Update: The Project To Uncover Ancient Hill Figures

Flinton Chalk has sent an update on the work going on at his end and a special thanks to Patrons.

“Thanks to your (greatly appreciated) continued support during these very challenging times, we at the TC Lethbridge camp are most gratefully able to plan and proceed with the work.

We have finally got access to our sound and vision archive and hope you received a limited edition Lithograph of Ford Timelord before we supplied it to the KLF, coinciding with the reinstating of the JAMMS back catalogue. There will be more previously unpublished photography to come.

Ford Timelord - 111 Lithographic Prints by Flinton Chalk and The Project to Uncover Ancient Hill Figures.

We’re over the top excited to have started work on our ‘Neolithic Goddess’ EP, our first new music this millennium. To start, we’re remastering some freshly exhumed, unheard ancient Avebury demos to release alongside the new versions of the track.

Everything we do with your support is ultimately aimed at progressing with the monster plan to resurrect the old Gods of Albion, uncovering the Gogmagog hill figures at Wandlebury.

By hook or by crook we’re overcoming all obstacles so far. But this is not an easy ask of everyone concerned, including your good selves. It’s a real slow-burner. Success is by no means guaranteed but we’re in the miracle business so….
T.C. Lethbridge - Gogmagog: The Buried Gods (Hardcover) 1 Jan. 1975

We’ve secured the support of the relevant prime movers and shakers of the Cambridge arts scene, who have curated works at Wandlebury previously. We’ve also got good energy coming from various departments of Cambridge University, the jovial spectre of Tom Lethbridge is rising up out of their hallowed vaults. We’re gathering up the heads and currently putting together a new proposal to excavate for the custodians of Wandlebury.

Meanwhile, we’ve also applied to the Sky Arts ‘Landmark’ art competition with Gogmagog! https://landmark.skyarts.co.uk/

More soon but only thanks to you.

Take care, stay safe, love, Flinton

Make of that what you will.

If you would like a Ford Timelord Lithographic print and have not already requested one, become an Iron Man Records Patron. If you know anyone else mad enough to join us as a Patron, please send them this way, we are going to need a bigger boat. Try and stay positive, there’s work to do cheers mark