How To Burn Money

Watch The K Foundation Burn a million quid

From: Iron Man Records
To: All Agents

Edited transcript of a “Friends of Positive Void Communications” update for dissidents dissemination.

An action took place on 23 August 1994, in which the K Foundation burned cash, the amount of one million pounds sterling, on the Scottish island of Jura.

The incineration was recorded on a Hi-8 video camera by Gimpo. In August 1995, the film “Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid” was toured around the UK.

Thirteen short months from now will be the 20th anniversary of the burning. We have been in discussion with organisers of certain film festivals who are keen to mark this special date by showing the film next year, however the more observant amongst you will be well aware that the 23rd Anniversary year is much more significant.

So we thought we would take this time to collate a body of footage, including naturally the Burning, but also the events leading up to and surrounding that infamous act. The complete body to be shown at a number of secret underground events (Friends & Invited Guests Only) from 2014 – 2017.

Special Friends are being invited to create “Live” soundtracks to the events as their personal interpretive AAArticulations.

Free-Minded Activists, Seditious Supporters and Fellow Junior Insurgents… We Are Recruiting!

If you are interested in getting involved contact us now.


In the Spirit of Mu
Liberate & Communicate
Love Peace & Happiness

Tim & Gimpo