

Board Member, Amorphia: The Cannabis Cooperative

Film, Ten For Two: The John Sinclair Freedom Rally by Steve Gebhardt

Organizer, Ann Arbor Human Rights Party

Founder & Director, Michigan Committee for Prisoners Rights

Lecturer, Community Control of Prisons, University of Michigan

Producer & Host, Toke Time, WNRZ-FM, Detroit

Talent Coordinator, Ann Arbor Community Parks Program

Founder & Talent Coordinator, People’s Ballroom, Ann Arbor

Founder, Ann Arbor Tribal Council

Coordinator, Michigan Marijuana Initiative

Contributor, Thomas King Forcade, Editor, Underground Press Anthology

Contributor, David Horowitz, Michael P. Lerner & Craig Pyes, Editors,

Counterculture & Revolution, Random House

Contributor, Cynthia Owen Philip, Editor, Imprisoned In America— Prison Communications:1776 To Attica, Harper & Row

Creative Director & Co-Producer, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festivals


Arts Editor, Editor-In-Chief, Detroit Sun Newspaper

President, Rainbow Productions, Inc., Detroit

Creative Director/Talent Coordinator, Rainbow Room, Shelby Hotel

V-P/Creative Director, Strata Records, Inc., Detroit

Producer & Host, Ancestor Worship, WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor

Change of Name: Omowale John Sinclair, U.S. District Court, Detroit


President, Strata Associates, Inc., Detroit

Executive Director, Allied Artists Association, Detroit

Producer & Host, RE: Visions—Another Look At Modern Music, WCBN-FM

Concert Producer, Orchestra Hall/The Paradise Theatre

Producer/Project Director, Detroit Jazz Artists on Tour

Director, Motor City Blues at the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, Video Documentary

Director, CJQ at the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, Video Documentary

Michigan Director, National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws

Expansion Arts Panelist, National Endowment for the Arts


Executive Director, Jazz Research Institute, Detroit

Concert Producer, World Stage & Jazz Gallery, Detroit Jazz Center

Talent Coordinator, Cobb’s Corner Bar, Club Con Brio, Concerts by the River

Producer & Host, The Sound of Detroit, WCBN-FM

Contributor, Glen Mannisto, Dennis Teichman & Jim Wanless, Editors,

48222: A Detroit Book of Poetry, Detroit River Press


Artists’ Manager, The Urbations, Celluloid Records

Concert Producer, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit

Booking Agent/Talent Coordinator, M/S/A, Detroit

Talent Coordinator, B’Stilla, Red Carpet, Kicks (Detroit), Mr. Christians

(Royal Oak), Sully’s (Dearborn), Blue Frogge (Ann Arbor)

Contributing Writer, Detroit Metro Times, Detroit News,

Detroit Free Press

Poet/Performer, John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars

Author, thelonious: a book of monk—volume one (privately published)

Author, “rhythm-a-ning”, Maximus & Company Broadside

Author, “I Can’t Be Satisfied”, Alternative Press Broadside

Lawrence Goldstein, Editor, Detroit: An American City,

University of Michigan Quarterly Review)


Author, We Just Change The Beat: Selected Poems, Ridgway Press

Cassette, We Just Change The Beat with the Blues Scholars, M/S/A

Poetry Series Producer (with Bob Rudnick), Union Street, Detroit

Editor, City Arts Quarterly, Detroit Council of the Arts

Director, City Arts Gallery, Detroit Council of the Arts

Adjunct Professor of Music History, Wayne State University,

History of Rock & Roll, Blues History

Producer & Host, Blue Sensations, WDET-FM, Detroit, MI

Poet/Performer, John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars

Contribuutor, Wavelength, OffBeat, New Orleans

Divorced from Magdalene (Leni) Sinclair, 1988

Married Patricia Brown, January 1, 1989

Contributor, Sherry Hendrick, Editor, Detroit 1989 (privately printed)

Author, “fly right”—a monk suite (privately printed)

Contributor, Ron Allen & Stella Crews, Editors, HIPology, Broadside Press

Contributor, Sascha Feinstein & Yusef Komunyakaa, Editors,

The Jazz Poetry Anthology, Indiana University Press

Contributor, Playboy’s History of Jazz & Rock

Film, Growing Up In America by Morley Markson

Recording, fly right—a monk suite with Ed Moss (unissued)


Creative Director/Producer, Big Chief Productions, New Orleans, LA

Poet/Performer, John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars

Senior Producer, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans

Producer & Host, Blues & Roots and The New Orleans Music Show, WWOZ-FM

Producer & Host, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival “Live” Broadcast, WWOZ-FM

Writer & Music Programmer, “Crescent City Sounds,” WGBH Radio

Writer & Producer, “Mardi Gras Special with Dr. John,” WWOZ-FM

Writer & Producer, “The Sounds of New Orleans,” WWOZ-FM

Silver Reel Award, National Federation of Community Broadcasters,

Mardi Gras Indian Music Special, WWOZ-FM

Board Member & Historian, Professor Longhair Foundation

Cassette, Beyond Humidity, Mesechabe magazine compilation

Contributor, David Meltzer, Editor, Reading Jazz

Contributor, P-Funk Guitar Army (produced by George Clinton),

Blues Interactions Records compilation

Contributor, Smokin’! The Sounds of New Orleans, Volume 2

with Marion Brown, WWOZ compilation

Co-producer (with Jerry Brock), Piano Night at Tipitina’s

Producer, Piano Night at Tipitina’s , Volumes 1 & 2 I, Overture Records

Feature Writer & Columnist, OffBeat Magazine, New Orleans

Contributing Writer, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Gambit Weekly

Mesechabe. Boston Phoenix, Living Blues, High Times, AllMusic

Guide, Addicted To Noise, Signal To Noise, Perfect Sound Forever,

Arthur, Big City Blues, Addicted To Noise, Heartland Journal,

Woodstock Times, Hour Detroit Producer, Alabama Jubilee Broadcast, WVAS-FM, Montgomery AL

CD, Full Moon Night with the Blues Scholars, Total Energy/Alive Records

10” LP, Friday the 13th with Wayne Kramer (Alive Records

CD, thelonious: a book of monk—volume one (New Alliance Records

CD, If I Could Be With You with Ed Moss & the Society Jazz Orchestra (Schoolkids Records

CD, Full Circle with Wayne Kramer & the Blues Scholars, Alive Records

Producer, WWOZ on CD: The Sounds of New Orleans, Volume 1

Producer, WWOZ on CD: The Sounds of New Orleans, Volume 2

Producer, WWOZ on CD: The Sounds of New Orleans, Volume 3

Producer, Alabama Jubilee—Music from the Jubilee CityFest, WVAS Radio

Producer, MC-5, Power Trip, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, Ice Pick Slim, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, Teen Age Lust, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, Starship, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, American Ruse, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, Human Being Lawnmower, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, MC-5, Looking At You, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, The Up, Killer Up, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, The Rationals, Temptation’s ‘Bout To Get Me, Total Energy/ Alive Records

Producer, Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Get Out The Vote, Total Energy/ Alive Records

Producer, Little Sonny, Blues With A Feeling, Schoolkids Records

Producer, Please Mr. Foreman: Motor City Blues, Schoolkids Records

Producer, Roosevelt Sykes/Victoria Spivey, Grind It!, Schoolkids Records

Producer, Big Walter Horton/Original King Biscuit Boys, Well All Right!, Schoolkids Records

Producer, Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Life Is Splendid, Total Energy/ Alive Records

Producer, Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Outer Space Employment Agency, Total Energy Records/Alive Records

Producer, Sun Ra & Arkestra, It Is Forbidden, Total Energy/Alive Records

Producer, Ann Arbor Boogie, Blues Interactions Records compilation

Producer, Deacon John, Live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage

Festival 1994, RedBone Records

Liner notes for BlackTop Records, EMI, CBS/Legacy, Rounder Records,

Orleans Records, Sound of New Orleans Records, Alive Records,

Schoolkids Records, Overture Records and others

Author, Full Circle, minimal press

Film, Slam! by Mark Levin & Richard Stratton

Contributor, Urban Roots, Cutting Edge Compilation CD

Contributor, Motor City’s Burning, Alive Records Compilation CD

Contributor, Jas Mathus & the Knockdown Society, Songs For Rosetta

Contributor, Jazz: The Language of New Orleans, Volume 1,

Louisiana Red Hot Records Compilation CD

Contributor, What It Sounds Like, Mesechabe Cassette Compilation

High Priest, Cannabis Cup 1998. Amsterdam

Composer-Performer, Viper Madness Suite with the Blues Scholars

featuring James Andrews, Milkweg, Amsterdam

European Tour: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Basel, Berlin

Panelist/Performer, I Rip You You Rip Me, Rotterdam Museum of Art

CD, It’s All Good with Fluxedo Junction, Fluxedo Records

Film, High Times Cannabis Cup 1998 by Steven Hager

Poet/Performer, Collaborations with Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Johnny Vidacovich, Earl Turbinton, James Andrews, Kidd Jordan, Carlo Ditta, Rockin’ Jake, Coco Robicheaux, Andre Wiliams, New Orleans Juice, North Mississippi All Stars, Archie Shepp, Ed Sanders, Bala Tounkare, David Amram, Wayne Kramer, Charles Moore, Daniel Carter, Dee Pop, Calvin Weston, Elliott Levin, Ed Moss & the Society Jazz Orchestra, Jimmie Lee Robinson, James Montgomery, Devil Gods, T.J. Wheeler & The Smokers, Johnnie Bassett & the Blues Insurgents, Bennie Smith, Steve Mackay, Black Mike Henderson, Howling Diablos, Jeff “Baby” Grand, Mick Vranich, Mark Ritsema, Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe, Marion Brown, Corey Harris, Eluard Burt, Tim Green, Kermit Ruffins, Willie King, James McCarty, Phil Hale, Thornetta Davis, Lyman Woodard, Harmonica Shah, Kudzu Kings, Afrosippi and others

CD, Steady Rollin’ Man with the Boston Blues Scholars, TriPup Records

CD, Underground Issues, SpyBoy Records

CD, White Buffalo Prayer with the Blues Scholars featuring Wayne

Kramer, SpyBoy Records

Managing Editor, Blues Access Magazine

Best of the Beat Award, “Best Radio Personality,” OffBeat, 1998-1999-


Instructor, “Poetry of the Blues,” Common Ground on the Hill, McDaniel College, Westminster MD

Instructor, “Poetry of the Blues,” New Orleans School of the Imagination

Writer & Producer, Roots Music Gathering, Music Business Institute

Contributor, Bill Milkowski, Rockers, Jazzbos & Visionaries

Contributor, Kudzu Kings, Y 2 Cow CD

Contributor, Cruisin’ Songs from the Motor City with the Blues Scholars,

Harmonie Park Records CD Compilation

Contributor, Welcome to Little Milton, Malaco Records CD

Contributor, Music Is Revolution, The End Is Here CD Compilation

Featured Speaker, White Buffalo Day (St. John Coltrane Church, San

Francisco), MassCann Freedom Rally (Boston Common),

WHEE—World Hemp Expo Extravaganja, (Eugene OR),

Martin Luther King 2000 Symposium (University of Michigan),

Hash Bash (Ann Arbor), Phil Ochs Memorial (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland), Human Rights Festival (Athens GA), SXSW (Austin TX), Tennessee Williams Festival (Le Petite Theatre, New Orleans), Bluesstock (Memphis)

Festival appearances, MassCann (Boston), Sunflower Blues Festival

(Clarksdale, MS), North Beach Jazz Festival (San Francisco),

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Kansas City Blues & Jazz

Festival, Baton Rouge Blues Festival, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz

Festival, Crossing Borders Festival (Amsterdam), Cannabis Cup

(Amsterdam), Music of the World Festival (Basel), Lowell Celebrates Kerouac (Lowell MA), Berkshire Mountain Music Festival, RiverFest

(Manchester NH), Portsmouth Blues Festival, American Music

Festival (Westminster MD), Greektown Festival (Detroit),

Rainbow Farm Hemp Festival (Niles MI), Chicago Blues Festival,

Toledo Blues Festival, Bumbershoot Festival (Seattle), Washington

Square Park Jazz Festival (San Francisco), Detroit International Jazz

Festival, White Buffalo Day (New Orleans), Bluestock (Memphis),

Heatstock (North Branch MI), Human Rights Festival (Athens GA),

Insomniac-A-Thon (Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans),

Double Decker Festival (Oxford MS)

Film, Happy Here & Now by Michael Almagordo

Member, Screen Actors Guild

Film, Zombie vs. Mardi Gras by Karl DeMolay, Will Frank & Mike Lyddon

Contributor, Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain, Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk

Contributor, BluesHound Guide to the Blues

Author, PeyoteMind, The End Is Here Press

CD, PeyoteMind with Mystery Island, The End Is Here Records

Author, Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite, Surregional Press

CD, Fattening Frogs For Snakes, Volume 1: The Delta Sound with the Blues Scholars, Okra-Tone/Rooster Blues Records

Artist in Residence, Wesleyan University, University of Illinois

Contributor. The Brakemen CD

Contributor Live on Frenchmen Street CD with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers

Film, Funky New Orleans by Jean-Francois Bizot

Author, “the Screamers” New Orleans School of the Imagination Broadside, Author, “rhythm-a-ning,” Surregional Press Broadside

CD, KnockOut with Langfrans & Baas B, D-Men Records

Film, MC5: A True Testimonial by David Thomas & Laurel Legler


Poet in Residence, 420 Café, Amsterdam

Producer & Host, The John Sinclair Radio Show, Amsterdam

Founder & Program Director, RadioFreeAmsterdam.com

Columnist, “On The Road,” Little Rock Free Press

Contributor, Encyclopedia of the Blues

Columnist, “Blues & Roots,” [An] Honest Tune

Poet in Residence, The Dolphins coffeeshop, Amsterdam

CD, No Money Down: Greatest Hits, Volume 1, Big Chief Records

Film, U.S. vs. John Lennon by David Leaf & John Scheinfeld

Film, Punk/attitude by Don Letts

Author, “i mean you”—a book for penny, palOmine press

MC/Performer, Davison Blues Festival, Davison MI

Poet/Performer, Detroit International Jazz Festival with the Blues Scholars

Poet/Performer, ArthurFest, Los Angeles

Poet/Performer, HempFest, Seattle

Poet/Performer, Vurige Tongen @ Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Poet/Performer, Beat Hippie Autonomie Punk Exhibit, Cox 18, Milan, Italy

Author, Va Tutto Bene (en Italiano), Stampa Alternativa

CD, criss cross with Mark Ritsema, Big Chief Records

Poet/Performer, Radio Onda Rossa, Roma

Poet/Performer, Libri, Pitigliano, Italy

Poet/Performer, Teatro del Fuoco, Foggia, Italy

Award, Targa Matteo Salvatore, Foggia, Italy

Guest MC, MC5 & Stooges, All Tomorrow’s Parties, UK

Guest Poet, DKT/MC5, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Guest Poet, Black Crowes, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Poet/Performer, Forte Prenestino, Roma

Poet/Performer, Museo Arte di Paolo Pini, Milano

Poet/Performer, Festival della Letteratura Resistente, Elmo, Italy

Author, Guitar Army (en Italiano), Stampa Alternativa

Author, Guitar Army—Street Writings/Prison Writings (2nd Edition with CD), Process Books/Feral House Press

Guest, Cannabis Film Festival, Santiago, Chile

Film, Sun Ra: Brother from Another Planet by Don Letts

Film, Charles Olson: Polis Is This by Henry Ferrini

Writer & Co-Producer, 20 To Life: The Life & Times of John Sinclair, a film by Steve Gebhardt


Poet In Residence, Bohemian National Home, Detroit

Author, It’s All Good—A John Sinclair Reader (with CD), Headpress Books

Poet/Performer, Detroit Life with the Motor City Blues Scholars, No Cover Records

Poet/Performer, Tokyo Hipster Club, Tokyo, Japan; Obama Inauguration Celebration, Café Oto, London with the Londin Blues Scholars; CosmoPoetica, Cordoba, Spain with Mark Ritsema; CosmoPoetica, Murcia, Spain with Mark Ritsema; Jazz & Poetry, Lincoln Center, New York City with Sonny Fortune; Festival Rochefort-en-Accords, France; Hempstock, Portland OR; Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, Lowell MA

Guest, Raindance Film Festival HQ, London

Producer/Host, Sinclair On The Air, Salto Wereld FM, Amsterdam

Producer/Host, Radio Free Genoa, Piazza del Erbe, Genoa

Panelist, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin

Poet/Performer, Tearing Down The Shrine Of Truth & Beauty with the Pinkeye Orchestra, LocoGnosis Records

Poet/Performer, Viper Madness with the Planet D Nonet, MoSound Records

Speaker, UMass 420 Festival, Amherst MA

Speaker, Medical Cannabis Cup, Seattle

Editor, Sun Ra Interviews & Essays, Headpress

Poet/Performer, Collaborations with Howard Glazer, Guelel Kuumba, Eric Deaton, Lightning Malcolm, Jim Dickinson, David Kimbrough, Kenny Kimbrough, Cedric Burnside, Gilles Riberolles, Tom Worrell, Adventures in Bluesland, Ras Moshe, Jah-Rom Parker Wells, Burton Greene, Marshall Allen, Elliott Levin, Sonny Fortune, Rashied Ali, Reginald Workman, and others

Poet In Residence, Café The Zen, Amsterdam

Poet/Performer, Let’s Go Get ’Em with the Blues Scholars, MoSound Records

Author, Song Of Praise: Homage To John Coltrane (Trembling Pillow Press)

Poet/Performer, Song Of Praise: Homage To John Coltrane (Trembling Pillow Press

Poet/Panelist, Clinton Memorial Library, Little Rock, AR with David Kimbrough

Poet/Performer, Honoring The Local Gods with Hollow Bones, Straw2Gold Records

Poet/Performer, Beatnik Youth with the Beatnik Youth Orchestra, Track Records

Breathing Air Tour with Howard Marks—Ireland-Scotland-England

Guest Poet, DKT/MC5 & Primal Scream, Royal Festival Hall, London

Poet in Residence, Frenchy Gallery, New Orleans


Poet/Performer, Detroit Artists Workshop 50th Anniversary Concert, Scarab Club,

Detroit with the Blues Scholars; An Evening with John Sinclair, University of Michigan—Flint College; Barclays Center, Brooklyn with Rodriquez; Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, Lowell MA with David Amram; Neal Cassidy Birthday Party, Denver with Tom Worrell; Sun Ra 100 Concert, Royal Festival Hall, London with Founder Effect; Double Decker Festival, Oxford MS with Eric Deaton; Hempstalk Festival, Portland OR; Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead Opening, MOCAD, Detroit; Viper Madness, Akhnaton, Amsterdam; Freeing John Sinclair, The Ark, Ann Arbor with Wayne Kramer & the Blues Scholars; Maine Harvest Ball, Starks, ME with Portland Art Quartet; Canary Wharf Festival, London with Founder Effect; Detroit Boom Boom Exhibit, Lille, France

Poet In Residence, New Orleans Institute for the Imagination

CD, Mohawk with Steve The Fly, Iron Man Records

Author, It’s All Good—A John Sinclair Reader, Horner Press

Poet/Performer, It’s All Good—A John Sinclair Reader, CD-Baby Album

Poet/Performer, Keeping The Blues Alive with Adventures in Bluesland, Worldwide Vibe Records

Poet/Performer, Viperism, CD-Baby Album

Poet/Performer, Conspiracy Theory, CD-Baby Album

Poet/Performer Fattening Frogs For Snakes (Volumes 1-2-3-4), CD-Baby

Panelist, Detroit Artists Workshop Exhibit, Horse Hospital, London


Poet/Performer,Vinyl LP Mobile Homeland, Jett Plastic Recordings, Funky D Records

Poet/Performer, Vinyl LP Beatnik Youth Ambient Iron Man Records


Poet/Performer, CD Beatnik Youth, Iron Man Records

—Assembled by John Sinclair @ Bristol UK, May 16-18, 2016 and amended by Iron Man Records Feb 2018

You can order JOHN SINCLAIR CDs, Vinyl, Books and T-shirts here


John Sinclair – Beatnik Youth (Double CD) 2018

February 4, 2018

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth

John Sinclair – “Beatnik Youth” on Double CD
Released 2018 by Iron Man Records.

All Press enquiries to Sean Newsham

Catalogue Number: IMB6032

Release date: 2018

Label: Iron Man Records

Distribution: Cargo

Disc 1

  1. Testify (9.10)
  2. Good Stuff (4.32)
  3. Everybody Needs Somebody (7.09)
  4. Change My Life (5.14)
  5. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (3.36)
  6. My Buddy (5.13)
  7. That Old Man (3.53)

Disc 2

  1. Brilliant Corners (11.29)
  2. Culture Cide (11.38)
  3. Red Dress (Ruby My Dear) (6.25)
  4. Sitarrtha (6.16)
  5. Do It (6.16)
  6. War On Drugs (6.18)

Read a brilliant review of Beatnik Youth by Gus Ironside for Louder Than War here

Saby Reyes-Kulkarni interviewed John Sinclair and Youth and wrote a fantastic piece for Bandcamp here

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth CD booklets and cds

John Sinclair, the renegade poet, scholar and cultural revolutionary releases “Beatnik Youth” on Iron Man Records. The double CD contains over 80 minutes of music from the restless creative mind of Youth, with some fine spoken word and poetry delivered by John Sinclair.

John, has been described as an Archetype of the 1960’s art, music and literary synthesis, and who today continues his work for cultural transformation.

Youth is one of the UK’s most influential producers and has been honoured, with an Outstanding Contribution Award by the Music Producers Guild. His career spans more than 30 years and is one of the UK’s most consistent, credible and influential producers.

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth

You can order the Double CD, Vinyl and T-shirt here: http://ironmanrecords.bigcartel.com/artist/john-sinclair

From Detroit to New Orleans and from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, John Sinclair is still the king-size, psychedelic old-gangster poet, a living legend, a veteran of the counterculture, a survivor of the Marijuana Wars, and one of the last bohemians still standing. As a co-founder of the Detroit underground newspaper The Fifth Estate, manager of MC5, and Chairman of the White Panther Party described on Wikipedia in these modern times as a far-left, anti-racist, white American political collective founded in 1968 and dedicated to cultural revolution his mark on the boho rock & roll underground has been unique.

In 1969, with Richard Nixon in the White House, Vietnam in chaos in the wake of the Viet Congs near-suicidal Tet Offensive, and American cities still scared and scarred from urban riots, even the comparatively harmless agitprop pranks of White Panther cultural revolution had those in power reaching for their metaphoric and sometimes actual revolvers. Authorities remembered how John had organized the MC5 playing outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the only band actually able to perform before Mayor Daley’s rabid police department violently derailed the massive anti-Vietnam war rally with teargas, billy clubs, and helicopter support.

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth CD reverse of booklets

John was deemed a danger to society and set up like a bowling pin. After handing a couple of joints to a hassling hippie who turned out to be an undercover narcotics agent, John found himself on the bad end of a ten year jail term. At the same time though he became a cause celebre. Free John Sinclair became one more battle cry in an embattled era. Protests, propaganda, and a giant concert in Ann Arbor headlined by John Lennon and Yoko Ono ultimately resulted in John’s release in November 1971. Lennon even wrote a song about him called ‘John Sinclair’ which he included on his ‘Sometime In New York City’ album.

In common with much that happens with John, a meeting with producer Youth (Paul McCartneys ‘Fireman’, Primal Scream, The Verve etc & Killing Joke bass player) that sowed the creative seeds was a matter of stoned synchronicity. As former Track Records boss Ian Grant tells it, Alan Clayton told me he had John Sinclair coming round tomorrow. I said “The John Sinclair?” One night Zodiac (Mindwarp) was on the bill with the Dirty Strangers and Youth was very taken with John. “I want to make a jazz album with John” he said. Since then, the two met at Youths house whenever he was home, and when John was in the country, and recorded the album.

And through the course of those recordings John, always so associated with the 1960s, took a serious step into the ways of the 21st century, with the same intoned poetry, but with melodic backing vocals, highly inventive production, even a nod to hip-hop, but still remembering his first loves of blues, be-bop, and classic rock & roll.

Beatnik Youth is one more step in the Big Chief’s long zig-zag trip that seems set to continue all the way to the far blue horizon. Summing up John Sinclair, you can only say with certainty that the beatnik goes on.


Youth has been responsible for numerous hits from artists including The Verve, Embrace, Echo and the Bunnymen, Crowded House, The Orb, Sir Paul McCartney and The Charlatans. Among his recent projects was the co-production of Pink Floyd‘s final and largely instrumental album, The Endless River. Youth also remixed David Gilmour‘s current solo album, Rattle That Lock. The Verve’s Urban Hymns brought Youth a BRIT Award for Producer of the Year after three consecutive years of nomination.

Youth says “I’m very proud of the longevity of work on Killing Joke and The Orb, how those recordings still sound fresh… and what I’ve done with The Verve and Richard Ashcroft, and Paul McCartney (The Fireman) and Pink Floyd. It’s only really working with those guys, with my insecurities, that I felt as though I could go, ‘yeah, I am a producer’.” His “university” was Killing Joke after he left school, and it “doesn’t really get more intense than that”.

As a young musician Youth, whose real name is Martin Glover, cut his teeth doing bass sessions for Adrian Sherwood productions and for artists such as Kate Bush whose phenomenally successful Hounds of Love album had Youth on bass. He was also a founder member and bassist of the band Killing Joke. After leaving Killing Joke (and a short experiment with the band Brilliant, managed by Bill Drummond and featuring June Montana, Jimmy Cauty and other key innovators of electronic and indie dance music), Youth began working with Alex Paterson and Cauty as The Orb, a collaboration that was responsible for the introduction of chill-out ambient house music.

Cauty and Drummond eventually moved on to form The KLF, leaving Youth and Paterson to experiment extensively in the post punk British dance music and Acid House scene. This led to the release of two classic albums as The Orb – U.F.Orb and Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, which incorporated Little Fluffy Clouds, a track that defined ambient house and chill-out and brought these genres firmly into the mainstream.

Youth’s skills as a producer were now being noticed by a much wider audience, not least because of his remix work with band like Siouxsie and The Banshees, Malcolm Maclaren, A Guy Called Gerald, Fine Young Cannibals, Marc Almond and U2. In 1993, he collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney who had developed an interest in remix culture. This resulted in Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, an ambient album – and the first of three critically acclaimed albums – released under the name of The Fireman.

Over the years, Youth has notched up a staggeringly large and varied list of production and remix credits for artists such as Yazz, James, Primal Scream, Gun’s N’ Roses, Blue Pearl, Art of Noise, P.M. Dawn, Shack, De La Soul, Erasure, Beth Orton, Bananarama, Maria McKee, Suns of Arqa, The Shamen, Kool and the Gang, Texas, Pete Murphy, Tom Jones and Dido. He remains tireless in his quest for inspiration, excellence and innovation in recording great music and also finds time to paint, illustrate and publish poetry.

John Sinclair

John Sinclair the White Panther firebrand who stoked the MC5’s insurrectionary manifesto has roots that stretch back to jazz and the beats, as a writer, avant-garde champion and poet. John has travelled the world, collaborating with like-minded souls; a living embodiment of the original free spirit that fought to emancipate a generation, one of the few still flying the freak flag.

Since the early 90s, Sinclair has released albums of his poetry, but Beatnik Youth is possibly some of John Sinclair’s best work to date.

This poorly served generation needs it: that militant energy which released the bats in the 60s is crucially booted into the 21st Century in a riotous celebration of personal freedom, cultural trailblazers and marijuana.

John Sinclair - Beatnik Youth CD display

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