Nightingales – Four Against Fate released 22nd May 2020

Nightingales - Four Against Fate

New LP/CD/DD – Released by Tiny Global Productions – 22nd May 2020

While other bands singe their puny parts on a sponsored bonfire of mediocrity, the Nightingales give the gobshites a lesson in blue collar artrock ‘n’ roll. Without beards or tattoos, the past punk/post pop Midlands’ mavericks say, “No” to the vile, but proudly keep their shirts on. Twelve songs of madness & melody, recorded with demure diligence. Featuring guitars & guts, soul & stupidity, poetry & pish, kindness & kinks, glam rock & grim rap, Bollywood & bollocks, et fucking cetera. Cool, hot & bothered, it’s ‘Four Against Fate’

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You can also buy Iron Man Records release of Nightingales – Out Of True CD in the shop here

Here’s two taster tracks from the Four Against Fate album, with videos made by Fliss Kitson



First two reviews of the album:

The ‘Gales at times completely defy categorisation and that is very  much the beauty of them…
‘Four Against Fate’ is the album that the 21st century needs right now.

Hurling themselves at the constraints of their own sound with renewed vigour…
‘Four Against Fate’ is an album replete with stunning transitions.
MOJO ****

And when this nonsense ends, get out and see the band play live…..

Nightingales Tour Dates 2020