F23 Podcast E18 featuring Oliver Senton – October 9th, 2020

The F23 Podcast is a conversation based podcast with interesting,  inspiring, inter-dimensional beings of wonder who have chosen a human form for this incarnation.

In conversation with Jamie Dodds (Pope Flag-dag the Brave) sharing their experiences, journeys, learning and un-learning from their off the map adventures through the counterculture.

Oliver Senton

F23 is starting to look like some sort of Iron Man Records Patron Broadcasting these days. I can’t believe it. It’s brilliant. I haven’t even started going through all the episodes yet, but I will. I had no idea so much has been going on while I’ve been working on other things like do these stairs go up? Or which way to the front of the boat? Or what time is the midnight buffet? You can’t make it up.

At first glance there’s a podcast with Kate Alderton, Michelle Watson, and Lisa Lovebucket among others…..and now Oliver Senton. The podcast looks like it has got some fantastic guests.

Oliver Senton

For those, like me, who have just found their way to F23, Oliver Senton joins the podcast to share his experiences and insights from his life as an actor working in some of the most demanding pieces of theatre staged in modern times.

There’s talk about The Warp, a 24 hour play, and Cosmic Trigger and the impressions gained from these experiences.

Oliver is a really fascinating man, an Iron Man Records Patron, and by the sounds of the podcast so far, someone with fantastic tales and an inspiring take on life that will will genuinely enliven your day.

Listen to F23 here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1047874/5814220-f23-podcast-e18-feat-oliver-senton

Find Oliver Senton here http://oliversenton.com

Find F23 on Twitter @Jimthediamond

Music Grimethorpe Collery Band

Theme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker

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