"The End Point Of A Circle" Trailer for the Odyssey that is GIMPO’S M25 25hr Spin

August 17, 2013

Never get out of the van…..

Since 1997, the M25 has been the subject, canvas and location of a unique and unfolding work of performance art. Gimpo, ex-roadie and factotum of Bill Drummond, has driven round the infamous London Orbital for 25 hours, once a year. He will continue to do so until 2021 on a 25 year mission of discovery.

He calls it The M25 Spin.

The End Point Of A Circle: Trailer from Rob Wickings on Vimeo.

Documentarian Dominic Wade, who has already explored the world of extended filming with his raw and revealing film 24 Hours In London, has been given unprecedented access to Gimpo and his world in order to document The Spin. Dominic will be joining Gimpo and his crew every year until 2021 as they seek to find The End Point Of A Circle.

Gimpo is an unusual and endearing character, and he’s seen a lot in his many years on the road. He was one of the few witnesses to the K Foundation’s anti-art establishment actions, which led to the burning of a million pounds on the Isle of Jura in 1994. Bill Drummond accompanied Gimpo on the first Spin. Footage of that day was captured on VHS and will be included in the film.

The M25 Spin is part performance artwork, part club venue (the references to rave culture and its restless, mobile nature are clear) and part motoring oddity (it’s still possible to buy DVDs that are exclusively footage of a circuit of the M25. It’s entirely likely that Gimpo owns one of these tapes). Featuring interviews with Bill Drummond and Iain Sinclair, The End Point Of A Circle will document, embrace and eventually become part of the whole process.

“You wanna know why the M25 Spin is 25hrs and not 24? Le Mans is 24hrs. I just want to be one louder.” – Gimpo

Whatever else happens, The Spin will make a mark on its completion. Even if it’s just skid marks somewhere near Junction 27.

The End Point Of A CircleThe 25min Trailer for the Film Odyssey of Gimpo’s M25 Spin will be shown at Portobello Film Festival on 29th August 2013 http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com/2013/aug29-pop.html

And if you can’t wait til August 29th, here’s another short film from the M25 Spin 2013 by Iron Man Records

…and if you really, really can’t wait, here is the first cut from 3 years ago:

The End Point of a Circle Gimpo’s M25 Spin from Dominic Wade on Vimeo.

Seasick Steve Tour Dates August, September, October, November 2013

August 7, 2013

To get confirmed details on all dates always make sure you check www.seasicksteve.com but while you are here…..

08/08/13 BELGIUM Lokeren – Lokerse Feesten
16/08/13 HOLLAND Biddinghuizen – Lowlands Festival
17/08/13 UK Stafford – V Festival
18/08/13 UK Chelmsford – V Festival
15/09/13 BELGIUM Leffinge – Leffinge Leure Festival


11/10/13 NL Vereniging, Nijmegen
13/10/13 NL Paard van Troje, Den Haag
14/10/13 NL Oosterpoort, Groningen
16/10/13 NL Vredenburg, Utrecht
18/10/13 FR Alhambra, Paris
20/10/13 D Fabrik, Hamburg
21/10/13 DK Vega, Copenhagen
23/10/13 NL Effenaar, Eindhoven
27/10/13 Rockhal, Luxembourg
28/10/13 D Stollwerk, Cologne
30/10/13 D Alte Kongresshille, Munich
31/10/13 D Centralstation, Darmstadt


2/11/13 CH Komplex 457, Zurich
4/11/13 D Longhorn, Stuttgart
5/11/13 I Magazini Generalli, Milan

SEASICK STEVE released the Single “DOWN ON THE FARM” on JUNE 17th 2013


’…an album steeped in gritty boogie and even grittier attitude.’ 4/5 The Independent

‘…he continues to make up for lost time in irrefutable style.’ 4/5 The Mirror

‘…raw and true’ 8/10 Uncut

Seasick Steve announced the release of his new single ‘Down On The Farm’, for June 17th, available to download now.

Hot on the heels of his sold-out headline UK tour, Steve is set to release album opener and fan favourite ‘Down On The Farm,’ another inimitably brilliant track that fuses all the best elements of rock n’ roll and bluegrass from a bygone time.

Known to his fervent fan base as an electrifying live performer, Steve was recently joined on stage by John Paul Jones at his rousing headline show at London’s Roundhouse, and fans can look forward to seeing Steve throughout the summer festival period, with appearances at Glastonbury and Lounge On The Farm amongst many others.

Hubcap Music, Steve’s 6th studio album and currently number one on the UK Record Store Chart, has been his most critically acclaimed to date and follows in the wake of Gold Certified album ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks’.

As well as featuring in Steve’s incredible live show, John Paul Jones also worked with Steve and performed on the recording sessions for ‘Hubcap Music’, which features a roll call of incredible artists including Jack White, Luther Dickinson and Elizabeth Cook.

For more information on Seasick Steve always visit http://www.seasicksteve.com for more detail

How To Burn Money

August 1, 2013

Watch The K Foundation Burn a million quid

From: Iron Man Records
To: All Agents

Edited transcript of a “Friends of Positive Void Communications” update for dissidents dissemination.

An action took place on 23 August 1994, in which the K Foundation burned cash, the amount of one million pounds sterling, on the Scottish island of Jura.

The incineration was recorded on a Hi-8 video camera by Gimpo. In August 1995, the film “Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid” was toured around the UK.

Thirteen short months from now will be the 20th anniversary of the burning. We have been in discussion with organisers of certain film festivals who are keen to mark this special date by showing the film next year, however the more observant amongst you will be well aware that the 23rd Anniversary year is much more significant.

So we thought we would take this time to collate a body of footage, including naturally the Burning, but also the events leading up to and surrounding that infamous act. The complete body to be shown at a number of secret underground events (Friends & Invited Guests Only) from 2014 – 2017.

Special Friends are being invited to create “Live” soundtracks to the events as their personal interpretive AAArticulations.

Free-Minded Activists, Seditious Supporters and Fellow Junior Insurgents… We Are Recruiting!

If you are interested in getting involved contact us now.


In the Spirit of Mu
Liberate & Communicate
Love Peace & Happiness

Tim & Gimpo