Police Bastard – "It’s Good to Hate" CD (Iron Man Records) Released May 23rd 2010

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Police Bastard – “It’s Good To HATE” will be released through Birmingham’s Iron Man Records, May 23rd 2010. The release contains a CD featuring four new songs and one cover version with an additional DVD containing live footage collected between 2007 and 2010. The record features the work of founding band members Pid and John Doom doing dual vocals together again for the first time in ten years. The gigs and recordings have also seen the return of Chris Crass, who took over on bass from Trogg in 1994. Seano Porno and Mark Badger from Last Under The Sun have picked up the work of guitars and additional vocals and the drummer is Simon James who also plays in Last Under The Sun and formerly of Rivers Edge.  The release is dedicated to Trogg, Police Bastard’s first bass player who passed away in 2008. It was because of Trogg and his enthusiasm to do it all again that Police Bastard started writing, rehearsing, recording and touring again.

CD tracks include: The Lie, God Off, Erosion, Born To Die and a cover of I Wish (Originally written by The Mob)

DVD includes: Keep An Active Mind (2007-2008), Police Bastard Live at 25 Jahre AU Festival, Frankfurt, Germany (2008), Police Bastard Live at Kopi, Berlin, Germany (2010).

The CD tracks were Recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios, Musoplex. Simon has worked with the likes of Napalm Death, Cathedral, Meathook Seed, and a host of others from The Cubans, Harpies, and The Nightingales. After a nearly 20 year dedication to new and alternative music in all its many forms, he has become a master at capturing ferocious guitars and brutal sounds. The new recordings are by far the best thing the band has produced to date.

The DVD includes “Keep an Active Mind” a film by Iron Man Records, edited by Anthony J. Hughes, documenting a year in the life of Police Bastard with footage from a show the band organised at The Market Tavern, Birmingham 2007, Steve Ignorant’s “Feeding of the 5,000” aftershow party, London 2007 and a tour of Europe in 2008 organised by Alerta Antifascista. The footage includes some live performances and out takes of the band on tour with a budget you can stick under a glass.

The footage of Police Bastard Live at 25 Jahre AU Festival, Frankfurt and Live at Kopi, Berlin, Germany was filmed, edited and directed by Peter Rhead.

Sleeve Artwork was done by Richard Daborn and photographs were taken by Lucy Pryor

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Label: Iron Man Records
Catalog#: IMB6018
Format: CD and DVD
Country: England
Released: 2010
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

Members of Police Bastard on this recording are:

Stu-PidVocals (1994-1999) (2006-Present) (Contempt / English Dogs / Sensa Yuma)

John Doom – (Vocals / Guitar 1994-2003) Vocals (It’s Good to Hate) (Doom / Sore Throat / Cain / Spineless /

Chris CrassBass (1994-1997) (2007-Present)

Mark BadgerGuitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun)

Simon JamesDrums (2008-Present) (Last Under The Sun / Rivers Edge)

Seano Porno Guitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun / Jilted Generation / Depth Charge / Sensa Yuma / DS Sandwich / Freebase / Set Against / Hardcore (That Became Mangled) / The Dangerfields).

Past Members:-
John Doom
– Guitar/Vocals (1994-2003) (Doom/Sore Throat/Cain/Spineless/

Clive – Drums (1994-2003) (Grovelhog/Filthkick/Cain/Spineless/Sensa Yuma)

Trogg – Bass (R.I.P. 1964-2008)
(1994) (2006-2007) (Contempt/The Tenants)

Dee – Bass (1997-2003) (LD50/Endless Torment/Haxan)
, Dan – Guitar (1997-2003) (Spineless)

Gizz Butt – Guitar (2006) (English Dogs/Janus Stark/The Prodigy/The More I See/Doom Day)

Mad Max Evilsen – Drums (2006) (Sensa Yuma)

Si Reeves – Bass (European Tour 2008 & 2010) (Last Under The Sun/Damn Dirty Apes)

Pixie – Drums (2007-2008) (POA/H8 Target/Kaya/Sensa Yuma/Last Under The Sun)

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