Ask Yourself

Let me ask you

Has anyone

Has anyone felt like this before

Let me ask you

Do you care

Do you care about anything at all

Does it matter

Does it matter to you should we try to talk


If I was lost would you help me to be found

Or would you turn your back and try to shut me out


We’re all human

Yes human

And being human we all have desire

To be something

Yes something

Something that says “hey, I’m special too”


If you were lost I’d help you to be found

I’d never turn my back or shut you out


Where do we go from here

Will we ever make it work

Does anybody know which way to turn

What are we doing here

And what the hell are we fighting for

What is it that I’m missing when I look into your eyes


Words by Mark from “Cactus Farming At The Ends Of The Earth” first published by Miracle Grow 2001.