Burn Money – Become A Patron of Iron Man Records


Iron Man Records wants to make all new record releases available on Vinyl.

23 Patrons currently support the record label. You are invited to become a Patron to ensure the insanity continues.

The journey from 1996, when Iron Man Records began, has been back-breaking. The record label has generated a mountain of debt and a serious Class “A” drug habit would have probably worked out a lot cheaper. Everything I earn, working as a Tour Manager, goes into keeping Iron Man Records moving and your support would be much appreciated at a critical time.

Iron Man Records continues to release records by some of the most interesting and talented artists, writers, and musicians. There has to be something that opposes the “reality” that we are surrounded by every day.

I don’t expect everyone to like what the record label releases, but at least you have a choice.

Musicians have to go to band practice, pay for their rehearsals, record their music, and work out a way to release their music. Many musicians have to plan and finance the costs of touring to promote their music by themselves. Musicians also need to eat and have a roof over their head, and I do too. It’s a tough time for musicians and artists, and you have to be mad to carry on sometimes.

I want to return to making every release on Iron Man Records available on Vinyl, as well as via streaming, downloads and on CD. It’s madness in the current economic climate, but a little bit of madness is just what is required. Are you still with me on this?


I’m not asking anyone to pay for everything, nor am I asking anyone to pay me to run Iron Man Records, I can look after all that myself. What I want to do is invite people to contribute to reducing the costs of producing albums on Vinyl in exchange for a number of rewards to make it all worth while.

Patrons will get a copy of everything the label produces, as it becomes available. Patrons will also get access to digital files of everything, so you can listen on portable electronic devices, and you will get all sorts of other benefits. For example: free stuff from the Iron Man shop, stickers, email updates, free tickets, and whatever else I can think up as I go along. There is method to the madness, all you have to do is join in.

If you want to support struggling musicians who are up against it on a daily basis, then please consider offering your support to the cause.

I have put a page together on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ironmanrecords which appears to be an interesting way to raise money. This will help produce Vinyl in small quantities and to the highest standards. Patreon lets you make recurring monthly donations and helps to reduce the upfront costs of producing music on vinyl. Anything from £1 a month or more is actually really helpful.

Iron Man Records is not in the pop business. The Label’s debts are what it’s worth. The label is trying hard, during a tough time in the history of recorded music, to help musicians and artists develop a sustainable future. To me, the simple way to do that, is to give the bands and artists a record to sell at gigs, that people would love to buy.

Iron Man Records wants to create Vinyl, something special, something that presents music in a format that people want to keep and enjoy. Life isn’t just about computers, mobile phones and social networking. There has to be an alternative. So if you want to join in and Burn Money, become a Patron and let’s make something happen. You have to make the world you want to live in.

Have a look here and any comments, good or bad are invited.